1972 - School's Out

June 13th 1972 School's Out Album released.

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July 1st 1972 'School's Out' enters the Billboard album chart at #146. The single is at #23.

July 7-9th 1972 Posters exist advertising Alice Cooper playing the FIFTY HOUR'S SESSION event in Braunschweig, Germany although it seems fairly certain they couldn't have been there. - 'School's Out' single is up to #16. The album is at #51 while Killer is actually still higher at #46.


July 11th 1972 Pittsburgh, PA Three Rivers Stadium (w/ Humble Pie, Uriah Heep,Groundhog, John Key of Steppenwolf) Rescheduled from June 23rd due to flooding caused by Hurricane Agnes. [Ticket] - According to the Pittsburg Post Gazette after Humble Pie played "thousands of teens in the crowd of 35-40,000 swarmed onto the field. It took more than an hour for guards to clear the field and quell the crowd a bit". The band eventually went on at 11.10pm. Pittsburgh Post Express July 12th has review.

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July 12th 1972 Wichita, KS, Henry Levitt Arena (w/ Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show, Fluorescent Leech (Flo) and Eddie) - Handbills say Cessna Stadium but also say "indoors in case of rain" and reviews suggest it was moved. [Venue advert say Cessna Stadium in Hutchinson News 2nd July but review in Witchita Eagle July 13th says Henry Levit Arena and they should know where they are.] The Henry Levitt Arena was called the WSU (Witchita State University) Field House until 1969 and was often still refered to as that. The Cessna Stadium is the outside stadium at the University so presumably it was moved inside due to weather. 11,000 attended! [Witchita Eagle 13th July has review and a Preview on June 25th] - The Witchita Eagle July 8th mentions they incorrectly stated the show was at the Century II Convention Center.

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July 13th 1972 Oklahoma City, OK Fairgrounds Arena (w/ Canned Heat, Flo And Eddie?) [Preview in The Oklahoman June 25th and July 9th that says the venue was Civic Center Municipal Hall but advert in same issue has correct venue... but pells the name "Alice Kooper"! The July 11th issue mentions Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan (Flo and Eddie) have been added to the bill.]

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July 14th 1972 Odessa, TX, Ector County Coliseum (w/ Jo Jo Gunn, Captain Beyond) - Confirmed on second advert for El Paso Show below. Also eye witness comment. 5,743 in attendance. The Odessa American July 19th reports there is a police warrent out for a man who worked for the promotors after an attempted ticketing scam. Photos exist (by Carl Dunn) from this show, and one of Glen Buxton was used in the 'Live From The Astrotuff' package. Image exists in UNT University archive but inaccessilble.

July 15th 1972 El Paso, TX County Coliseum (w/ Jo Jo Gunn, Captain Beyond) [Review in El Paso Prospector 27th July] - 'School's Out' single now at #12 on the Billboard singles chart, up from #16. The album is up to #17 from #51.

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July 16th 1972 Phoenix, Manzanita Speedway (w/ Canned Heat, Captain Beyond) (Poster) - Back on June 21st the Casa Grand Dispatch reported that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisers had refused to grant a licence for this show. Did it happen? It appears it may have according to the Yuma Daily Sun 9th July and then the Tucson Daily Citizen July 17th confirms it did. 350 ticketless people evenually got in after pelting security and police with missles.

Casa Grande Dispatch 21st June 1972:
"The Maricopa County Board of Supervisers has refused to issue a permit for a rock music concert scheduled for July 16th. The concert was to have been held at Manzanita Speedway and deature the group Alice Cooper. The board took the action after being told the race track's facilities were inadequate to handle an estimated crowd of 7,000. Sheriff's officials also warned 75 extra deputies would be needed to enforce the law at the concert."
Despite this news article it appears the show DID happen, and there was a freak rainstorm that damaged the bands equipment.


July 17th 1972 Salt Lake City, UT, State Fair Grandstand, Fairground Speedway [Ticket] - Canceled according to article in Salt Lake Tribune July 14th and posponed according to July 18th article after attempts to restage had failed. However the story didn't end there. After the failed AC show the local council decided (Salt Lake Tribune July 19, 1972) that there would be no more shows at the venue at all, preventing AC from rescheduling, so the promotors announced a show at the Bonneville Raceway Park in Salt Lake City on the 20th honoring all the original tickets.

July 19th 1972 Boise (Eagle), ID, Firebird Raceway (w/ Captain Beyond - who didn't play) - Listed on Captain Beyond site and elsewhere as 18th July but the Idaho Free Press July 20th reports it as Wednesday which was 19th. The discrepancy is explained in the article. The show was originally scheduled for the 18th but the Alice Cooper equipment was damaged at a show in Phoenix on the previous Sunday (16th) and so there was a one day delay. 10,000 fans blocked the local roads for 2 hours trying to get to the show which was delayed by two hours due to equipment problems, presumably as they had new gear. It also reports the two support bands didn't appear due to prior engagments, presumably due to the rescheduling.
Police reported no other problems other than a woman who suffered a miscarriage during the performance!!

Around July 1972 an unknown folk singer called Rod Gilkeson starts a one man "national crusade" against Alice Cooper and Bloodrock for "perverted sex and violence" appearing on TV and radio and in newspapers around Pensylvania area. The story is picked up around the country doing little more then getting 15 minutes of fame for Gilkeson. Of course it wasn't just Gilkeson that was up in arms about the band. All around the country preachers were summonising about the band (and advertising the events in local papers) and local radio shows were featuring discussions about the "Alice Cooper Craze". While some probably believed their retoric, it's likely their ratings and attendances went up for these shows/events - such was the bands growing popularity/notoriety. I mean, what fan wouldn't want to attend such events!

July 20th 1972 Bonneville Raceway Park, Salt Lake City, UT - Replacement show for the canceled July 17th show [Salt Lake Tribune 21st July has review] - A show was announced in Honolulu, Hawaii at the H.I.C. Arena but it doesn't appear tickets ever went on sale.

July 21st 1972 Las Vegas, NV Stadium (originally 15th July 1972) Billboard 15th July reports that there have been hassles getting permits for this show which resulted in a postponement. In the end they got their permits with just a week to go before the show. However as there is a solid show in El Paso on the 15th this seems odd. Billboard November 4th clarifies that this show didn't happen. Alice Cooper eventually pulled out due to "restictions placed upon them by the Convention Authority", the group who actually ran the stadium and granted permits to stage concerts.

July 22nd 1972 San Diego, CA Sports Arena (poss w/ Captain Beyond) could have been at the San Diego Concourse - 'School's Out' single now at #10 and rising, as is the album up to #14. 'Killer' is still in the mid 40s.

July 23rd 1972 Hollywood, CA Hollywood Bowl (w/ Captain Beyond, Jo Jo Gunne, Wolfman Jack) - Billboard August 12th review.

Poster Poster

The famous 'Live at the Hollywood Bowl'/'We're All Crazier The You Are' bootleg recorded. Local celebrity DJ Wolfman Jack introduces the band from a camel, having performed earlier and acted as host.
One of the most well-known Alice Cooper concert stories is the Hollywood Bowl show 1972 where hundreds of the paper panties were dropped on the audience from a helicopter. Supposedly the helicopter pilot that they hired to do that was fined for flying too low.

Everything was a decadent waste of money. That was one of the purposes. I, what was the most decadent waste of money? I would say maybe the most decadent waste of money was the dropping of the panties - 18,000 pair of panties from an airplane on all the people who came to see him at the Hollywood Bowl. It ended up costing about $100,000 to do the panty drop, because it was illegal to do it, and the pilot went to jail for a couple of months, and we had to support his family, and pay for his career. And here they are, ladies and gentlemen, the paper panties.
(Shep Gordon)

Footage from the show was shot to be used on Top Of The Pops as a change from the performance that had been using for weeks.
Elton John was in the audience
The band stayed at the Continental Hyatt House the night after the show.

Photo Diploma
Alice Cooper at the Hollywood Bowl. Diploma handed out to the audience.

July 27th 1972 Minneapolis, MN Armory (w/ Wishbone Ash, Captain Beyond) - An eyewitness states BOC were the middle band, but Hotrails has them elsewhere this night. A Ticket for the show has Wishbone Ash and Captain Beyond written on the back.
Opening night of the venue promoted by Howard Stein Enterpries.

July 28th 1972 Chicago, IL International Amphitheatre (2 shows?)(w/ Wishbone Ash and/or Capt. Beyond) [Chicago Tribune has preview. ticketron advert and Review].

Photo Photo
Alice Cooper in Chicago July 28th 1972

- 'School's Out' single is now up to #7 while the album hits #2, kept from the top by Elton John's 'Honky Chateau' while pushing the Stone's 'Exile On Main Street' down to #3.

July 30th 1972 Detroit, MI, Cobo Hall [Ticket] (w/ Ursa Major)

July 31st 1972 Detroit, MI, Cobo Hall [Ticket] (w/ Black Oak Arkansas) - added after the first show sold out

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Summer 1972 Detroit, MI, Rouge Park (Free Concert)

Aug 4th 1972 Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT (w/ J. Geils Band, Dr John) [Ticket] [Ticket]

"...I can recall from this concert was that the band did not come out for an encore and that the band did NOT play 'School's Out'. My friend and I thought it may have been because it was a long concert and it was curfew. We both thought it odd that they didn't play it as it was getting mega airplay at the time. So is it possible that 'School's Out' was gonna be their encore and after Alice got hit with something they decided not to come back?"
(Ray Rivers, December 2007)

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Aug 5th 1972 Akron, OH Akron Rubber Bowl (w/ J. Geils Band, Dr John) - 30,000 attendance - Eyewitness say they repeated the Helicopter stunt (dropping panties) here. [Ticket] [Elyria Chronicle Telegram August 1, 1972 article and advert, then review on 8th] Mansfield News Journal July 2nd has advert and Dover Daily reporter July 14th

"Alice Cooper was great. He had all the original members and the stage act was more than I expected. The hanging, the snake, ripping up huge Alice posters and throwing them into the crowd, throwing handfuls of dollar bills into the crowd and the musical performance just kicked ass all the way. The highlight was during the School's Out encore when a helicopter flew overhead, started slowly circling the perimeter of the stadium and then strangely these white things started flowing out of the copter and floating down to the crowd.   
My pal Mike was lucky enough to catch one and they turned out to be faux 'lace' panties with A.C. 'embroidered' on them.
(Eyewitness Doc Lehman, Januray 2008)

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Aug 6th 1972 Cincinatti, OH, Cincinnati Gardens (w/ Canned Heat, Dr John) (Ticket Exists) [Article in Cincinatti Journal News 3rd August] 8mm film footage exists
- 'School's Out' single sticks at #7 and the album is stuck at #2.

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Aug 7th-8th 1972 Louisville, KY, Convention Center (w/ Wishbone Ash, Ursa Major) [Ticket]


Aug 9th 1972 Shreveport, LA, State Fair of Louisiana at Hirsch Memorial Coliseum (w/ Steppenwolf?][Listing in Louisiana Hammond Daily Star 10th July][eye witness]

Aug 10th 1972 Passaic, NJ, Capitol Theatre, Garden State Summer Music Fair (w/ J. Geils, Ursa Major)(evidence exists)
Aug 10th 1972 Jersey City, NJ Roosevelt Stadium [Ticket] (w/ J. Geils Band, Flash, Ursa Major?) - Adverts/Flyers below
The 'Garden State Summer Music Fair' was organised by John Scher and Al Hayward who ran the Capital Theater. The event involved shows at three venues: New Jersey State Fairgrounds in Hamilton, NJ, Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, NJ and the Capital Theater. An article about the festival in the Trenton Evening Times doesn't help too much as while they list various bands (information matching the 1st advert below) they don't list the respective venues, however the adverts below suggest it was stadium and a review in the New York Times August 12th confims it. The venue pulled in a venue record $84,000 for the show.

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August 12th 1972 Fort Wayne, IN, Memorial Coliseum (w/ Ursa Major) [Ticket] - Review in Elmhurst Advance Newspaper - 'School's Out' single drops to #10. The album remains at #2 still kept off the top by Elton John.


Sun Aug 13th 1972 Nashville, TN, Tennessee Fairground Speedway/State Fairgrounds, (Special Guest Star Goose Creek Symphony / extra added attraction Ursa Major) [Ticket]


One of the latest stories being reported as fact by so called journalists is that Alice is biting the heads of chickens (of course) and "dangling live rats into the blades of an electric fan".... Is it any wonder animal rights were up in arms!
A reporter for the Oil City Derrick (August 14th) commented on this show in an article saying "I won't bore you with the details of Alice's performance when there is so much else to bore you with. After all, it's your standard oncert where the musicians spit at each other, stage a knife fight, a fist fight and a hanging." The article resulted in a stream of letters telling her how lucky she was to even be allowed to go to a show when the letter writers couldn't, let alone meet Alice for an interview afterwards.

Aug 14th 1972 Hampton, VA, Hampton Coliseum [Ticket] - Hampton Coliseum is in an area of Hampton called Hampton Roads, hence it is sometimes called "Hampton Roads Coliseum".


Aug 15th 1972 Charleston WV, Civic Center (w/ Ursa Major, Looking Glass) See August 20th
- Ticket exists for 20th and claimed to be an Alice show although scan of ticket doesn't mention Alice. [Ticket]
Charleston Gazette Mail August 6th has cover feature with date of 20th and venue, however an advert in same paper has the show date as 15th.
Charleston Gazette Mail August 12th issue confirms 15th and then on August 17th has a review! So 15th it is.
To confuse even more there is an advert showing Aug 20th in the 9th July West Virginia Post Herald!

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Aug 18th 1972 Peachtree Celebration, North Carolina Motor Speedway, Rockingham,  NC (w/ 3 Dog Night, James Gang, Bloodrock, Black Oak Arkansas, Fleetwood Mac,  Tower of Power, Savoy Brown, Dillards, Goose Creek Symphony, Rory Gallagher) The Faces canceled due to visa issues and Alice Cooper replaced them [Danville Register article 18th August] - According to New Orleans Times Picayune August 19th Alice Cooper closed the festival in the early hours of the 19th. Around 50,000 attended. [Ticket] - As Alice Cooper were late replacements their name probably won't appear on any posters. - Waynes World Blog has an article and lots of eye witness accounts.

"Rod Stewart (billed as 'The Faces') did not show for this event. Alice Cooper did show. The stage was huge. One band would set up on the left side while another band played on the right."


Aug 20th 1972 Charleston, WV, Civic Center (w/ Ursa Major, Looking Glass (or Captain Beyond?)) Part of "Summer Fest" - See August 15th. - 'School's Out' album is down to #3 defeated by Elton John and now Chicago. The single is down to #14 in the US but in the UK it's #1! [Ticket]

Aug 22nd? 1972 Alice attends the New York Premier of Monty Pythons "...And Now For Something Completely Different"

(Aug 25th 1972 Hartford Connecticut, Dillion Stadium (w/ J Geils Band) - Fake Posters for this show are widely in circulation although it's unlikely the date is correct as, barring a postponement we don't know about, there is an genuine advert for a show at the venue on the 4th. Aug)

Aug 1972 Slick Black Limousine recorded at the Mansion. The vocals were done later in London.

(Aug 2nd-4th 1972 A festival was planned called "Erie Canal Soda Pop Festival" in Chandler, near Evansville, IN. Adverts promised many big name acts including Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Joe Cocker and The Eagles. (see Muncie Evening Press 11th August 1972). The festival DID take place, but in Griffin, IN and without many of the big acts that had been promised, including Alice Cooper.)

Sept 2nd 1972 Toronto, Ontario Varsity Arena (w/ Crowbar) 24,000 attend - largest gross in stadium's history $134,912. [Ticket][Ticket] About 12 mins of poor quality super 8 footage exists from this show and an audio recording exists. See advert Sept 4th.

Alice at Varsity Stadium, Toronto 1972

- 'School's Out' is still #1 in the UK holding off Rod Stewart and Hawkwind's 'Silver Machine'.

Sept 4th 1972 Montreal, Quebec, Forum (Dr John The Nightripper, Wang Dang Doodle Orchestra)(18,000 - $90,370.) - The equipment tracks arrive very late but the show goes on with the band taking the stage just before midnight. [Review]

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Possibly around here, Alice is rumoured to have appeared on-stage at a David Cassidy show.

Around Sept 4th 1972 Alice was meant to appear on the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon on US TV around the Labor Day Weekend in September according to a press release. It's unclear if it happened.

Sept 6th 1972 Elected released

Sept 19th 1972 'Elected' single released in the US


Sept 23rd 1972 'School's Out' is at #17 in the Billboard album charts with 'Killer' still at #76.

Sept 30th 1972 Billboard starts reporting the 'Alice At The Palace' show will run between February 20th and 25th at the Palace Theater, NY. It never happens. The show was due to be produced by New York promoter Howard Stein.
Sept 30th 1972 'School's Out' is at #25 in the Billboard album charts with 'Killer' still at #78.

October 7th 1972 ''Elected' hits the Billboard charts at #67. 'Killer' is still on the album chart at #84 after 45 weeks on the chart, while 'School's Out' is still at #29.

October 14th 1972 ''Elected' is at #48 on the Billboard singles chart. 'Killer' is still on the album chart at #104, while 'School's Out' is at #36.

Oct 21st 1972 ''Elected' is at #37 on the Billboard singles chart. 'Killer' is still on the album chart at #115, while 'School's Out' is at #36.

October 22nd 1972 Alice is listed as appearing at a celebrity tennis match at the Cherry Hill Centrum in Cherry Hill, NJ. It's also rumoured Alice will be appearing in sitcom "All In The Family" but that doesn't happen.


Oct 28th 1972 Bangor, ME, Bangor Auditorium (w/ Wet Willie) - Review mentions this was a week before the Springfield show and eye witness exists. [Ticket] - 'Elected' is up to #32.


Oct 28th 1972 'Elected' is at #32 on the Billboard singles chart. 'Killer' is still on the album chart at #115, while 'School's Out' is at #41.

Oct 29th 1972 Springfield, MA, Civic Center (w/ Wet Willie, Edgar Winter Group) [Ticket][Ticket] Review in the Springfield Union October 30th.


Holidays: Alice and Cindy Lang go to Venezuela, Dennis and Cindy Smith go to the Caribbean, Michael Bruce goes to Phoenix, Neal tries to break the bank in Las Vegas and Glen goes home to Akron

Nov 2nd 1972 Hempstead, NY Hofstra University Auditorium (w/ Curtis Mayfield, Seals And Crofts, Bo Diddly) - There was no real promotion for the show and tickets didn't feature the name of the acts playing, just "ABC - Rock Concert". [Ticket] - Some sources list the show as September 21st but evidence points to November 2nd including production notes.

Alice at Hofstra University

Filmed for first ABC In Concert.

The show recieved a huge amount of press both before it aired in the form of TV page previews (normally a photo of Alice and a short blurb) and afterwards from reports of the controversy over the show's contents ie Alice Cooper. Mainsteam America was shocked that a network the size of ABC would air such a show.

News Report:
ABC kicked off its first In Concert, pre-empting the Dick Cavett Show, on November 24, 1972, featuring performances taped a few weeks earlier at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. On the bill was the Senior General of Rock, Bo Diddley, acoustic duo Seals and Croft, R&B man Curtis Mayfield and for the opening act, shock rocker Alice Cooper.

Rock fans in Cincinnati, however, didn't get to see beyond the first few minutes of Alice's violent theatrics. Lawrence H. Rogers II was so mortified by what he saw that he ordered the ABC affiliate he owned, WKRC-TV Channel 12, to yank the show off the air immediately. Channel 12's decision to protect its viewers was responded to within minutes with a phoned-in bomb threat and several car loads of youths picketing the station. Some 4,000 letters of protest, many profane, poured in over the next few days, the biggest mail load that station officials could remember.

Station manager Ro Grignon told TV Guide that he wasn't opposed to rock concerts. "In fact, we think they're going to be a smashing success. We simply found Alice Cooper a little tense."

Meanwhile, the ABC affiliate in Kingsport, Tennessee complained to the network about the performance but ran it nonetheless. WPVI-TV Channel 6 in Philadelphia ran the show on tape delay at 1:30 a.m.  Channel 12 in Cincinnati later televised an edited version of the show, sans Alice, to give viewers a chance to enjoy the other, less offensive acts that were on the show. The next 'In Concert' show was sent to affiliate managers via closed-circuit for approval before broadcast.

European Tour 1972

Nov 4th 1972 Band arrive in London - 'Elected' moved up to #28 on the Billboard charts.

(Nov 8th 1972 Fake posters are in wide circulation for a show with Frank Zappa.)

Start Nov 1972 - The band spent a week at Morgan Studios in London, where they re-recorded some older tracks and laid down demos of the songs they had written during the tour. So called 'Superstar jam' takes place with Harry Nilsson, Marc Bolan and others but the results of the drunken session are unlistenable. 'Billion Dollar Babies' photo shoot takes place at David Baileys' London studios.


Nov 10th 1972 Glasgow, Scotland Green's Playhouse (w/ Flo And Eddie, Patches) [Ticket1, Ticket2][Melody Maker November 18th Review] - Audio Recording exists.

300 kids at the airport break through police barriers and turn over the bands limo's.
Once inside the venue fans wreaked three rows of seats.
The Playhouse show has been described as the greatest show the band ever performed. Everything was right. The band were nearing their their peak, road hardened but still raw and dangerous, the audience had waited a long time to see them and the Playhouse (later Glasgow Apollo) had a reputation for hosting the craziest crowds anywhere. It was well known that if you didn't do good at the Playhouse the audience would let you know in no uncertain terms.

"We were at Green's Playhouse in Scotland, our first time in the country, when 'School's Out' was No. 1 on the charts around the world. Alice was huge in England, but he wasn't playing there on the tour. Now, this small playhouse holds about 2,500 people and the seats filled for this sellout. About 15 minutes before Alice went on, I heard the speakers breaking up. I ran to the monitor board to see what was wrong with the sound and the guy tells me that nothing is wrong with the sound. I said, 'Don't you hear that breaking sound?' I ran back to the stage and looked straight up. Fans had arrived with a hydraulic drill. They were drilling through the roof to get to the highest balcony in the theater to see the show."
(Shep Gordon, 2014)

"The venue had the highest stage I ever played on - 25ft up from the floor. It was a long way down. We were from Detroit so we related to Glasgow. It was nothing to us to see two or three fights break out in the audience or see fans drinking heavily. We felt more at home in Glasgow than any other place. The look, the feel, everything about it we liked."
(Alice Cooper, 2010)

This was the only UK show on the tour however a Wembley show is mentioned on some old documents but never happened. This is also the last UK show by the original Alice Cooper.


Nov 12th 1972 Alice leaves London from Gatwick Airport to fly to France

Nov 13th 1972 Paris, France Olympia Theatre (2 shows, 7.30 and 10.30) (w/ Flo And Eddie)


Me, Alice: "A member of the audience jumped on stage with a burning guitar and threw it at Glen, Shep rushed on stage and flattened the guy, holding him down until the police arrived."
After show party held at 'New Jimmy's' hosted by Omar Sharif. Guests were told to come as Rachel Welch.

In late 1972, the Sunday Express reported: An unusual party has been given in Paris by the eccentric pop singer Alice Cooper. Mr Cooper had asked his 33 guests to come dressed as Raquel Welch. Says a spokesman for Mr Cooper, who has had two records in the Top Twenty recently: "There were masses of aristocrats and princesses. Bettina was there looking divine in a green wig. Jeanne Moreau, Omar Sharif and Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones, were also there. Many of the guests wore wigs - green ones, pink ones and violet ones." A guest adds this account: "Omar was marvelous. He came as Raquel in the part of 'Myra Breckinbridge'. But he looked more like Groucho Marx. A lot of people came as Raquel in the part of 'Kansas City Bomber'. You've never seen so many well-built ladies on roller skates in your life. They caused chaos. "One person was conspicuous in her absence at the party. The real Raquel Welch. She was not invited."

First show was broadcast by RTL Luxemburg, Second show was recorded for the Jukebox TV Special.

Nov 14th-15th 1972 Munich, Germany Circus Krone (w/ Flo And Eddie) [Ticket] - Audio Recording exists


Nov 16th 1972 Band arrives in Holland (w/ Flo And Eddie)

During the 1972 European School's out tour, instead of a press conference in Holland, Alice organized the "Alice Cooper ping pong tournament" There are several pictures of Alice off stage in Holland wearing a white T-shirt with black letters saying "Alice Cooper ping pong tournament".
The "Alice Cooper Ping-Pong Tournament Amsterdam 1972" was held on November 16 in the Dutch town of Oud-Loosdrecht (near Amsterdam), between 8pm and 10pm.
The exact location was Jachthaven (Yacht Basin) 'Van Dijk', 253 Oud Loosdrechtsedijk in Oud-Loosdrecht

Nov 17th 1972 Rotterdam, Holland, De Doelen (w/ Flo And Eddie)


Nov 18th 1972 Amsterdam, Holland Concertgebouw (w/ Flo And Eddie) [Ticket]


Nov 19th 1972 Hamburg, Germany, Ernst-Merck-Halle (the band fly in on the day of the show) (w/ Flo And Eddie)[Ticket]


Nov 20th 1972 Copenhagen, Denmark, KB Hallen (the band fly in from Germany on the day of the show) (w/ Flo And Eddie) [Ticket] - Photographer Jorgan Angel took many photos of Alice Cooper in Copenhagan including shots of the band and Flo and Eddie relaxing at a strip club. You can check out the photos here but be warned they feature adult content.

Nov 21st 1972 Lund, Sweden, Olympen (the band fly in from Denmark on the day of the show) (w/ Flo And Eddie) [Ticket]

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Photo Photo

Nov 23rd 1972 Essen, Germany, Grugahalle (w/ Flo And Eddie) [Ticket]

Nov 24th 1972 Berlin, Germany Deutschlandhalle (w/ Flo And Eddie) [Ticket] [Berlin Observer December 1st Review]


Nov 24th 1972 ABC's 'In Concert' scheduled to begin airing in the US although date seem to vary depending on the State.

Nov 25th 1972 Frankfurt, Germany, Festhalle (w/ Flo And Eddie) [Ticket]


Nov 26th 1972 Zufingen, Switzerland, Mehrzweckhalle (w/ Flo And Eddie)

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Nov 27th 1972 Alice flies from Zurich Switzerland to Madrid, Spain before moving on to the Canary Islands. Rumours of new versions of '18' and 'School's Out' recorded here.

Dec 2nd 1972 Alice arrives back in London via Gatwick airport

Dec 1972 Glen is still in London and receives medical treatment in London

Dec 11th 1972 Alice flies home to the USA

Dec 12th 1972 Alice arrives home in the USA and hand over the Billion Dollar Babies tapes to Bob Ezrin to work on at the Record Plant, New York

Dec 13th 1972 Alice attends the premier of "The Poseidon Adventure" at National General theater in New York City's Times Square

Dec 14th 1972 Alexander's Department store in Manhattan is closed one evening so so Alice and his entourage could do their Xmas shopping.

Dennis Dunaway: "The whole band including Alice shopped after hours at Alexanders. The thing is, we each filled our shopping carts, and after the news cameras filmed us checking out, Alexanders made us give everything back."

Dec 1972 Back home in Phoenix Glen checks into the Maryville hospital seriously ill. His pancreas is ruined from alcohol. He's warned never to drink again. Insiders report he was never the same again which is borne out by his lessening involvement in the band. Shep confronts Alice about his alcohol intake and he goes to Jamaica for a couple of weeks to rest.

Dec 31st 1972 Alice attends a Bette Midler concert at the Philharmonic Hall in NYC's Lincoln Center.