SickthingsUK: Old School 1964-1974

Released: 2011

Announced on the same day the original Alice Cooper band were inducted into the 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' this extravagant box set is a lavish collection of rare early tracks, radio ads, interviews and live material. If you got the original limited edition it came in a full size school desk with photos, reproduction setlist and programme, a 60 page hardback book, and a vinyl reproduction of the 'Wonder Who's Loving You Now' single. If you pre-ordered from the official website you also got an instant download of the Jaegermeister 4D reunion show from 2011. It cost a bomb, but getting one now will cost a lot more. Luckily there was later a smaller version, without the bells and whistles, that was easier to find.

Disc 1 - Treasures One (CD)

  1. No Price Tag (by The Spiders)(2:07)
  2. Nobody Likes Me (Demo)(4:25)
  3. On A Train Trip ('Sing Low Sweet Cheerio' Demo)(4:24)
  4. Reflected (Demo)(2:50)
  5. Easy Action Version Two (Radio Ad)(1.05)
  6. Mr. and Misdemeanor (Live - Chicago Underground)(3.11)
  7. Fields Of Regret (Live - Chicago Underground)(8:41)
  8. I'm Eighteen (Live - Chicago Underground)(11:10)
  9. Love It To Death (Radio Ad)(1:01)
  10. I'm Eighteen (Pre-Production)(5:21)
  11. Be My Lover (Demo)(3:15)
  12. Killer (Demo)(6:38)
  13. Halo Of Flies (Demo)(8:32)
  14. Tornado Warning ('Desperado' Demo)(3:28)
  15. Killer (Radio Ad)(1:01)
  16. Is It My Body (Live - Seattle 1971)(3:03)

Disc 2 - Treasures Two (CD)

  1. Akron Rubber Bowl (Radio Ad)(1:12)
  2. School's Out (Live - Mar Y Sol, Puerto Rico)(7:07)
  3. Kids Session ('School's Out' Kids Session)(4:58)
  4. Luney Tune (Pre-production Outtake)(7:14)
  5. My Stars (Pre-production Outtake)(6:30)
  6. School's Out (Demo)(3.33)
  7. Under My Wheels (Live - Madison Square Gardens, NY)(5:09)
  8. Teenage Lament '74 (Demo)(4:01)
  9. Never Been Sold Before (Demo)(4:56)
  10. Working Up A Sweat (Demo)(3:39)
  11. Muscle Of Love (Pre-Production)(3:12)
  12. Teenage Lament '74 (Pre-Production)(3:06)
  13. Muscle Of Love (Radio Ad)(1:03)
  14. Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper (Radio Ad)(0:34)
  15. Muscle Of Love (Live In Rio 1974)(4:35)
  16. Greatest Hits (Radio Ad)(0:53)

Disc 3 - In Their Own Words (CD) - Interview

Disc 4 - Interview DVD - Two hours of interviews with the original band and Bob Ezrin and various clips

Disc 5 - Killer - Live In St Louis 1971 (CD)

  1. Intro (0:13)
  2. Be My Lover (Intro) (1:17)
  3. Be My Lover (3:45)
  4. You Drive My Nervous (2:20)
  5. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (4:05)
  6. I'm Eighteen (4.33)
  7. Halo Of Flies (9:25)
  8. Is It My Body (7:38)
  9. Dead Babies (5:32)
  10. Killer (7:45)
  11. Long Way To Go (3:02)
  12. Under My Wheels (5:05)

Bonus - Jaegermeister 4D reunion show May 11th 2011

The Jaegermeister show was something very strange. The original band - Alice, Neal, Dennis, Michael and Steve Hunter standing in for Glen, set up in Los Angeles (?) and were filmed with 3D cameras. The recording was transmitted to a live audience at Battersea Power Station, in London where they watched the blurry three dimension images of the band playing, complete with real live lights, smoke and bubble effects. The results in London were kinda cool, but not exactly spectacular. The free booze however certainly helped everyone get into the mood!

  1. Intro (3:32)
  2. I'm Eighteen (3:20)
  3. Under My Wheels (2:49)
  4. No More Mr Nice Guy (2:59)
  5. Is It My Body (3:06)
  6. Billion Dollar Babies (4:25)
  7. Elected (3:48)
  8. School's Out (3:45)

Album Notes

The final box is a stunning work of art. A almost lifesize school desk made from hard card with real metal hinges to open the top of the desk. The inside has two layers, the first holding the CD's and DVD is kind of like a pen tray, which when removed reveals the book and other goodies. The boxes are numbered on the back and the whole box is covered by doodles and the bands initials and messages. It really has to be seen to appriciate as photos just don't do it justice.

Ernie Cefalu, who worked on the boxset as well as many of the original 70s Alice Cooper albums, kindly supplied images and comments below from the art production process. Enjoy.

Ernie Cefalu: Old School Production Images

All Images Copyright Alive Productions 2011. Text and images courtesy Of Ernie Cefalu and

1. Ink Well Eye
This frame is a close up of the eyeball in the ink well, sure looks real doesn't it?

Image 1

2. Desk Top Layout
This next sketch shows how we implemented all of Alice and the guy's comments and changes into the next drawing. Also you will see that in the ribbon we are still using the text "The" and "Group." This was later changed to the years that the "Box Set" covered 1964 to 1974.

Image 1

3. Final Desk Top
This piece is how the final logo that was created, looked carved into the desk. All the additional text was done by the guys, and then we put their art on and into the desk top. FYI, we did more sweetening and debossing of text and images after this and you can see the eyeball in the ink bottle. Working very closely with Neal and the rest of the guys we created the exact R.I.P. symbol he wanted for Glen.

Image 1

4. Ink Splash
This drawing is the first ideation sketch we did for Alice's new 'Box Set.' It also shows the idea of putting a blood splatter and a drip around the desks ink well hole that would resemble Alice's make up. We carried this idea over to the finished piece and added Alice¹s eyeball in the inkbottle.

Image 1

5. Alice Text
The next frame is one of at least twenty-five 'very rough' lettering sketches that we've done 'til we found just the exact look and feel we were looking for. Loved the snake fangs in the 'A'.

Image 1

6. Sketched Ideas
This next frame shows some of the sketches that were used in the sixty four-page yearbook that we did for the 'Box Set'. This page also shows the germ of two ideas that were used in the final package.
The first idea is the lettering font (see the 'A' upper right) that was drawn up and used in the final logo.
The second idea is the worm/snake in the apple that was to become the albums branding. Also note to the left of the apple and worm, you will see that the original working title of the album was "School Daze"

Image 1

7. Main Logo
This next image is the first tight sketch that was put together best illustrating to Alice, Shep, Bob Ezrin and the rest of the team just where we wanted to go with the logo and branding for the "Box Set." You will also see that at this point the working title was still "School Daze." I then went to the recording studio to show the guys, and when they saw it they loved it.

Image 1

8. Further Logo Designing
That's also when Alice said "We want to change the title of the 'Box Set' to "Old School", because that's what we were and still are." The other thing that Alice said was "When we we're in school we're the rotten apples, so make the apple more rotten." So I did.

Image 1

9. Box Construction
The next drawing is an exploded view of how all of the over thirty individual pieces would fit down into the belly of the desk.

Image 1

10. Cartoons
The next sheet shows more of over 100 "doodle" drawings that we're done, to use in the Box Set's yearbook.

Image 1

11. Book Cover
These next three frames show the first ideation sketches that we did for the yearbook concept that was presented and everyone quickly adopted. It also became the foundation for the entire Box Set right on down to how the entire package was divided up into the different freshman, sophomore, junior and senior years.

Image 1

12. Book Pages

Image 1

13. More Pages

Image 1

14. Earwigs To Eternity
This last sketch is one of over forty images, doodles and designs that I had created and were not used in the finished package. I hope that you enjoyed looking at these images and ideas as much as I did in doing them.
If you have any questions, please don¹t hesitate in asking them. Thank you again for allowing us this space and your time.- Ernie

Image 1