Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

Alice and Politics in print (US) 25 Aug 2004

The recent Alice political quotes, as reported yesterday, have appeared in todays copy of the Washington Post. It's probably in other papers as well so US fans should keep their eyes open.
(Thanks Steve)

Alice and politics 24 Aug 2004

When I first saw the following a few days ago I didn't think much of it, but it seems to be snowballing and being picked up but various US papers so...
Alice has spoken out against artists who are mixing politics and rock and roll. It seems a bunch of politically interested musicians, including Bruce Springsteen and REM, are planning a series of concerts in support of John Kerry, who is running for the US presidency. Well, Alice has branded them traitors to rock'n'roll, while siding with current president Bush, and it's all getting a lot of press.

Anyway, that's the background and here are a couple of examples of what's being said. The first is from San Antonio's WOAI which seems to get the main quotes complete.
The second is a similar article, this time from Worldnetdaily and adds a slightly different slant, leading as it does with the heading "Alice Cooper: Anti-Bush acts treasonous morons" which is maybe not quite what Alice had in mind!! It also has an extra quote regarding some of the acts siding with Kerry.

Teenage Lament is back 24 Aug 2004

Robby emailed me to point out that the 'Teenage Lament/Caught In A Scream' message board is now back up after a few problems in the last week or so. It's a new format so you will have to re-register. You can find it here.

Wagner/Cooper Pics 24 Aug 2004

Thanks to Anders for pointing out that there are some new pics up at Dick Wagner's site of him on stage with Alice a few nights ago. Check them out here.

There's also a review I may not have mentioned here.

More Baseball News 20 Aug 2004

The Cooperstown Nightmares have made up for their defeat a few days ago by thrashing a Rock 94/Dougall Media No-Stars team 24-8 yesterday night in a charity game. Alice went 5 for 5 and scored four times! More info here plus there`s some video footage here.

New Interview 19 Aug 2004

There are a couple of short interviews at the Winnipeg Sun today here and here.

Yet Another compilation 16 Aug 2004

Amazon are listing yet another Alice Cooper compilation album, this time called "School's Out and Other Hits", for release on Sept. 14th. We can probably guess the track listing within a couple of songs (you never know though) but the fact that it's on Rhino Records makes it an official release. No track listing yet or cover though.
It's only £6.99 and you can order it from here.

Alice in Monster Mag 16 Aug 2004

Norwegian Metal mag "Monster" has an article and pic on Alice in their current issue which is ISSUE 3/2004 - Volume 17. You can get more info from their site here including some text in Norwegian about Alice.

Spooks and Creeps 16 Aug 2004

AmazonUS are listing a new DVD for 26th October called "Spooks and Creeps". It's a collection of short stories one of which features Alice introducing and doing the voice of a pumpkin ('Pirate Jack') called 'Freakshow'. The Alice film is about 10 minutes long. It's been released before under another title but I don't recall it. More info is available here.

Ryan Roxie Speaks! 16 Aug 2004

Ryan Roxie's new album, 'Peace, Love & Armageddon', is due for its official release very shortly via and EVERYONE should get a copy. Why? Because its excellent that's why. I've had it for a while now and it's been a fixture in the car for ages. Good time Glam rock at its best.
Ryan has posted to ask for volunteers to help promote the album through any means available, to get the word out about this great album. You can read his full message below. The email address to "express an interest" is

Greetings to all Mole-Mongers world wide! The Mole Wants YOU !!!

Wants you to what?.... exactly. The Mole wants you to join the Team....... nahhh..... not the Alice Cooper softball team, The Nightmares (who are undefeated btw!).... the Mole wants you to join the Roxie 77 Secret Society Street Team!

It will be everything you thought being on a Street Team could be...... hard work, no pay (in fact, it might cost you a little), and probably very little opportunity to move up the corporate ladder....... still interested? Of course you are! Because what being on the R77 SS St.Team WILL give you is a sense of pride (let's just called it Roxie Pride shall we?) And a feeling of uniqueness amongst the millions and millions of people that have never even heard of Roxie 77! ha!....Plus, think of this as your opportunity to join your very own Secret Society! Hey, all of a sudden your right up there with Kerry/Bush and their cute little Skull & Bones Society.....and YOU didn't have to go to Yale to join it!

In all actuality, it probably won't be that much work, but it will be a lot of fun! The first step in becoming a member of the R77 Society Street Team is to get in contact with me, the Mole, or Droid, the web-master guru and express your interest. Hopefully we will be able to exchange the "secret" handshake in person at one of the upcoming AC big rock shows ( If we have enough advance notice we can even set ya up before the concert (or in the parking lot etc.)with a few dozen postcards to promote to more potential Roxie 77 Street Team mates..... so basically your only requirement for being on the R77 St. Team is to tell other people about the R77 St. Team...... almost as easy a job as pole-cleaner at Crazy Girls or being a guitarist for Alice Cooper.....

As you know, the long-awaited "official" release of the Roxie 77 debut CD, Peace, Love & Armageddon is just upon us, and we could use all the support and help that we can get to get this thing noticed by as many as possible. You know how much we here at Roxie77 appreciate the email, kind words, and overall R77 luv that you've shown us.... The official Roxie 77 "wonka" shirts are now available for sale at the Big Rock Shows this AC tour 2004 for a mere $15.....the same price you'd pay for a Clay Ackin Cd!.....So email us before and we'll set up a time and place to pick up the Roxie77 Wonka Shirt'll be glad you did!!

So ask not what Roxie77 can do for You, but what You can do for Roxie77......yeah, yeah, yeah, we ripped off the quote....but it is election year! The R77 Cd's will be available on the website and in person (seeing you at the AC Big Rock Show) in the very near future as well as the ultra-cool Roxie77 "wonka shirts".......There will be special deals offered for those who are in the know....and if you are in the know, you're already a Roxie 77 Society Street Team Member!!

Peace, Love & Armageddon is here!!

Enjoy the noise, and join the team.....


Champion Pics 14 Aug 2004

Richard Frezzle has put up some great shots of the 8th August Champion. PA show on his site here. Watch out for the one showing Reb Beech guesting with the band!

Graspop Pics 12 Aug 2004

Thanks to Patrick for spotting that the the official Graspop site has around 30 pics of Alice performing at the festival this year. Navigate to the photos section and select 2004.

Dick Wagner For the 15th 11 Aug 2004

"Its August and I am home for a short while. Alice Cooper is comin' to town on the 15th and I'm gonna do a little number with him. That will be a trip!!! I hope to pick up the conversation I had with him last year about us writing together again. We were gonna do it but I guess life got in the way."
(Thanks to Anders for spotting this)

Metal Hammer 09 Aug 2004

The *German* edition of Metal Hammer magazine has a review of the Munchen show and a big pic of Alice. It's in the August issue.

Musikfest review and pics 09 Aug 2004

There's a review of the Musikfest gig here and photos here and here.
(Thanks Steef)

Enter The Confessional 09 Aug 2004

From Jollyjon:
"The Alice Cooper Allegedly Confessional first threw back its crushed loganberry curtains, plumped up its motheaten chesterfield and opened for business in 1997. We should like to think that since then many penitants have received a modicum of respite from the undoubted cranial dysfunction caused by the huge preponderance of their assimilated Cooper congeries. Now in late 2004 the confessional is back ready to pander to the growing number of Sickthings finding Alice out in the ether. Do you carouse, revel, gambol, wassail, caper, cavort, rollick and generally delight in the Alice Cooper terpsichorean muse? You do? Oh good, we had a feeling you did. Feel free to confess your strange addictions, your annoying proclivities, your pleasureableness tendency , the huge preponderance of your assimilated Cooper congeries , the whole armamentarium of your Furnier devices and your desire to wallow in the whole Alice Cooper morass."

Check out the confession book here.

Eric Out (Temp) and Teddy In!! 08 Aug 2004

Yesterday`s show as reported below featured the unusual sight of Alice playing a show with only one Guitarist. This is the first time this has ever happen. So what's the deal. Well, Eric is indeed off the tour temporarily. He'll hopefully be back in September. However here's the real scoop. Taking his place from Tuesday's show in Columbus is the one and only Teddy Zig Zag!! Nice to see him back in the band. It's assumed he'll be playing keyboards, although he does play a little guitar and its not unheard of for Alice to switch a keyboard player to guitar for a short tour (Paul Taylor).

In other news I can confirm that the Snake/Heating Pad story that's all over the place at the moment is basically true (it has some factual errors). The snake is fine and has already been replaced in the show by a new "big fat Boa".

Interview 04 Aug 2004

There's a short new interview based around Alice's Detroit roots at the Style Weekly

More Staples! 02 Aug 2004

Ken at Alicecoopersweb has mailed to say he now has a hires Mpeg version of the Staples advert up on his site for those who want a high quality version of the advert.

CT Review 02 Aug 2004

The Hartfort Courant has a review here. Its a subscription site(free) or you can just click "Full Story" to read .

Vintage Alice Cooper Still Spectacle In Leather
August 2, 2004
By KENNETH PARTRIDGE, Special to the Courant

As Freddy Krueger and Hannibal Lechter are to film, Alice Cooper is to rock `n' roll. The three characters share a dark affability and over-the-top charm that amuses more than it terrifies, purposely inviting audiences to cheer on their villainy regardless of the body count.

Saturday night at the Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, Alice Cooper didn't do much gouging, though he did brandish a sword, feign suicide and pretend to slit the throat of a female dancer, who also happens to be his real-life daughter. Cooper and his band relied on timeless rock angst and demonic Rolling Stones chord progressions. Predictably, the crowd was on his side.

Dressed in at least three dead cows' worth of leather, Cooper didn't look much different Saturday than he did in the mid `70s. As he segued from the opening "Hello Hooray" into "No More Mr. Nice Guy," he prowled the stage with black baton in hand, scowling at the audience through makeup-smudged eyes without once breaking character.

The same honesty that lets Cooper put on his spectacle-laden show without pretension or irony, also drove him to confront an issue that was no doubt on the minds of many fans: his age.

With "Between High School and Old School," he seemed to admit his records aren't exactly making the high school rounds anymore. But cleverly he portrayed the younger generation's ambivalence as a response to his own artistic dilemmas: "I can't decide between my rules and your rules!"

Judging by Cooper's choice of opening band, Boston's Runner and the Thermodynamics, it's clear he's trying to play up the garage rock aspect of his legacy as much as the heavy metal influence he's become known for. A product of the same Detroit scene that spawned the Stooges and the MC5, Cooper has a legitimate claim, and songs like "School's Out" and "Poison" sounded more like fuzzed-out pre-punk than sign-of-the-beast metal.

With the night's final song, "Elected," Cooper made a bid for president. His message was sincere, if apathetic: "We've got problems in Hartford; we've got problems in Wallingford; we've got problems in Stamford, and personally, I don't care!" He may lack foreign policy experience, but at least he's got Sen. John Kerry's cheekbones.

A few other reviews: Now Toronto, Concord Monitor

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