Over the years since the band split up original Alice Cooper rhythm section Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith have played together on a couple of projects and one new band.

Buck Dharma - 'Flat Out' (1982)

  1. Born To Rock (Roeser, Smith) - with Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith (3.24)
  2. That Summer Night (Roeser) - with Neal Smith (3.44)
  3. Cold Wind (Roeser) (4.38)
  4. Your Loving Heart (Roeser) (7.12)
  5. Five Thirty Five (Roeser) (5.09)
  6. Wind, Weather And Storm (Roeser, Meltzer)(2.35)
  7. All Tied Up (Roeser) (4.16)
  8. Anwar's Theme (Roeser) (4.11)
  9. Come Softly To Me (B. Ellis, G. Troxel, G. Christopher) (3.32)

This 1982 album is from 'Blue Oyster Cult guitarists, vocalist and songwriter Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser and features Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith on 'Born To Rock' which Smith co-wrote, and Neal alone on 'That Summer Night'.

Deadringer - 'Electricution Of The Heart' (1989)

  1. Everybody Rock (Dunaway, Bouchard, Smith) (3.53)
  2. When You're In Love (Albert Bouchard, Debra Frost) (3.57)
  3. Love's A Killer (Dunaway, Bouchard, Smith) (4.30)
  4. Secret Eyes (Bouchard, Smith) (3.55)
  5. Balls Out (Johnson) (3.33)
  6. Summa Cum Loud (Buck Dharma)(3.34)
  7. Double Talk (Dunaway, Johnson, Bouchard, Smith) (3.32)
  8. Dangerous Love (Huhn) (4.25)
  9. Bring On The Night (Johnson) (3.45)
  10. Unsung Heroes (Johnson) (4.02)

After the disaster if the 'Billion Dollar Babies' band it took some years for drummer Neal Smith and bassist Dennis Dunaway to resurface, with only the 'Buck Dharma' album showing signs of life. When they did re-emerge in 1989 it was in a new band, Deadringer, that also featured old friend Joe Bouchard. The trio had first met when Bouchards band Blue Oyster Cult had opened shows for Alice Cooper in 1972 and by the late 80s all three were living in the Connecticut area, often jamming together for fun. In fact Bouchard would have an important role in future projects as well as in the early 2000's the trio would form their own band 'Bouchard, Dunaway, and Smith' and a few years later Dennis and Joe would form 'Blue Coupe' with Joe's brother Albert, also ex-Blue Oyster Cult. 'Electricution OF The Heart' was their first release together and the bands only album for which they brought in lead guitarist Jay Johnson and vocalist Charlie Huhn (ex-Ted Nugent, Foghat) to complete the line up.


  • Charlie Huhn - Lead Vocals
  • Jay "Jesse" Johnson - Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Joe Bouchard - Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Dennis Dunaway - Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Neal Smith - Drums

The album was available directly from Neal Smith but has long sold out.

Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith - 'Back From Hell' (2001)

  1. I Want Two (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith) (3.31)
  2. Having The Time Of My Life (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith, Hunter)(3.51)
  3. Vampire Night (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)(3.54)
  4. The Joke's On You (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)(4.24)
  5. Diner Girl (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)(4.26)
  6. Love You Too Much (Hunter, Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith) (4.47)
  7. Snake Pit Boogie (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)(3.51)
  8. She Was A Bad Girl (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)(3.02)
  9. Carnival Toy (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith, Abbott)(6.05)
  10. There Was A Girl (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith, Hunter)(3.19)
  11. The Real Thing (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith, Hunter)(3.52)
  12. Fallen Angel (Bouchard, Helen Wheels)(5.04)

After Deadringer very little was heard from either Dennis or Neal for over a decade until they popped up with a new low-key project, again with Joe Bouchard. This time they operated under 'Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith' (B.D.S.) name and released their first album independently through Neal's website. The band started out as 'Eyescream' before changing to B.D.S. and played shows around their New England home. In 2002 they agreed to appear at the UK fan convention 'Sickcon' in Crewe and booked a handful of other shows around the visit as well as shows in France. The sold out 'Sickcon' show saw the band play two sets. The first featuring the whole 'Back From Hell' album in full, while the second featured a selection of Alice Cooper classics which saw them joined by Michael Bruce for the encore of 'School's Out'. The band only lasted a few years and 'Back From Hell' is their only studio album.

A live CDr album was released in 2002, again through Neal Smith's website, featuring an overdubbed recording of their Paris show.

'Fallen Angel' is a new version of a song originally recorded by 'Blue Oyster Cult' on 'Cultosaurus Erectus'.

This album was only available through Neal Smith's website and is long sold out.

Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith - 'BDS Live In Paris' (2003)

  1. Introduction(0.12)
  2. I Want Two (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)(3.58)
  3. Don't Fear the Reaper (Roeser)(5.51)
  4. See You on the Other Side (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)(3.10)
  5. School's Out (Cooper, Bruce, Dunaway, Smith, Buxton)(3.25)(
  6. See You (Reprise) (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)(0.58)
  7. Dennis Bass Medley (Dunaway)(5.27)
  8. Vampire Night (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)(4.16)
  9. The Joke's On You (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)(4.27)
  10. Astronomy (Bouchard, Bouchard, Pearlman)(7.47)
  11. Bad Girl (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)(4.42)
  12. Carnival Toy (Bouchard, Dunaway, Smith)(6.15)
  13. Caught In A Dream (Bruce)(3.04)
  14. Black Ju Ju (Dunaway)(8.43)
  15. Under My Wheels (Coper, Bruce, Ezrin)(3.17)

This is a live recording from the Paris show in 2002. It was originally released a the 'Glen Buxton Memorial Weekend in 2003 as a CDr with home printed cover. A certain amount of studio "sweetening" took place as Joe can be clearly heard playing two guitars at once one several tracks.

'See You On The Other Side' was the band's tribute to Glen Buxton who had died a few years before. It was played around 'School's Out' as Glen was the one who wrote the famous opening riff of that song.