TIMELINE 11 Lace And Whiskey


April 12th '77 'You And Me' single released from the forthcoming album. [Date from Billboard Information]


April 22nd '77 Alice appears on 'Dinah!' a daytime variety talk show hosted by Dinah Shore. Alice puts on a 'fashion show' with costumes from the upcoming tour including Sheryl. [The show is apparently repeated on August 18th.

April 26th '77 Alice appeared on a celebrity edition of 'The Gong Show' (Taped at 3000 W Alameda, Burbank, CA at the NBC Studios)

April 30th '77 'You and Me' enters the Billboard chart at #80.

May 2nd '77 The Billion Dollar Babies album 'Battle Axe is released (either 2nd or 9th based on it's listing in Billboard as a new release on May 7th. I'm not sure if they list records the week before or week after the actual release). There was a full page advert in Billboard on April 30th. Billboard also reports that Polydor intend to put a major promotion push behind the record. A single version of 'Rock and Roll Radio' is also released. Neither album nor single appear to have charted.


May 7th '77 'You and Me' is still at #70 on the Billboard singles.

May 10th '77 Lace and Whiskey released [Based on Billboard Information.]

AdvertTour Advert
Two different tour adverts, One from May and one from July.
They show different sets of dates.

May 12th '77 Alice was at the 'After Dark' awards in Beverly Hills, CA.

May 14th '77 'You and Me' is at #70 on the Billboard singles.

May 15th '77 Alice throws out the first ball at the Angel's vs Yankee's baseball game at Anaheim Stadium in Los Angeles as promotion for the concert there on June 19th. Flo and Eddie were the catcher and batter.

May 21st '77 'You And Me' is at #67 on the Billboard chart.

May 27th-28th '77 Filming of the movie footage to be used for the magic screen on the forthcoming tour

May 28th '77 'Lace and Whiskey' enters the Billboard album chart at #89. 'You and Me' is at #56.

May 29th '77 Alice attends a charity softball game at the University of Nevada baseball stadium in Las Vegas. A celebrity team defeated members of the local news media, 20-19. The game was attended by nearly 4,000 and was a benefit for the Nevada Special Olympics.[Photos exists but not of Alice that I've seen.]

May '77 Alice is home in 'Benedict Canyon'. He's still in discussions with Robert Altman about 'Breakfast Of Champions' and filming is expected to start soon. He's just finished filming 'Sextette'.

May 31st - June 4th '77 Alice and Bernie Taupin attend the Billboard 3rd International Talent Forum at the Hilton in New York (advert)

June 4th '77 'Lace and Whiskey' is up to #79 on the Billboard chart. 'You and Me' is up to #46.

June 6th '77 Alice is announced to play at a charity golf tournament at Calabasas Park Country Club in Calabasas, CA. but doesn't make it.

June 11th '77 'Lace and Whiskey' is up to #68 on the Billboard chart. 'You and Me' is up to #40.

June 13th '77 The Snake Auditions in Century City, Los Angeles promoting the Anaheim show and forthcoming tour. [News Reports in Long Beach Press Telegram and Nuys Valley News] - Full page advert in Variety magazine June 8th [Paywalled]. The winning snake is 'Angel'.


June 14th '77 'The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson' - Alice performs 'Lace & Whiskey'

June 14th '77 Cindy Lang sues Alice for $7.5 million based on the fact they were together during Alice's rise to fame. The suit filed in Los Angeles superior court asks for $90,000 annual support plus $2.5 million as her share of jointly held assets and $5 million in "damages". "we're very serious about this suit" stated lawyer Marvin Mitchelson, "We think Miss Lang is entitled to at least half of what Cooper is worth". The suit was based on the fact Alice and Cindy had an understanding that they would marry eventually and based on a previous lawsuit brought against actor Lee Marvin where the supreme court ruled unmarried living partners could legally seek community property. The case would drag on for years. [Lakeland Ledger June 19th]

King of the Silver Screen Tour 1977

June 15th 1977 Warm up/rehearsal show at Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium, Stockton, CA (Confirmed by eye witness with ticket)

June 16th 1977 A torn ticket exists [Ticket] for this date at the Memorial Auditorium in Sacramento, CA but no other evidence that this show happened. Possibly a second warm up show as all the main adverts for the tour begin at Anaheim.

June 18th '77 'Lace and Whiskey' is at #58 on the Billboard album chart while 'You and Me' is at #37.

June 19th '77 Anaheim, CA Anaheim Stadium (w/ The Kinks, The Tubes, Nazareth, Sha Na Na, Flo and Eddie) [Ticket]- Filmed for TV part of which was transmitted as 'Alice Cooper and Friends'. [Review in Santa Ana County Register June 23rd] Rod Stewart and Susan George in attendence. Alice was very drunk and lethagic during the show and has discribed this as one of his worst performances ever.


June 23rd '77 Vancouver, BC, Pacific Coliseum (w/ Atlanta Rhythm Section) [Ticket].
Alice also appears on CFUN Radio in Vancouver - New snake Angel is refused admittance into Canada as she doesn't have the right paperwork. A local snake is sort for these shows.

“U.S customs wouldn’t allow Cooper to use his regular snake so CFOX in Vancouver advertised for anyone who owned a boa constrictor in Vancouver. Someone came forward with a snake but it became so spooked by all the cameras and crowd noise during the show it started to constrict around Alice’s neck and we had one helluva battle to get that snake off of him. So when we got to Edmonton, we recruited another snake”
(Gary Waldron, Promotor)


Advert showing the three Canadian dates.

June 25th '77 Edmonton, Alberta, Coliseum (w/ Atlanta Rhythm Section). Adverts apparently mention The Runaways on the bill (as does a stage pass) but eye witness says they didn't play.
- 'Lace and Whiskey' is up to #47 on the Billboard album charts. 'You and Me' is at #29.

June 26th '77 Calgary, Alberta, McMahon Stadium [Ticket] (21,900 record attendance) (w/ Trooper, Atlanta Rhythm Section) Show delayed for between 90 minutes and two hours due to wind and rain. Eyewitness says that even before Alice hit the stage the sound system had blown down. By the time the show started half the lights were out of action and the sound system was busted. The local police praised the huge crowd for the good conduct despite the delay.


“The day began innocently enough with Trooper doing their full set as planned. However, things went awry for the Atlanta Rhythm Section (Imaginary Lover). After 20 minutes or so the sky became black and forbodding. A gust of wind came up and blew over half the speakers. At this point the band didn't even know anything was happening and kept playing. It wasn't until a second later when another gust of wind blew over what remained of the sound system that the group called it quits. The skies opened with heavy rain and strong wind gusts that lasted for several hours. It is interesting to note that Jimi Hendrix, also the last act at Woodstock, faced almost the same fate. Alice Cooper and his entourage remained held up in the changing rooms of the stadium hoping that the weather would clear. It was dark and well into the night when it stopped long enough for Alice Cooper's band and actors to put on a semblence of a show."
(Unknown eye witness)

".. half the sound and light system had been put out of commission. It was entirely off the cuff with everything done on the fly. None the less, he did put on a show with whatever they had left of the stage and lights. I still remember someone from his management asking if they couldn't have some of my pictures because the concert was so out of the ordinary.”
(Unknown eyewitness)

"While Trooper was on the weather turned quite nasty and threatened rain. Then followed Atlanta Rhythm Section. About halfway through their set a bunch of speakers on the stage were blown over and injured one of the sound crew. Their set was shortened as a result. A fair amount of time passed and it was just after dark when Alice Cooper appeared. Quite the extravagant show, even if somewhat abbreviated. It was windy and there were a few sprinkles, but it did not rain. What I'm describing here happened at the Calgary show. I see on your page that someone was describing something similar at the Edmonton show the night before. As I was not at the Edmonton show I cannot attest to that, but it seems strikingly familiar to what happened at the Calgary show. I'm just wondering if there may have been some confusion. I remember the events of that Calgary concert very clearly - as if it were yesterday."
(Mike Robinson, October 2012)

"Trooper kicked off the gig in blazing sunshine. But as Atlanta Rhythm Section began their set, ominous black clouds started to form in the Northern skies. Suddenly howling winds and torrential rain swept through the stadium. I was backstage, off to the side when I witnessed the drummer’s kit start flying off the stage and huge speaker stacks wavered then tumbled. The poor ARS drummer smashed on his cymbals, kicked them over in disgust and ran off stage. Rain started sheeting down, tarpaulins tossed out to cover the crowds were turned into water slides but as the elements continued to deteriorate, Dobbin and his staff could feel the crowd’s mood turning nasty. They definitely wanted Alice Cooper to go on but there was no way. Alice was curled up in a fetal position on the dressing room floor. He was in a bad state.
It was a miracle his set happened at all. Cooper’s manager Shep Gordon met with police security and it was decided Cooper would perform an abbreviated set, provided the weather improved. Fortunately, the deluge abated, water was swept off the stage, the sound system reset and Cooper eventually performed a mini set. No special effects, just Alice belting out a bunch of songs before heading for the protection of his limo."
(Keith Sharp, Music Express)

(July 30th '77 Original tour list has this as Oklahoma City but it was changed.)

July 1st '77 Lake Charles, LA, Lake Charles Civic Center (w/ Rick Derringer) [Ticket] [Short preview in Picayune Times June 7th)(Original tour list has this as Tulsa, OK but it was changed.)

July 2nd '77 Houston, TX, Sam Houston Coliseum (w/ Rick Derringer) [Ticket]


July 3rd '77 Fort Worth, TX, Tarrant County Convention Center (w/ Rick Derringer)[Ticket] [[Review in Dallas Morning News July 5th]

July 5th '77 San Antonio, TX, Municipal Auditorium (w/ Rick Derringer)[Ticket]


July 7th '77 Phoenix, AZ, Veterans Memorial Coliseum [Ticket][Preview in the Scottsdale Progress July 1st]

July 8th '77 El Paso, TX, Civic Center (w/ Rick Derringer) [Ticket] [Show Preview in El Paso Herald Post 8th July and review on July 9th] (Original tour list has this as Jackson, MI but it was changed.)

July 9th '77 Albuquerque, NM, Tingley Coliseum (w/ Rick Derringer) [Ticket][Show preview in Albuquerque Journal July 7th and reviews on July 11th AND July 14th as well as Daily Lobo July 14th.] (Original tour list has this as Birmingham, AL but it was changed.)

(July 10th '77 Macon, GA ? - On original Tour List but probably didn't happen)

July 21st '77 Long Island, NY Nassau Coliseum (w/ Atlanta Rhythm Section, Clover) [Ticket][Review in Port Charlotte Daily Herald Sept 6th.]


July 22nd '77 Portland, ME, Cumberland County Civic Center (w/ Atlanta Rhythm Section) [Ticket] (Mobile, AL on original tour list but changed)


July 23rd '77 Boston, MA, Boston Garden (w/ Atlanta Rhythm Section) [Show reviews in Lowell Sun and Boston Herald on 25th July] (New Orleans, LA on original tour list but changed)

July 24th '77 Providence, RI, Civic Center (w/ Atlanta Rhythm Section) [Ticket]


July 28th '77 Madison, WI Dane County Coliseum (w/ Burton Cummings) [Ticket] [Wiscounsin State Journal June 8th confirms date but lists The Tubes as support.]


July 29th '77 Omaha, NE, Civic Auditorium Arena (w/ Burton Cummings) [Ticket] [Review in Omaha World News July 30th] Advert lists The Tubes as suppoort review shows it was Burton Cummings.


July 30th '77 Kansas City, MO, Kemper Arena (w/ Burton Cummings) [Ticket] - Another show that it is suggested The Tubes opened but it seems unlikely as Burton Cummings was opening this leg of the tour.

July 31st '77 Wichita, KS, Henry Levitt Arena - Yet another show that it is suggested The Tubes opened but also seems unlikely as Burton Cummings was opening this leg of the tour.

August 6th '77 Nashville, TN, Municipal Auditorium (w/ Mama's Pride) [Ticket] 9,900 sold out - (Detroit, MI on 5th and 6th listed on original tour list but changed)
- Again early listing and advert mentions The Tubes opening. a week later Burton Cummings is listed, and a week after that there's no support listed! Then on July 24th it's back to Burton Cummings!! July it's changed again to no support on advertListing and photo in The Tennessean 3rd July and 5th August. Review in The Tennessean 8th August with extremely rare photo of Sheryl on the screen while performing 'Only Women Bleed'.


August 7th '77 Louisville, KY, Freedom Hall (w/ Burton Cummings) 14,000 attend [Ticket] Review in Courier-Journal August 8th.


August 8th-10th '77 Detroit, MI, Cobo Arena (w/ Burton Cummings) record gross for venue - 33,746 people over three shows. [Ticket][Ticket][Ticket] [Show Review]

Advert Advert

August 13th '77 Oklahoma City, OK, Myriad Convention Center (w/ Burton Cummings) [Ticket] - Tour Advert has this as August 12th at Fairgrounds Arena in Oklahoma City, OK. Review in The Oklahoman confirms this was August 13th.


August 14th '77 Shreveport, LA, Hirsch Memorial Coliseum (w/ Climax Blues Band) (Ticket doesn't show month but it's a Sunday so must be August) [Ticket]
- Tour advert says New Orleans, LA City Park Stadium)


August 19th-20th '77 Las Vegas, NV Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts (w/ Burton Cummings) [Ticket] - Supposedly record for 'The Alice Cooper Show' album.


Advert Advert

August 21st '77 San Diego, CA Sports Arena (w/ Dr. Hook, Burton Cummings listed on one advert. Did both play?) [Ticket] [Review in San Diego Union August 23rd]


August 25th '77 Milwaukee, WI, (MECCA) Milwaukee Arena (w/ Burton Cummings) [Ticket] (St. Paul, MN on original tour list) - Audience Recording exists.


August 26th '77 Terre Haute, IN, Indiana State University Hulman Center (w/ Burton Cummings, (Dictators?)) [Ticket] [Show preview in Terra Haute Tribune August 20th]


August 27th '77 Chicago, IL, International Amphitheatre (w/ Burton Cummings, The Dictators) [Ticket]Backstage pass exists. (Original tour advert has Alice playing August 26th and 27th) Review in Chicago Tribune 29th August.

August 28th '77 Cedar Falls, IA UNI-Dome (w/ Burton Cummings) [Ticket] [Show preview in the Waterloo Courier July 24th]


August 30th '77 Denver, CO, McNichols Sports Arena (w/ Styx, Burton Cummings(?)) [Ticket] Eye witnesses recall that at the end of the show Alice announced he was canceling the rest of the tour (all one show of it?) and checking himself into hospital. At least three different witnesses also state Styx opened.

"I had the extremely lucky good fortune to see Alice's last concert in Denver at the end of his LIVE SHOW tour, which was Alice's final record before getting sober and subsequently releasing 'From The Inside' (my friends & I all thought he lost his sinister aura from then on). We had no idea at the time that Alice was slated for de-tox -- we were treated by a surprise at the end of the concert, when the entire cast of the show, including members of opening act Styx, roadies and all, gathered on stage; an announcement was made that Alice was going straight from McNichols Sports Arena to be committed to rehab after the show. Alice was then strapped in a harness and hoisted into the air above the stage, and everyone took a turn spraying him with agitated champagne bottles - a priceless and spectacular memory!!! Unfortunately, I had exposed too much of my smuggled super-8 film recording Styx, and I ran out just at the end of Alice Cooper's set -- therefore I had no way to document Alice's last intoxicated minutes for posterity - something I will forever regret."
(Markshark, Denver)

(Original tour list has September 3rd as Boston, MA or Nassau, LI)

Sept 4th 1977 Missoula, MT, Adams Fieldhouse - Poster exists and newspaper announcements but show canceled (Original tour list has Seattle, Portland or Spokane)

Canceled Show Poster

Sept 15th '77 Third Annual Rock Awards at the Hollywood Palladium, CA.

Oct 1st '77 Alice is at a party on the last night of Linda Ronstadt's 12 show run at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

Mid Oct '77 Alice is in Cornell Medical Centre in Westchester County, New York

Arizona Republic 1st Nov '77: Alice Cooper, lead singer in the rock band of the same name, is in a New York sanitarium recovering from a bout of alcoholism, a spokeswoman for the entertainer said Monday. A newspaper report here had Cooper, who once boasted he drank more than a case of beer a day to keep fit, admitting himself to a hospital in suburban Westchester County, but the hospital would not confirm the report. Barbara Pepe, the Cooper spokeswoman, said that after failing to overcome his drinking problem through private, out-patient treatment, Cooper decided to take advantage of a break in his schedule to undergo a hospital program of treatment. She said she was not told where he was getting treatment. He was expected, she said, to return to the filming of "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" in Los Angeles in several weeks.
One news interview states he was there for three months but that seems too long as he's spotted out on the town a month later. In mid December there are reports Alice celebrated leaving hospital by throwing a party with the guests toasting the host with water.

Mid Nov '77 Alice films his section of 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' on a short 2 day release from hospital [Example article in Aiken Standard November 21st]
There is a small mention in the press this November that Alice has put up the money for his father to open "E M Furnier's Indian Jewelry" in Phoenix.
Alice, along with Bernie Taupin, David Cassidy, Kansas, Chaka Khan, and Flo and Eddie take part in a charity bowling event in Califormia in aid of "The California Special Olympics for the Mentally Retarded".

Late Nov '77 Alice and Sheryl are photographed at the Studio 54 Disco in New York.

Nov 29th '77 Alice Cooper Show released.


Dec 11th 1977 Alice is at the Rock Music Awards

Mid Dec '77 Alice throws a party at 'El Privado' in Los Angeles to celebrate leaving hospital. Waitresses and bartenders were dressed as nurses and doctors and there was a casket full of empty bottles and a cake shaped like a ginger ale bottle. Alice drank water throughout while the guests got drunk including Peter Frampton, Ringo Starr, Britt Ekland, Kim Fowley and Al Kooper. Napkins sported the phrase "Dry Out With Alice'.

Dec 16th '77 Billion Dollar Babies play Tampa, FL. One of only four shows they ever did (w/ Mothers Finest) [Ticket]

Dec 17th '77 'The Alice Cooper Show' enters the Billboard chart at #156.

Late Dec '77 Alice attended the 'Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' wrap party at Culver Stadium.

Dec 24th '77 'The Alice Cooper Show' is up to #145 on the Billboard chart.


Jan 7th '78 'The Alice Cooper Show' is at #134 on the Billboard chart.

Jan 14th '78 'The Alice Cooper Show' is at #131 on the Billboard chart.

Jan 21st '78 'The Alice Cooper Show' is at #179 on the Billboard chart.

Jan 28th '78 'The Alice Cooper Show' is out of the top 200 on the Billboard album chart.

Feb 16th '1978 Alice is photographed hanging out with Jack Ford (son of former president Gerald Ford) at 'Studio 54' disco in New York.

Mar 1st '78 Alice is reported as being at the Roxy in Los Angeles to see Rick Danko (The Band) and "surprise" guest apearances by the rest of The Band with Dr John on keyboards.

March 2nd '78 Alice attends the premiere of 'Sextette' in Hollywood, CA.

School's Out For Summer Tour '78 (Lace And Whiskey Tour Pt 2)

Wanted: Any Chicken Pics!!

"The Cornhuskers" band:

  • Jefferson Kewley - guitar
  • Davey Johnstone - guitar
  • Dee Murray - bass
  • Dennis Conway - drums
  • Fred Mandel - keyboards

Notes: The same show as King Of The Silver Screen tour '77.

Billboard Tour Advert.

April 1st '78 Over 1,000 fans are reportedly queuing in sub-zero tempertures for tickets to the Winnipeg show.

(April ? '78) As in '77 Alice performed a warm-up show at Stockton Civic Auditorium, Stockton, CA (Confirmed by eye witness with ticket))

April 27th '78 Des Moines, IA, Veterans Memorial Auditorium (w/ Be Bop Deluxe?) [Billboard Advert confirms] - Review in Des Moines Register April 28th.


April 28th '78 Minneapolis MN, St. Paul Civic Center (w/ Be Bop Deluxe) [Ticket] [Billboard Advert confirms] - around an hour into the show ( or during 'School's Out' depending on the report) an audience member lets off a gas canister and the venue has to be cleared. Evelen people were treated in hospital for eye irritation or smoke inhalation and then released. Later they had crew t-shirts made saying "I survived St Paul". - TV listing suggest Alice also appeared on 'Good Morning, America' TV show.

"Ah, Alice Cooper...who Be Bop Deluxe opened for in America way back in the '70s. And, as I've often said here on the forum, a very nice man who treated us like human beings and fellow artists on our dates with him, something I've never forgotten and still appreciate.
I do recall one of Alice's shows that Be Bop were on when some crazed kid in the audience threw tear gas cannisters towards the stage. (It was, I think, a Minneapolis/St. Paul show.) The cannisters detonated in the audience, many of whom panicked and ran forward onto and across the stage to escape the released tear gas. I was standing at the side of the stage, watching Alice's performance when this happened. At first I couldn't understand why the crowd were rushing the stage, then someone yelled "tear gas!!" All hell broke out.
Alice and his band fled from the stage and I grabbed Jan, my wife at that time, and ran to the backstage area. Jan was pregnant, carrying our first child. Even though we ran as fast as we could away from the panicking crowd, the cloud of tear gas overtook us and we were soon coughing and spluttering, burning tears streaming from our eyes. It was a horrible experience.
We were driven back to our hotel and arrived in the lobby at the same time as Alice and his people. Alice was suffering from the effects of the tear gas too and, when we all got into the lift to go up to our rooms, he said, "If I ever get hold of the bastard who did this...!"
Some of the girls who were dancers in Alice's stage show had spoken with Jan and knew that she was pregnant. We were all concerned about the effect the tear gas might have had on her health. Anyway, a little later a huge bunch of flowers was delivered to our room with a note from Alice and the dancers apologising for the behaviour of his fans. It was a very nice gesture and, as I've said before, was one of the things that made me respect the man. "
(Bill Nelson, Be Bop Deluxe, 2011)


April 29th '78 Grand Forks, ND, University of North Dakota Fieldhouse (w/ Be Bop Deluxe? or Michael Stanley Band) [Billboard Advert confirms venue but says Fargo, ND]

April 30th '78 Winnipeg, Manitoba Winnipeg Arena (w/ Satyr) [Billboard Advert confirms][Preview in Winnipeg Free Press April 26th and review May 1st]


May 2nd '78 St. Louis, MO Checkerdome [Ticket] (w/ Charlie) [Backstage Pass][Review in St Louis Post 3rd May]


May 4th '78 Dayton, OH, University Of Dayton (UD) Arena [Ticket] [Billboard Advert confirms]


May 4th-7th '78 Glen Buxton joins The Dead Boys on stage at one of the 'Blitz Benefit' shows at CBGB's in New York to raise money for Dead Boys drummer Johnny Blitz' hospital bills after he was stabbed on April 20th. There were shows over four days and Glen guested at one of them.

May 5th '78 Cleveland, OH, Richfield Coliseum (w/ Jay Ferguson) [Ticket] [Show Review in Cleveland Plain Dealer May 6th]


May 6th '78 Evansville, IN Roberts Municipal Stadium [Ticket] [Billboard Advert confirms] [Preview in Jasper Herald April 24th and review in Evansville Courier May 8th]


May 7th '78 Indianapolis, IN, Market Square Arena (w/ Bachman-Turner Overdrive) [Ticket][Billboard Advert confirms] Show review in Indianapolis News May 8th.


May 9th '78 Kalamazoo, MI, Wings Stadium [Ticket] [Billboard Advert confirms]


May 10th '78 Saginaw, MI, Wendler Arena [Billboard Advert confirms] - This was the show recorded for King Biscuit Flower hour and subsequently released on several bootlegs. All versions appear incomplete. [Ticket]

May 11th '78 Saginaw, MI Wendler Arena, Saginaw Civic Center[Ticket] - 2nd show possibly canceled?

June 4th '78 Alice is at the premiere of 'Grease' at Mann's Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, dressed in his high school track sweater. He also attends the post-show party at Paramount Studios.

June 8th '78 Alice is reported to be at the "Don King International Sportsman's Ball' in Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas to jusdge a disco contest with fellow judges Ann Margret, Raquel Welch, Lynda Carter, Redd Foxx and Chevy Chase.

June 14th '78 Alice promises to buy 'O' in the Hollywood sign in memory of his friend Grocho Marx and to start the campaign to rebuild the Hollywood Sign. The press conference was June 14th. He pledges $1,000 from each show of the tour.


(June 7th-20th '78 A Tour Itinerary lists these dates for the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas and local newspaper listings - more dates at the same venue are listed for August - did any of them happen?)

June 15th '78 Alice is interviewed live (3pm) on WXYC-FM in North Carolina (promoting June 30th Greensboro show.)

June 19th '78 Buffalo, NY, (War) Memorial Auditorium - Private show for press

"This was just the 2nd part of the '78 'Lace And Whiskey' tour. They started the leg in Buffalo and flew in press from all over the country to see Alice perform sober and to start hyping the 'From The Inside' album. The night before the concert, they put on a special, closed to the public, dress rehearsal for the media and some contest winners. I managed fanagle my way in. It was amazing because there were about 200 people watching the show in an auditorium that held 17,000 people. The next night I got to see the show a 2nd time with the other 16,999 people. "
(Renfield, June 1995)

June 20th '78 Buffalo, NY, (War) Memorial Auditorium (w/ Climax Blues Band) [Ticket][Photos][Billboard July 15th show review] [Billboard Advert confirms] 7 minutes of Super8 footage exists.

June 21st '78 Baltimore, MD, Civic Center (w/ Climax Blues Band) [Billboard Advert confirms] The marquee at the venue spelled 'Alice Coper' after Hollywood sign donation. This apparently was done at more then one venue. [Hutchinson News June 30th]


June 23rd '78 Philadelphia, PA, Spectrum (w/ Blondie) [Ticket] [Billboard Advert confirms] Again the Marquee said "Alice Coper" due to the Hollywood sign.


June 24th '78 Norfolk, VA, Scope Arena (w/ AC/DC) [Billboard Advert confirms]


June 25th '78 Lexington, KY, Lexington Center's Rupp Arena (w/ AC/DC) [Ticket] [Billboard Advert confirms] [Review in Lexington Herald June 26th]


June 26th '78 Birmingham, AL, Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center (w/ AC/DC) [Ticket] [Billboard Advert confirms] - One local listing states Boutwell Auditorium.

Commemorative Badge/buttonPhoto

June 28th '78 Knoxville, TN, Civic Coliseum (w/ AC/DC) [Ticket] [Billboard Advert confirms] [Show review in Kingsport Times News July 8th]

June 29th '78 Columbia, SC, (University of South) Carolina Coliseum (w/ Rainbow, AC/DC ) [Ticket] [Billboard Advert confirms]Rainbow site claims AC/DC were scheduled to play but Richie Blackmore's Rainbow (With Ronnie James Dio) replaced them for some reason. However a show listing in the June 22nd Gamecock Student paper lists both bands as support, so looks like both were scheduled. Did AC/DC play? Probably not but if so what a show!
[Show review in the South Carolina Gamecock July 6th]

June 30th '78 Greensboro, Greensboro Coliseum Complex (w/ The Sweet) [Ticket] [Billboard Advert confirms] [Show preview in Greensboro Daily News June 16th and review on July 1st]


July 2nd '78 Easy Troy, WI Alpine Valley Music Theatre (w/ Eddie Money, Blondie) [Ticket][Billboard Advert confirms] [Preview in Milwaukee Journal June 29th]


July 3rd '78 New Orleans. LO, Municipal Auditorium [Listed in Baton Rouge Advocate May 26th]

July 4th '78 Biloxi, MS, Coast Coliseum (w/ Sweet, Eddie Money, LeRoux) [Ticket] [Billboard Advert confirms][Show preview in Mobile Register June 18th]


(July 5th '78 Jackson, FL, Memorial Coliseum - There seems to be no such town as Jackson, FL. There is a 'Jackson County' just over 200 miles from Jacksonville. Any clues would be appriciated) Also we have a canceled show at Jacksonville Memorial Coliseum on the 9th so this is probably just be an error.

July 7th '78 Hollywood, FL, Sportatorium (w/ Sweet, Eddie Money) [Ticket] [Billboard Advert confirms]


July 8th '78 Lakeland, FL, Lakeland Civic Center Arena (w/ Sweet, Eddie Money) [Ticket] [Ticket] [Billboard Advert confirms plus review in Tampa Tribune and Tampa Bay Times July 10th and Orlando Sentinal July 11th.] - Possibly originally at Memorial Coliseum. 10 minutes of super8 footage exists.

July 9th '78 Jacksonville, FL, Memorial Coliseum (w/ Sweet) [Billboard Advert confirms] - Canceled according to itinerary. According to a Sweet site if this happened it was Brian Connelly's last show with Sweet.

July 18th '78 Alice attends the premier of 'Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' in the Palladium in New York.


(August 22nd - September 9th OR August 25th - September 7th are listed on a tour itinerary as shows at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas but they were canceled 8 weeks before they happened with no reason given.)

End Aug '78 Alice films his appearance on 'The Muppet Show' in Hollywood, CA.

(Sept 2nd '78 Neal Smith Band (including Dennis Dunaway) at the Apple, Milford, Conn.)

Early Sept '78 Alive Enterprises throw a party to celebrate the completion of 'From The Inside' at the United Western Studios in Los Angeles. The studios was decked out like a hospital ward with beds and wheelchairs. Guests (who also provided backing vocals for 'Inmates (We're All Crazy)' included Cheryl Ladd, Wolfman Jack, and Timothy Leary. [Winnipeg Free Press October 7th]

Sept '78 Alice has a cheque (check) made out of part of the old Hollywood Sign and donates his $27,777 towards the restoration campaign.


Sept-Oct '78 An Australian tour was announced but later canceled.

Sept 21st '78 Brisbane, Australia Festival Hall CANCELED
Sept 26th '78 Melbourne, Australia Festival Hall CANCELED
Sept 27th '78 Melbourne, Australia Festival Hall (2 shows) CANCELED
Oct 3rd '78 Sydney, Australia Horden Pavilion CANCELED
Oct 4th '78 Sydney, Australia Horden Pavilion (2 shows) CANCELED - Two shows same night. Sources indicate one at 7pm and another at 11.45pm


Oct 8th '78 Adelaide, Australia Festival Theatre CANCELED
Oct 13th '78 Perth, Australia Entertainment Centre CANCELED

Sept 29th '78 Alice is listed as a guest on 'Midnight Special' hosted by Dolly Parton. (Just the video for 'How You Gonna See Me Now'?)

Sept 30th '78 Alice is listed as a guest on 'Kidsworld' TV show

Nov 28th'78 'From The Inside' Album released (based on Billboard)