TIMELINE 12 From The Inside


Oct 3rd '78 How You Gonna See Me Now single released. [Date based on Billboard information]

(Oct '78 Press reports appear that Alice and Bernie Taupin are at the Savoy in London to do press duties. While there they have dinner with John Lennon and Yoko Ono at Elton Johns. restaurant 'Friends'. Lennon however wasn't in London at that time so seems unlikely.)

Oct 16th '78 Alice and Bernie Taupin begin a short promo tour by travelling from Los Angeles to Kansas City, MO

Oct 17th '78 Alice And Bernie doing promotion in St Louis, MO

Oct 18th '78 Alice And Bernie travel from St Louis to Detroit, MI

Oct 19th '78 Alice and Bernie go from Detroit to Miami Beech, FL (a few more promo stops follow this date)

Oct 21st '78 Alice's appearance on 'The Muppet Show' begins to air (local variations through the next two weeks). [Date from local TV listings]

Oct 21st '78 'How You Gonna See Me Now' enters the Billboard chart at #75.


Oct 28th '78 'How You Gonna See Me Now' is at #58 in the Billboard Chart.

Oct 31st '78 Alice and Bernie Taupin appear on 'Screams In The Night' on radio WHBQ in Memphis, TN

Nov 4th '78 'How You Gonna See Me Now' is at #42 in the Billboard Chart.

Nov 9th '78 Alice attends "A Night With The Champ" dinner at Ceasars Palace, Las Vegas in honour of boxer Joe Louis who had been confined to a wheel chair a year earlier. There he mixed with a impressive array of celebrities including Mohammad Ali, Telly Savalas, Milton Berle, Robert Redford, Dean Martin, Gene Kelly, Ryan O'Neil and Jon Voight amongst many others. [Frank Sinatra also expected to be there but was he? He is mentioned before the event but not after.]

Nov 10th '78 Alice is listed as a guest on 'Midnight Special' with hosts Hall and Oats but they just shows he video to 'How You Gonna See Me Now'.

Nov 11th '78 Alice is listed as appearing on the 'Hollywood Diamond Jubilee' TV Special, commenting on Holllywood movie history.

Nov 11th '78 'How You Gonna See Me Now' is at #35 in the Billboard Chart.

Nov 18th '78 'How You Gonna See Me Now' is at #30 in the Billboard Chart.

Nov 25th '78 'How You Gonna See Me Now' is at #26 in the Billboard Chart.

Nov 28th '78 'From The Inside' album released [Date based on Billboard information.]


Nov 30th '78 Alice is at WHBQ Memphis studios with Bernie Taupin for a live interview.

Dec 2nd '78 'How You Gonna See Me Now' is at #22 in the Billboard Chart.

Dec 9th '78 'How You Gonna See Me Now' is at #20 in the Billboard Chart.

Dec 16th '78 'From The Inside' enters the Billboard Chart at #126 on the Billboard chart. 'How You Gonna See Me Now' is at #16 after 9 weeks.

Dec 23rd '78 'From The Inside' is at #98 on the Billboard chart. 'How You Gonna See Me Now' is at #12.


Jan 6th 1979 'From The Inside' is at #86 in the Billboard. 'How You Gonna See Me Now' is still at #12.

Jan 13th 1979 'From The Inside' is at #76 in the Billboard. 'How You Gonna See Me Now' is still at #12!

Jan 20th 1979 'From The Inside' is at #66 in the Billboard chart after 6 weeks. 'How You Gonna See Me Now' is still at #25.

Jan 27th 1979 'From The Inside' is at #60 in the Billboard chart after 6 weeks. 'How You Gonna See Me Now' is still at #49.

Jan 30th 1979 Alice and Bernie Taupin guest on 'Soundstage' with Bruce Roberts Roberts plays the unreleased 'Locked Up Lullaby' (written for 'From The Inside') as well as Alice and Roberts singing 'Millie and Billie' with just piano accompliment. [Date Ontario Journal from TV listings]

Feb 3rd 1979 'From The Inside' album is at #112 after 8 weeks on the Billboard album chart. 'How You Gonna See me Now' is down to #97.

Feb 6th 1979 Midnight Special recorded - During the filming Alice is hit by a chain swinging from one of the dancers, temporarily halting filming while his nose is patched up.

Feb 9th 1979 First Midnight Special Transmission featuring Alice performing six songs from the new album.

1979 'Madhouse Rocks' Tour

Feb 11th 1979 Grand Forks, ND, University of North Dakota Fieldhouse (w/ The Babys)

Cream May 1979: On the first date, in Grand Forks, North Dakota, Alice's limousine broke down on the way to the hall, ravaged by a -45 degrees chill factor. So Alice, his wife and Shep hopped out, stuck out their thumbs and hitched a ride to the show.

Feb 13th 1979 Omaha, NE, Civic Auditorium (w/ The Babys] [Ticket]


Feb 14th 1979 Madison, WI, Dane County Memorial Coliseum (w/ The Babys) [Review in Madison County Wiscounsin Times February 15th] - Alice takes part in "milk in" event at 'Dairyland'...


Feb 16th-17th 1979 Detroit, MI Cobo Hall [Ticket]


Midnight Special repeat transmission

(February 17th 1979 Neal Smith Flying Tigers at Barnaby's, Bridgeport, CT)

Feb 18th 1979 Evansville, IN, Roberts Municipal Stadium - Article in Minneapolis Star Feb 27th mentions events at this show.

Midnight Special repeat transmission.

Feb 19th 1979 Kansas City, MO, Kemper Arena (w/ The Babys) [Ticket]

Feb 21st 1979 Cleveland, OH, Richfield Coliseum (w/ The Babys) (Ticket)


Feb 23rd 1979 Minneapolis/Bloomington, MN, Metro Centre [Ticket] [Ticket] - The advert in the Minneapolis Star offended some locals due to the tiny naked devils in the artwork [the normal straight-jacket tour artwork]... seriously! When asked about it Alice replies "I suppose I should have a meeting and decide what kind of diapers a devil would wear. Really, it's just a harmless drawing. I call my tour 'Madhouse Rocks' but I'm beginning to wonder where the insanity really lies."


Feb 25th 1979 Cedar Falls, IA UNI-dome (part of the university of Iowa)(w/ Eddie Money) [Ticket]


Feb 26th 1979 Green Bay, WI, Brown Veterans Memorial Coliseum (w/ The Babys) [Ticket]


Feb 27th 1979 Indianapolis, IN, Market Square Arena (The Babys) [Ticket] - 25 arrested for a variety of offences.


Feb 28th 1979 St. Louis, MO, Checkerdome (w/ The Babys) [Ticket] Review in the St Louis Post Dispatch March 3rd.


March 2nd 1979 Cincinnati, OH Riverfront Coliseum (w/ The Babys) [Ticket] - Review in Cincinnati Enquirer 3rd March


March 3rd 1979 Louisville, KY Freedom Hall at Kentucky Fair And Exposition Center (w/ The Babys)(18,000 attendance) [Ticket] (more info courtesy of Hunter Goatley) - Review in the Courier Journal 4th March.

Advert Advert

March 4th 1979 Chicago, IL, International Amphitheatre (w/ The Babys) [Ticket] [Show Preview in Chacago Tribune 4th March and show review in Rolling Stone May 3rd and Chicago Tribune MArch 5th]

March 5th 1979 Kalamazoo, MI, Wings Stadium (w/ The Babys) [Ticket]


March 6th 1979 Milwaukee, WI, Mecca Arena (w/ The Babys) [Ticket]

(second leg)

March 28th 1979 Rapid City, SD, Rushmore Plaza Civic Center - Billboard lists this show as 13th in their box office chart on 14th April so it certainly happened (we weren't sure in the past). 8,408 attended bringing in $61,722. Show review in the Rapid City Journal Mar 29th.


March 29th 1979 Denver, CO, McNichols Sports Arena (w/ The Babys) [Ticket] - #7 in the weekly Billboard box office chart with 9,472 people paying $85,315.

March 31st 1979 Oakland, CA, Oakland Coliseum Arena (w/ The Babys) [Ticket] [Ticket] #6 in the weekly Billboard box office chart with 10,887 people paying $86,046.


April 1st 1979 Los Angeles, CA Forum (w/ The Babys) - #1 in the weekly Billboard box office chart with 18,176 people paying $147,061.


(April 2nd 1979 Los Angeles, CA Forum (w/ Babys) - Some suggestion of second show but looks unlikely.)

April 3rd 1979 Seattle, WA, Seattle Center Coliseum (w/ Babys)[Ticket] [Show preview in Seattle Daily Times March 30th and review April 4th]

April 4th 1979 Vancouver, BC Pacific Coliseum (w/ The Babys)


April 5th 1979 Portland, OR, Portland Memorial Coliseum [w/ The Babys) [Preview in the Oregonian March 30th]


(April 6-7th 1979 Neal Smith Flying Tigers Wolcott, CT Nightowl Club Cafe)

(April 6th-7th 1979 Seattle, WA University Of Washington - tentative - Seems very unlikely there would be two more shows in Seattle when they played Seattle Coliseum on the 3rd and there were reports of slow ticket sales for that show!)

April 8th 1979 Las Vegas, NV, The Aladdin (w/ The Babys) [Ticket] (Tentative itinerary lists Las Vegas show at the Aladdin on April 7th)


April 9th 1979 San Diego, CA, Sports Arena (w/ The Babys) [Ticket] [Show review in San Diego Union 10th April] - This show was filmed and released as 'The Strange Case Of Alice Cooper'


April 10th 1979 Tucson, AZ, Tucson Community Center Arena [Ticket] Preview in Arizona Daily Star April 7th.


April 11th 1979 El Paso, TX, El Paso County Coliseum [Photo in El Paso Prospector April 20th confirms date]

April 13th 1979 Forth Worth, TX Tarrant County Convention Center (w/ Babys)[Ticket][Show preview in Dallas Morning News April 8th and review on 16th]


(April 12th and 14th 1979 1979 Neal Smith Flying Tigers Norwick, CT Saturday's Cafe)

April 14th 1979 Oklahoma City, OK Norman Center (w/ The Babys) [Ticket] [Show Preview in Daily Oklahoman April 8th]


April 16th 1979 San Antonio, TX, Convention Center Arena (w/ The Babys, Legs Diamond) [Ticket]


April 17th 1979 Baton Rouge, LA, Riverside Centroplex (w/ The Babys, Legs Diamond) [Ticket] [Reviews in Baton Rouge Advocate April 18th here and here]


April 18th 1979 Houston, TX, Sam Houston Coliseum (w/ The Babys, Legs Diamond) [Ticket][Photos]

(April 20th 1979 Neal Smith Flying Tigers Brookfield, CT Stage 3)

April 20th 1979 The Cindy Lang lawsuit resurfaces in the press again after her lawyer Marvin Mitchelson wins a similar case between actor Lee Marvin and his former girlfriend. Although he wins a relatively small amount compared to what they were asking it encourages him to move forward with two other cases including Alice's and a case involving actor Nick Nolte.

(April 27-28th 1979 Neal Smith Flying Tigers Milford, CT The Apple)

May 1979 Alice guests on 'The Soupy Sales Show' getting a pie in the face.

May 1979 After a break in Hawaii Alice apparently cancels 11 shows making up a third leg of the 'Madhouse Rocks' tour including three nights at the New York Palladium. He says he's been writing material for the next album and thinks it's so strong he wants to get into the studio straight away to record. The Babys were booked to open the shows and supposedly weren't to happy when the dates were pulled.

May 17th-19th 1979 New York, NY, Palladium (w/ The Babys) - CANCELED


May 29th-31st 1979 Three nights booked for London Wembley Arena but canceled [Ticket1][Ticket2][Ticket3]

July 27th 1979 The Indian art store in Scottsdale, Arizona owned by Alice is hit by a fire bomb thrown through a rear window by an unknown vandal on July 27th. Over $200,000 worth of native American artifacts are destroyed, as are some of Cooper's gold records, stored at the rear of the emporium.

Aug 3rd 1979 Marvel Premier #50 released. Marvel had originally been offered 'Welcome To My Nightmare' but Stan Lee didn't like the idea but the 'From The Inside' concept was used, dropping the alcohol aspect.


Aug 10th 1979 Showtime network in the US air 'The Strange Case Of Alice Cooper' movie.

Sept 1979 Alice and Bernie Taupin are rumoured to be producing a rock opera based on the life of Jack the Ripper.

Oct 1st 1979 Nationally known 'agony aunt' Ann Landers makes some disparaging remarks about Alice in her daily column, which is syndicated all across the United States. In an unusual move Alice actally writes in to reply directly a few weeks later. The whole thing blown up in the press but in fact if you look at the original column it shows that the bad comments were actually written in a reader's letter which Landers was replying to. All Landers actually says is that parents should be aware of what their children are listening to and, if they don't approve, write to local radio stations to complain. Of course she goes a little further in her reply to Alice's letter.

Oct 1979 Filming 'Roadie' - Billboard reports shooting starts on October 20th in Austin, TX

Oct 31st 1979 Gossip columns report Alice spent Halloween in Los Angeles in the offices of Cindy Lang's lawyer Marvin Mitchleson giving a deposition.

1980 - 'Flush The Fashion' is released.