The years between 1983 and early 1986 were a very quiet time for Alice. Little news appeared in the papers and what did wasn't good. It's now known that Alice returned to the alcohol during this time and for a while had no intention recording again. Luckily he managed to sort himself out and returned in '86 with 'Constrictor' and 'The Nightmare Returns' tour. Some have suggested that one of the reasons he returned to the music scene was that he saw so many bands copying what he had been doing in the seventies and that galvanized him back into action.


Sept 28th '83 Dada released

Sept 30th '83 Sheryl moves out of home in Paradise Valley

Nov 15th '83 Sheryl files for divorce

Arizona Republic: Sheryl Cooper, 27, filed for dissolution Nov. 15 and is asking $5,000 a month in temporary spousal maintenance and $2,240 a month in temporary child support. She also is requesting temporary custody of the couple's 2-year-old daughter.


Jan 30th '84 Divorce hearing at Maricopa County Superior Court, AZ.

Feb 28th '84 Alice appears at the Grammys at Radio City Music Hall, NY to present an award with Grace Jones. 'The Nightmare' TV Special is up for an award but doesn't win.

Mar/April '84 Alice working on material with Joe Perry of Aerosmith

Joe Perry Interview: "... And in addition, I'd started working with Alice Cooper, so it was a complicated situation. I had six songs ready to go with Alice but then he got a movie deal in Spain and went out there, leaving me with a free summer. So Aerosmith is very definitely go!"

By mid-84 Alice and Sheryl are reconciled

March/April '84 Monster Dog filmed in Torrelodones, Spain

Early-Mid '84 The Coopers move to Chicago.

Mar '84 Alice splits with Warner Brothers at the end of his contract

Nov '84 Alice reported to be working with Andy McCoy of Hanoi Rocks in New York


1985: Starts writing with Kane Roberts for the "Magnificent Seven Of Rock N' Roll" album. An album that was to feature lots of different bands of the time.

Late Jan '85 Kerrang reports Andy McCoy still working with Alice

June 28th '85 Dashiel Cooper born in Chicago.

July/Aug '85 Alice attends the premier of Tim Burtons 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure' and is interviewed on MTV

Sept '85 Recording 'Be Crool To Your Skool' with Twisted Sister at the Record Plant, LA


Jan '86 Recording for Constrictor in NY

Early '86 The Cooper's return to Phoenix from Chicago for good.