Detailed Release Information

This is not a complete list of every known variant release. There are a crazy number of different colour variants of this release. If you have another variant feel free to send in scans and info.

Good Records
Cat. Number:
Release Date:
November 23rd 2018

Various sleeve and label combinations exist as well as multiple coloured vinyl editions and test pressings. There are also limited cassette and 8-track versions.
At the very least the following coloured vinyl exist, but there are more out there, way to many to try and collect I think, especially as numbers swirl vinyl copies are all unique one offs. The package also included a booklet, cards, and some even had a record player matt or evena piece of the astroturf stage!

  • Confetti variant: 18 pressings (0,001 to 0,018)
  • Willy Wonka variant: 32 pressings (0,019 to 0,050)
  • Random Colour Mix variant: 150 pressings (0,051 to 0,200)
  • Black variant: 200 pressings (0,201 to 0,400)
  • Transparent Pink variant: 1,000 pressings (0,401 to 1,400)
  • White variant: 500 pressings (1,401 to 1,900)
  • Opaque Pink variant: 600 pressings (1,901 to 2,500)
  • Coke Clear variant: 200 pressings (2,501 to 2,700)
  • Boris Purple variant: 300 pressings (2,701 to 3,000)
  • Silver variant: 300 pressings (3,001 to 3,300)
  • Transparent Neon Green variant: 200 pressings (3,301 to 3,500)
  • Clear variant: 500 pressings (3,501 to 4,000).
    Good Records exclusive edition variants:
  • Fluorescent Pink variant: 150 pressings (0,001 to 0,150)
  • Transparent Orange variant: 400 pressings (0,150 to 0,550)
  • Opaque Violet variant: 450 pressings (0,551 to 1,000)

A Good Records exclusive "confetti" edition came in
a cardboard cover similar to 'Muscle Of Love':

The collectors cards:

Just some of the colour variations that exist. For even more check out this facebook page: