Originally released as an "instant Live" recording offered for sale on the night of the performance (Alexandra Palace, London October 29th 2011) this album was subsequently slightly remixed and reissued officially as a proper release. The album contains the full Halloween show including a guest appearance by Arthur Brown for a version of his hit 'Fire'.

Original release: October 29th 2011
Reissued: 26th March 2012

Track listing

  1. The Black Widow - from 'Welcome To My Nightmare' (5:10)
  2. Brutal Planet - from 'Brutal Planet' (4:57)
  3. I'm Eighteen - from 'Love It To Death' (3:57)
  4. Under My Wheels - from 'Killer' (2:49)
  5. Billion Dollar Babies - from 'Billion Dollar Babies' (3:35)
  6. No More Mr Nice Guy - from 'Billion Dollar Babies' (3:03)
  7. Hey Stoopid - from 'Hey Stoopid' (4:27)
  8. Is It My Body - from 'Love It To Death' (2:46)
  9. Halo Of Flies - from 'Killer' (11:17)
  10. I'll Bite Your Face Off - from 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare' (4:41)
  11. Muscle Of Love - from 'Muscle Of Love' (5:20)
  12. Only Women Bleed - from 'Welcome To My Nightmare' (5:47)
  13. Cold Ethyl - from 'Welcome To My Nightmare' (3:48)
  14. Feed My Frankenstein - from 'Hey Stoopid' (5:05)
  15. Clones (We're All) - from 'Flush The Fashion' (3:54)
  16. Poison - from 'Trash' (4:52)
  17. Wicked Young Man - from 'Brutal Planet' (4:20)
  18. I Love The Dead - from 'Billion Dollar Babies' (2:20)
  19. School's Out - from 'School's Out (5:31)
  20. Elected - from 'Billion Dollar Babies' (5:11)
  21. Fire - Arthur Brown Cover (5:35)


  • Alice Cooper - Vocals
  • Tommy Henriksen - Guitars/Vocals
  • Steve Hunter - Guitars/Vocals
  • Orianthi - Guitar/Vocals
  • Chuck Garric - Bass/Vocals
  • Glen Sobel - Drums

Sleeve Notes

There's no information on the sleeve beyond the recording venue, date, and Nightmare Inc. copyright mark.

Album Notes - (Detailed release information)

During the 2011 UK tour ConcertLive recorded each show, making CDr's available directly after the performance had concluded. Generally about two thrids of the show were on the CDr's when you picked them up, with the rest available to download shortly afterwards using a code inside the sleeve whihc you then burned onto a third CDr yourself. After the show you could buy the full sets direct from ConcertLive, however problems arose when people started to discover some tracks on their CDs were not from the show they had bought, as shown when Alice mentioned the current city at specific points during the performances.

A while after the tour copies (on professionaly produced discs, not CDrs) of the London show started showing up in retail stores and Amazon, and another version was released in the USA by 4Winds Media. These new versions appeard to be slightly remixed to improve the sound. The whole situation was very confusing but there were signs this was all authorised and above board, hence it's inclusion here.

The CD's came in a triple-fold sleeve with one space for each disc. There was no booklet or sleeve credits.

The Alexandra Palace show the recording comes from was also filmed and aried on UK channel SkyArts. The two recordings are not exactly the same. The ConcertLive version was presumably recorded straight from the live mixing desk, while the SkyArts recording was professionaly recorded and mixed for broadcast.

The final song on the album is an old Arthur Brown hit single from 1968, and Brown joined Alice on stage to sing it, backed by the band. Alice himself only joined in on the chorus, standing towards the back of the stage while Arthur, in flaming headdress, lead the performance.

Thanks to the UK release having space for three discs, if one was to be really clever they could burn the full audio to two CDs, and then obtain the SkyArts programme to put on a DVD placed in the third space... Of course this would technically be illegal, but you'd have a nice little DVD/CD package in a properlty produced cover :)

'No More Mr Nice Guy Live' Live

As a live album there was no tour specifically promoting 'No More Mr Nice Guy Live!'.