Original Alice Cooper drummer Neal Smith has released some eclectic albums over the years. Apart from his work along side Dennis Dunaway he's released four solo albums, two ambient collaborations and made a handful of guest appearances on other people's records.
Neal also released a single before joining Alice Cooper as a member of the Lazer Beats, and had a band in the late 70s called Flying Tigers' but they never released anything (though tapes exist).

Neal Smith - 'Platinum God' (1975)

  1. Maneater Deadly To Her Prey (Smith) (4.47)
  2. Baby Please Don't Stop (Smith) (3.24)
  3. Every Day's A Holiday (Smith) (2.52)
  4. French Quarter Cook'in (Smith) (3.43)
  5. Rock'n'Roll Radio (Smith) (3.14)
  6. Set Me On Fire (Smith)(3.25)
  7. The Sea's A Maneater (Smith) (5.33)
  8. Platinum God (Smith) (8.42)

Neal Smith begain work on his first solo album in 1974/5 while the band were taking a break. It was meant to be a side project before the band regrouped in 1976 to record a new album. Of course that never happened, but it still took another 25 years for the album to be released.

"I was not going to release 'Platinum God', because I didn't have enough songs to complete the album. I had six songs and needed more, plus I hate my voice. Last summer, I found two lost unfinished tracks in my studio, so I decided to finish them with the help of Richie Scarlet. But it was really the fans who convinced me to release the album. I still hate my voice, but I'm very happy with 'Platinum God', eighth wonder of the world!
Six songs on 'Platinum God' are the original 70's mixes, I digitally mastered these songs. The first song 'Maneater Deadly To Her Prey' and the seventh song 'The Sea's A Maneater', have new vocals and new lead guitar tracks. I discovered the bed tracks (music only) for these two songs in my studio this summer. They are the 70's recordings of basically the same song, but a fast version and a slower version. The slower version being the original speed for "The Sea's A Maneater". I took the faster version and wrote a totally new song. I had to go into the studio to add vocals and Richie Scarlet added great lead guitar to both songs, and the album was finally finished after 25 years.
The photo (on the cover) with me wearing the zebra skin was taken in the Canary Islands in 1972 by Eillot Holceker. We came down from London to write the last song for 'Billion Dollar Babies' and the song we composed was "Generation Landslide", one of my favorites. We did a photo session, group and individual photos as usual. This zebra skin shot was just taken for fun with no special purpose in mind.
The concept for 'Platinum God' has been the same from the beginning in the mid 70's, but I didn't think of the cover art until I recently finished all of the music. The 'Platinum God' cover with the vintage photo and new artwork, works perfectly with the concept. And then I included some photos inside, that I thought the fans would dig.

The album was privately released by Neal and was only available through his website.

For the original sessions Neal tapped his Alice Cooper bandmates Michael Bruce and Denis Dunaway, and on guitar he used a young guy he had seen in Rochestr, NY on the 1973 tour, Mike Marconi. Marconi went on to be the lead guiatrist in the 'Billion Dollar Babies' band in 1977.

Billy Sheehan, who rose to fame with David Lee Roth, was originally slated to play on the record after Neal saw Sheehan's band Talas. He doesn't play on the final album.

Baby Please Don't Stop' was an old song that had been demoed by the Alice Cooper group, possibly more than once.

  • Neal Smith - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
  • Dennis Dunaway - Bass
  • Mike Marconi - Rhythm Guitars (1,3,4,5,6,7,8), Lead guitar (3,5,6,8)
  • Michael Bruce - Rhythm Guitar (2)
  • Mick Mashbir - Rhythm and Lead guitar, Harmonica (2)
  • Richie Scarlet - Lead Guitar (1, 7)
  • Stu Daye - Lead Guitar (4)
  • Horn & String Section on 'Rock'n'Roll Radio': New York Philharmonic
  • The Platinum Singers: Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway, Jack Douglas, Mike Marconi, Rockin' Reggie Vincent

Plasmatics - 'Beyond The Valley Of 1984' (1981)

  1. Incantation (Beauvior, Swenson) (2.13)
  2. Masterplan (Stotts, Swenson) (3.10)
  3. Headbanger (Stotts, Swenson) (3.25)
  4. Summer Nite (Stotts, Swenson) (4.46)
  5. Nothing (Beauvior, Swenson) (3.42)
  6. Fast Food Service (Stotts, Swensons)(1.22)
  7. Hit Man (live in Milan) (Beech, Swenson) (3.46)
  8. Living Dead (Stotts, Swenson) (3.46)
  9. Sex Junkie (Beech, Stotts, Swenson) (3.08)
  10. Plasma Jam (live in Milan) (Stotts, Stotts) (8.08)
  11. Pig Is A Pig (Beauvior, Swenson) (4.55)

In 1981 notorious New York band The Plasmatics were between drummers with an album to record. They called Neal. While Neal is listed as playing on the whole album, he never played live with the band - the two "live in Milan" tracks aren't actually live.

"I had told people that if they ever needed any help with drumming I'd love to play if it was some music that I liked. The Plasmatics was one band that asked me to play with them, so I recorded their second album, 'Beyond the Valley of 1984', in the early eighties. I had liked the Plasmatics for years. We ran into them when Flying Tigers played and I wanted to work with them and eventually I did. Wendy was very professional, a vegetarian and all business. There was no bull with rehearsing or recording; it was very straight and a treat to do that record."
"The two so called live tracks on 'Beyond The Valley of 1984' were recorded in the New York studio with the rest of the tracks on the album. During the mix, the live crowd noise was added to sound like a live concert. I know. I recorded drums on every song, was there during the mixing, and I've never been in Italy. It was pure studio magic. (Neal Smith)

  • Wendy O. Williams - Vocals, Chainsaw
  • Wes Beech - Rhythm Guitars
  • Richie Stotts - Lead Guitars
  • Jean Beauvoir - Bass, Piano, Synthesizers
  • Neal Smith - Drums, Percussion

Cinematik - 'Cinematik' (2001)

  1. Nude Ellie (7.31)
  2. Grace Beach (3.09)
  3. 1000 Miles Away (3.46)
  4. Temple Mental (2.06)
  5. African Clay (6.25)
  6. Wandering Will (3.07)
  7. Awake (4.12)
  8. Recon Eyes (5.04)
  9. Even In Sleep (4.53)
  10. Sand Script (6.15)

More or less everything I know about the Cinematik albums is from Neals website which states:

"The 2001 debut release of Cinematik, the first CD in the Cinematik series. Neal explores world beat music with his extensive collection of drums and percussion instruments from around the world."
The Cinematik albums are a nice relaxing listen but don't expect the Platinum God pounding away.

CDBaby adds a list of who plays on Cinematik:

  • Neal Smith - Drums, Percussion
  • Peter Catucci - Bass, vocals
  • Robert Mitchell - Guitar, vocals

Cinematik - 'One Full Moon Away' (2004)

  1. Incognito (4.22)
  2. Hour 28 (3.17)
  3. Million To One (4.36)
  4. Unfrozen (3.47)
  5. Amorak (2.56)
  6. Wolfman's Birthday(2.46)
  7. Euriffodes (2.17)
  8. Digga Doom (4.27)
  9. The Luck (3.12)
  10. Maria Louisa (2.47)
  11. Hula Yew (5.47)
  12. Murder In The Moon (5.28)
  13. Somplas Childernz (3.47)

As above all I know about this second Cinematik album is from Neals website:

"The second CD in the Cinematik series. World beat for the new age at it’s best. A masterful mellow collaboration."

CDBaby has a list of who plays on Cinematik:

  • Neal Smith - Drums, Percussion
  • Peter Catucci - Bass, vocals
  • Robert Mitchell - Guitar, vocals
  • "plus several musical guests"

KillSmith - 'Sexual Savior' (2008)

  1. Leave Me Alone (Smith) (3.39)
  2. Sexual Savior (Smith) (4.59)
  3. Disturbed (Smith) (5.31)
  4. Beware Of The Dog (Smith) (3.44)
  5. Naked And The Raw (Smith) (5.17)
  6. Can't Get You Outta My Skull (Smith)(5.30)
  7. Monsters In The Attic (Smith) (7.12)
  8. How Do You Bleed (Smith) (5.21)
  9. Thrill, Thrill, Thrill, Shoot To Kill (Smith) (5.06)
  10. Dynasty Of Darkness (Smith) (4.36)
  11. Human Evolution (Smith) (6.27)

After the mellow world music of Cinematik Neal and his partner in crime Peter Catucci go completely the other direction with a loud, dirty, industrial tinged noisefest. On first listen it was certainly a shock but there are some good ideas in there especially the closing track 'Human Evolution'. Killsmith seems to be a studio only project and have never performed live.

  • Neal 'Kill' Smith - Lead Vocal, Guitar
  • Neal 'Rattlesnake' Smith - Drums
  • Peter 'The Cat' Catucci - Bass Guitar, Vocals
  • Lord Bryan Morrell - Lead Guitars
  • Tommy-Gun Crowley - Lead Guitars
  • Neal 'Fingers' Smith and Pete 'Keys' Hickey - keyboards

Neal Smith - 'KillSmith 2' (2008)

  1. 2000 Miles from Detroit (Smith) (5.19)
  2. Suicide Highway (Smith) (4.28)
  3. Cemetery of the Damned (Smith) (6.49)
  4. Evil Voodoo Moon (Smith) (5.43)
  5. Death By the Numbers (Smith) (5.20)
  6. Crimes of High Passion (Smith)(4.52)
  7. Legend of Viper Company (Smith) (6.12)
  8. Die for the Night (Smith) (4.59)
  9. Strip Down (Smith) (3.46)
  10. Kiss My Rock (Smith) (4.52)
  11. Anything (Smith) (4.35)
  12. Squeeze Like a Python (Smith) (6.11)

The second Killsmith album, this time actually credited to Neal Smith, is pretty much a direct continuation from the first with more primitive, pounding metal - about as subtle as a brick in the face. A video was made for 'Squeeze Like A Python'.

The main riff in 'Evil Voodoo Moon' provided the basis for 'I'll Bite Your Face Off' on Alice's 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare' Album in 2011.

  • Neal 'Kill' Smith - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Synthesizer, Drums & Percussion
  • Peter 'The Cat' Catucci - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
  • Doug Wahlberg - Lead Guitar
  • Kevin Franklin - Lead guitar
  • Bryan Morrell - Lead Guitar
  • Pete 'Keys' Hickey - Keyboards

Neal Smith - 'KillSmith And The Greenfire Empire' (2014)

  1. Blessings And Curses (Smith) (4.06)
  2. Good Morning Blue Soul Land (Smith) (3.47)
  3. Screaming Bloody Murder (Smith) (4.29)
  4. The Killsmith Overture (Smith) (4.17)
  5. Palacio De Esmeraldas (Smith) (5.45)
  6. Greenfire Born Of Poison (Smith)(4.03)
  7. I Want Money (Smith) (5.09)
  8. Pandemonium (Smith) (5.22)
  9. I Remember Blue Soul Land (Smith) (5.51)
  10. Death To The King (Smith) (5.56)
  11. Noelle No Wonder (Smith) (4.57)

From the pomotional blurb: "This conceptual metal adventure will undoubtedly be the last rock opera, destined to become a movie! The story of a poor boy who grows up in the jungles of South America, then becomes "Diablos the Emerald King," the most ruthless and powerful drug lord in the world. As a young boy, he makes a discovery of an ancient secret that has been hidden for thousands of years in pre-Colombian jungle ruins. The secret he discovers is an ancient sacrificial drug called "GreenFire." As GreenFire's deadly addiction spreads like wildfire around the globe, it reaches a country called "Blue Soul Land." The havoc it creates in "Blue Soul Land" will unleash the rage of KillSmith with grave consequences."

No movie was ever made (so far) but while the album possibly pulls back a little from the overkill of the previous two it's still primal heavy metal.

  • Neal Smith - Lead and Backing Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Rhythm Guitar and Synthesizer
  • Peter Catucci - Bass, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals on 'Noelle No Wonder'
  • Lady Elizabeth Dellinger - backing vocals and intro lead vocals on "I Want Money"
  • Kevin Franklin - Lead Guitar
  • Pete "Keys" Hickey - Synthesizer and Keyboards
  • Hubert Martin - Lead Vocals on 'Good Morning Blue Soul Land'
  • Joe Meo – Saxophone
  • Rick Tedesco - Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Doug Wahlberg - Lead Guitar

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Neal Smith - 'Pop 85/95' (2020)

  1. If I Only Had You (3.44)
  2. Sying To Love You (4.47)
  3. Secret Eyes (4.00)
  4. Love Sets The Night On Fire (6.01)
  5. Distant Drums (4.17)
  6. I Wanna Be Good, But I Don't Know How (4.12)
  7. Love Can Run, Love Can Hide (4.21)
  8. In A Heartbeat (4.28)
  9. Fly Home Sweet Angel (5.27)
  10. I Love You To Death (4.06)
  11. All My Eyes Can See (5.06)

Press Release:

Legendary Alice Cooper Group drummer Neal Smith will be releasing a new album in June, 2020. Neal's new Retro Pop album is titled “POP 85/95” signifying the music style and time period in which Neal wrote these songs between 1985 and 1995.The songs and album concept are totally sexy and politically incorrect. Neal's “POP 85/95” songs represent all aspects of relationships, falling in and out of love in a simpler bygone era before Coronavirus, politically correctness and the new world disorder.

With the onslaught of glam hair bands and heavily homogenized rock of the 1980's, Neal Smith, Hall of Fame Drummer and founding member of the original Alice Cooper Group, was looking for a new direction for his songwriting. Inspired by another drummer, songwriter, singer Phil Collins, Neal turned from writing hard rock to a slicker, more pop rock songwriting style. In the late 1980's he took four of his new songs into the studio and recorded them. One of the songs “Secret Eyes” helped land a recording deal with newly formed record company called Grudge Records. Along with Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper fame), Joe Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult fame), Charlie Hune (Ted Nugent fame) and lead guitarist Jay Jesse Johnson (also known as “Triple J”), a new band called “Deadringer” was formed and signed by Grudge Records. Deadringer recorded an album in 1989 called “Electrocution Of The Heart” featuring the single “Secret Eyes.” The album and Deadringer were all short lived after Grudge Records quick demise. After Deadringer and well into the 1990's, Neal continued writing songs with Jay Jesse Johnson (“Triple J”) in this pop rock style.

Decades later, well into the New Millennium, Neal was searching through his archives of music and found those songs that he composed and recorded with 'Triple J” between the years of 1985 and 1995. Inspired by “Triple J's” amazing lead guitar work, Neal polished the songs and brought them back to life with the help of two of his best friends, Peter Catucci (bass guitar of Killsmith) and Rick Tedesco (guitarist/engineer). Now, much to the excitement of his fans worldwide, Neal Smith's “POP 85/95” is available digitally and on CD!

Hall of Fame Drummer/songwriter/singer Neal Smith on “POP 85/95” CD: " In the 80’s and 90’s Rap, Hip Hop, Pop and even Rock music was being recorded with synthesized programmed drums. I understood that this was a new wave of recording percussion. But what I did not like was many of the synthesized drum tracks were being programmed by engineers and musicians who were not even drummers. Disappointed and inspired by that fact, I began a new phase of songwriting by programming synthesized drums on my recordings. The last eight songs on my new CD “POP 85/95” is a collection of songs I wrote from that era featuring synth drums I programmed myself. "

The two Laser Beats records featuring Neal Smith.

Before joining Alice Cooper Neal was in several small bands around the Phoenix area but only one managed to release a record, The Lazer Beats.In 1966 the band released a single called 'Rampage' with 'Again' on the B'side. An acetate of a second single featured 'Barbara' and 'Mr. Popcorn Man' (written by Neal) but it doeesn't appear this got a general release.

Neal also features on Antbee's 1997 album 'Lunar Musik' whihch also features Dennis Dunaway, Glen Buxton, and Michael Bruce. AntBee is Billy James, who went on to co-write Michael Bruce's autobiography 'No More More Nice Guy'.

And lastly in 1999 there is Bruce Cameron's 'Midnight Daydream' which featured several well know rockers including Neal and Michael Bruce. Neal plays on 'Mind Games', 'I Want To Be Late', 'Just Like A Spaceman' 'Falling Up A Mountain' and 'She's So Gone'. Cameron's career was short as within a month of the albums release he committed suicide.