TIMELINE 19 - Trash


January 10th '89 Alice attends Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City.

February 22nd '89 Alice presents at The Grammy's at Radio City Music Hall, New York City. He presented a new catagory for 'Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Performance'. The night has become legendary as Metallica were widely expected to win, but when Alice opened the envelope he discovered it said Jethro Tull, the least 'hard rock/heavy metal' band on the nominations! The following year the catagory was refined to just 'heavy metal' artists.

May 31st '89 Alice appears at the International Rock Awards in New York.

June '89 European Promotional trip.

9th-10th June 1989 Due to record for "Yakety Yak, Take It Back" (recycling advert campaign)?

May-June '89 Alice New York and LA recording Trash

June 29th '89 'Poison' video filmed in SIR Stage 3 Hollywood, CA

July 14th '89 Alice is in Amsterdam on a further promo trip. He also visited Sweden, Finland and Germany

July 17th '89 Poison single released in the UK. It reaches No. 2 on the UK charts

July 25th '89 'Trash' released (August 7th in UK) and album launch at The Cathouse in L.A. Alice is in Hollywood during the morning personally delivering copies to Sunset Boulevard record stores on the back of a trash truck. He starts off at 'Tower Records', moves onto 'The Warehouse' and finishes up at 'Music Plus'. The album goes "gold" by October 31st.

Aug '89 Ex-Kiss guitarist Mark St. John is rumoured to be joining Alice's band for the forthcoming tour (Kerrang). It doesn't happen.

Aug 2nd '89 Alice is advertised in the Baltimore Sun as appearing at 'Hammerjacks' in Baltimore, MA at a show by Extreme and Tangier. The ad just says "plus meet rock legend Alice Cooper in person". No details as to why besides basic promotional reasons or anything proving he was there. Confusingly listings for the show imply Alice is opening for Extreme!!

Aug 16th '89 Alice is due to receive a star on the Walk of Fame at the Metropolitan Music Cafe in Royal Oak, MI but it's canceled after one of the Cooper kids becomes ill and Alice returns home to Phoenix. It eventually happens on March 16th 1990.

August 27th 1989 "Alice Cooper Night" in Los Angeles, declared by the Mayor.

Aug '89 Alice is in Canada for promotional duties

Sept 1st '89 Alice appears on the 6th MTV Music Video Awards with Christina Applegate

Sept 9th '89 'Bed Of Nails' Video filmed at SIR Stage 3, Hollywood

23rd Sept(?) '89 Alice appears at the launch party for the 'Shocker' movie at the 'Hollywood Live' club in Hollywood. The soundtrack album features Alice on 'Shockdance' and co-writes another song ('Love Transfusion') and Megadeth covering 'No More Mr Nice Guy'.

Sept 25th '89 Bed Of Nails single released

Oct '89 Final rehearsals take place in a San Fernando Valley studio. 'House Of Fire' Video filmed in Valencia, CA

Oct 31st '89 Los Angeles, CA, The Cathouse (Small warm-up club show) - local reports suggest he also popped into Billy Squier's show at the Greek Theater to help judge a fancy dress contest.

Nov '89 House Of Fire single released

'Trash' European Tour 1989 (1st leg)

Nov 16th '89 Promotional visit to FNAC, Paris

(Nov 19th '89 Zurich, Switzerland ? (canceled?) - Not sure whre this came from but they do play Zurich a month later.)

The set for the "Trash" tour was partially inspired by the movie "Hellraiser" If you watch the 'Poison' video, there is the scene of Alice in the Chamber of Chains which is pretty Hellraisey. The 'Trash' set in turn was kinda based on that.
(Renfield, November 1995)

Nov 21st '89 Brussels, Belgium, Forest National (The Awakening played at this show only. Is It My Body also played) (w/ Britney Fox) [Ticke1t][Ticket2]


Nov 22nd '89 Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Ahoy Stadium (w/ Britney Fox)('Is It My Body' played at this show)

Nov 23rd '89 London, England, The Marquee (Small club show - Short show and no support) [Ticket]

To get into the show, fans had to collect rubbish in special 'Trash' black bin liners and hand them in before they could pay to get in.
Jimmy Page in the audience
There was a party in Soho after the show with several celebrity guests including Lemmy, Joey Tempest (Europe) and Tyla (Dogs D'Amour). Jonathan Ross and Ben Elton also rumoured to be there..

Nov 25th '89 Helsinki, Finland, Icehall (w/ Great White and Britney Fox) - Alice plus the band had a signing session at a record shop called Mega Epe's in Helsinki during the day.

Rumour: "Alice Cooper has listed long-distance running as his interest and hobby on some occasions. He has also stated that he admires Paavo Nurmi, a former Olympic medalist runner from Finland. The 10 Finnish Marks -bill has a picture of Paavo Nurmi on it. So on the 'Trashes the World' concert in Helsinki, Finland he threw 20 Finnish mark bills to the audience instead of dollars."
(Janne T Nyman, August 1998)

Nov 27th or 28th '89 Oslo, Norway, Skedsmohallen (w/ Great White and Britney Fox) ('Is It My Body' played at this show) Both Great White and Britney Fox lists state 28th but it's on Setlists.FM so could be wrong.

Nov 29th '98 Lund, Sweden, Olympen (w/ Great White and Britney Fox) ('Is It My Body' played at this show)

Nov 30th '89 Copenhagen, Denmark, K. B. Hallen (w/ Great White and Britney Fox) ('Is It My Body' played at this show)

Dec 1st '89 Gothenburg, Scandinavium (w/ Great White and Britney Fox) ('Is It My Body' played at this show)


Dec 2nd '89 Stockholm, Sweden, Isstadion (w/ Great White and Britney Fox) - 'House of Fire' video premiere's on MTV's 'Headbanger's Ball' in the US.


Dec 5th '89 Glasgow, Scotland, Exhibition Centre (SECC) (w/ Great White and Britney Fox) [Ticket]


Dec 6th '89 Belfast, Ireland, King's Hall (w/ Great White and Britney Fox) [Ticket]

Dec 7th '89 Newcastle, England, Whitley Bay Ice Rink (w/ Great White and Britney Fox) [Ticket]

Dec 9th '89 Alice signing session at Tower Records, London

Dec 10th '89 London, England, Wembley Arena (w/ Great White and Britney Fox) [Ticket]

Dec 11th '89 London, England, Wembley Arena (w/ Great White and Britney Fox) [Ticket]

Dec 13th '89 Birmingham, England, National Exhibition Center (N.E.C.) (w/ Great White and Britney Fox) [Ticket]

Dec 14th '89 Birmingham, England, National Exhibition Center (N.E.C.) (w/ Great White and Britney Fox) [Ticket] - Extra show added.

Filmed and released as 'Trashes The World'
In fact, the majority of the video is from the first night (13th) with additional shots showing the audience from the back of the stage shot on the second night as the venue was much fuller the second night (it being the first show announced).
The extra interview footage for 'Video Trash' also filmed.

Dec 16th '89 Essen, Germany, Grugahalle (w/ Great White and Britney Fox) [Ticket]

Dec 17th '89 Zurich, Switzerland, Hallenstadion (w/ Great White and Britney Fox)

Dec 18th '89 Augsburg, West Germany, Schwabenhalle (w/ Great White and Britney Fox)[Ticket]

Dec 19th '89 Vienna, Austria, Kurhalle Oberlaa (w/ Great White and Britney Fox)[Ticket]

Dec 21st '89 Goppingen, Germany, Hohenstaufen halle (w/ Great White and Britney Fox)[Ticket]

Dec 22nd '89 Freiburg, Germany, Stadthalle (w/ Great White and Britney Fox)[Ticket]

Dec 23rd '89 Frankfurt, West Germany, Festhalle "The Christmas Rock Festival '89"(w/ co-headliner Bon Jovi, Great White and Dan Reed Network)


'Trash' North American Tour 1989/90 (1st Leg)

Dec 28th '89 Ottawa, Ontario, Civic Centre (w/ Great White)

Dec 29th '89 Peterborough, Ontario, Memorial Auditorium (w/ Great White?)

Dec 30th '89 London, Ontario, London Gardens (w/ Great White)

Dec 31st '89 Toronto, Ontario, SkyDome (w/ Great White)[Ticket]

Jan 1st '90 Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Memorial Gardens (w/ Great White?)

Jan 3rd '90 Sudbury, Canada, Sudbury Arena (w/ Great White) [Mentioned in Sundbury The Triangle January 1st]


Jan 4th '90 Kingston, Ontario, Memorial Centre (w/ Great White?)

Jan 5th '90 Montreal, Quebec, Montreal Forum (w/ Great White)[Local listing]


Jan 6th '90 Quebec City, Quebec, Colisee De Quebec (w/ Great White)


Jan 8th '90 Halifax, NS, Metro Centre (w/ Great White?)

Jan 9th '90 Moncton, NB, Coliseum (w/ Great White?)

Jan 10th '90 Sydney, NS, Centre Zoo (w/ Great White?)

Jan 11th '90 Fredericton, NB, Aitken University Centre (w/ Great White?)

Jan 15th '90 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Palace (w/ Great White)

Jan 16th '90 Calgary, Alberta, Olympic Saddledome (w/ Great White)

Jan 18th '90 Vancouver, BC, Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) Centre (w/ Great White)[Ticket]

Jan 20th '90 Edmonton, Alberta, Northland's Coliseum (w/ Great White) [Ticket]


Jan 22nd '90 American Music Awards from the Shrine Civic Auditorium in Hollywood, CA. - Alice performs 'House Of Fire' but his voice is shot. Still, he manages to croak his way through it.

Feb'90 Eric Singer replaces Jonathan Mover on drums after this show

Feb 19th '90 'Only My Heart Talkin'' Video filmed at LateNight studios in LA, which burnt down shortly afterwards.

Feb 23rd '90 Houston, TX, Music Hall (w/ The Front ) [Ticket][Local Listing] Several newspapers list this as February 22nd in articles about the upcoming tour, while other s print the same article with February 23rd. [Photos exist.]
Note: We had Danger Danger AND The Front playing all these 1990 US shows but that doesn't seem correct. Local listings only list one or the other, never both and in fact I've yet to find evidence that both bands played the same show at any point. It looks more like The Front openned the first half of the tour, and then Danger Danger replaced them for the second half. If anyone knows differently please let me know.

Feb 24th '90 Dallas, TX, Bronco Bowl (w/ The Front) [Ticket]

Feb 25th '90 San Antonio, TX, Municipal Auditorium (w/ The Front) [Ticket]


Feb 26th '90 Austin, TX, City Coliseum (w/ The Front)

Feb 28th '90 Atlanta, GA, Fox Theatre (w/ The Front) [Ticket][Local Listing]

Mar '90 Only My Heart Talkin' released as a single in certain territories.

Mar 2nd '90 Miami, FL, James L. Knight Center (w/ The Front)[Ticket][Local listing] [Show preview in South Florida Sun Sentinal March 1st. and Palm Beach Post March 2nd. Review in South FLoida Sun Sentinal March 5th]]

Mar 3rd '90 Kissimmee (nr. Orlando), FL, Tupperware Convention Center Auditoriun (w/ Danger Danger, The Front)[Sold Out][Local listing][Show preview in Orlando Sentinal March 2nd and again on March 3rd.]

Mar 4th '90 Tampa, FL, Performing Arts Center (w/ The Front)[Local listing][Show preview in Tampa Bay Times March 2nd] - Duing the afternoon Alice was at Ben T. Davis Municipal Beach where they ran a competition to clean up the beach. The group collecting the most trash won tickets and a limo ride to the show.

Mar 5th '90 Jacksonville, FL, Florida Theater (w/ The Front)

Mar 7th '90 Roanoke, VA, Municipal Auditorium (w/ The Front)

Mar 8th '90 Richmond, VA, The Mosque (w/ The Front)[Local listing]

Mar 9th '90 Upper Darby (Philadelphia), PA, Tower Theater (w/ The Front) [Ticket][Local listing][Sold Out]

Mar 10th '90 Oakland (Pittsburgh), PA, Syria Mosque (w/ The Front)[Preview in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette March 9th]


Mar 12th '90 New York, NY, The Ritz (w/ The Front) [Ticket][Local Listing][Sold Out][Preview in Central New Jersey Home News March 11th]

Joey Ramone at this show and meets Alice afterwards. Jonathan King in attendance (he's a consultant for Epic Records at the time). The Front released a live album of their performance.

Mar 13th '90 Clifton Park (Albany), NY, Clifton Park Arena (w/ The Front)

Mar 14th '90 Boston, MA, Orpheum Theater (w/ The Front)

Mar 15th '90 Springfield, MA, Paramount Performing Arts Center (w/ The Front)[Local Listing][Sold Out][Show preview in Hartford Courant March 12th and review on March 16th that mentions The Front but NOT Danger Danger]

Neal Smith at this show.

Mar 16th '90 Alice inducted into Metro Musicafè's Walk Of Fame in Royal Oak, MI. Local newspaper reports he did a signing session at the Harmony House, Tel-Goddard shopping center in Taylor, MI. In May the Detroit Free Press printed a cute story with a few deatils about the event.


Mar 17th '90 Cleveland, OH, Music Hall (w/ Danger Danger or The Front)[Local listing - One listing suggests the are playing 17th AND 18th] [Show review in Akron Beacon Journal March 19th] No mention of support in the review but it apepars this could be the show at which the support band changes, but which played this show?
Note: Danger Danger apparently, according to them, had a lot of problems on this tour with Alice's crew, Something to do with their manager at the time.

Mar 18th '90 Detroit, MI, Fox Theater (w/ Danger Danger)[Local listing][Show review in Detroit Free Press March 19th.]
Mar 19th '90 Detroit, MI, Fox Theater (w/ Danger Danger) [Ticket][Local listing]
Mar 20th '90 Detroit, MI, Fox Theater (w/ Danger Danger)[Local listing] - The shows on the 20th and 21st were added after the first two shows sold out.
Mar 21st '90 Detroit, MI, Fox Theater (w/ Danger Danger) [Ticket][Local listing]

Andy Michael brings out the flag at this show.
While in Detroit Alice pays a visit to boxer Thomas Hearn's gym and meets Hearns.


Mar 23rd 90 Chicago, IL, Riviera Theater (w/ Danger Danger)[Local listing][Review in Chicago Tribune March 25th, mentions Danger Danger but NOT The Front]

Mar 24th '90 Milwaukee, WI, Riverside Theatre (w/ Danger Danger)[Local listing][Show Preview in Milwaukee Journal March 23rd]

Mar 25th '90 St. Paul, MN, Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul Civic Center (w/ Danger Danger) [Local listings][Article in Des Moines Register Sun Mar 26th]

Mar 27th '90 St. Louis, MO, Fox Theater (w/ Danger Danger) [Ticket][Local listings and review only mention Danger Danger][Review in St Louis Post-Dispatch March 29th]

Mar 28th '90 Springfield, MO, Shrine Mosque (w/ Danger Danger) [Ticket][Local listing][Sold Out][Review in Springfield News Leader March 29th]

Mar 29th '90 Kansas City, MO, Kemper Arena or Memorial Hall (w/ Danger Danger) [Ticket] Kemper Arena according to listings and preview article.

Mar 31st '90 Denver, CO, Colorado Indoor Sports Complex (CISC) (w/ Danger Danger)


April 2nd '90 Spokane, WA, Convention Center (w/ Danger Danger)[Show preview in the Moscow Pullman Daily News April 2nd]

April 3rd '90 Seattle, WA, Paramount Theater (w/ Danger Danger) [Ticket]

April 4th '90 Salem, OR, Salem Armory Auditorium (w/ Danger Danger)[Preview in Salem Statesman Journal March 30th]

April 6th '90 San Francisco, CA, Warfield Theatre (w/ Danger Danger)[Local listing]

April 7th '90 Los Angeles, CA, Pantages Theatre (w/ Danger Danger)[Local listing][Review in LA Times April 9th]

Alice presented with platinum album award for 'Trash' at China Club, LA

April 8th '90 Riverside, CA, Riverside Convention Center (w/ Danger Danger)[Ticket][Local listing][Preview in San Bernadino County Star April 3rd, Review on April 10th.]

April 9th '90 Las Vegas, NV, (w/ Danger Danger) - No trace of anything on this one.
- Alice interviewed on the Today Show for NBC with live footage from Boston show

April 10th '90 Mesa, AZ, Mesa Amphitheatre (w/ Danger Danger) [Ticket] [Local listings]

April 12th '90 San Diego, CA, California Theatre (w/ Danger Danger)[Local listing]


1990 Australian Tour


April 17th '90 Press Conference at 12 noon and TV interviews at 9pm at Sebel Townhouse, Sydney, Australia with a party in the eveing at the same venue.

April 19th '90 Canberra, Australia Canberra National Indoor Stadium

April 20th '90 Melbourne, Australia, National Tennis Centre [Ticket]

April 21st '90 Melbourne, Australia National Tennis Centre

April 23rd '90 Sydney, Australia Entertainment Centre [local listings][Show Preview in Sydney Morning Herald April 18th and review on April 25th]

April 24th '90 Sydney, Australia Entertainment Centre [local listings]

April 26th '90 Brisbane, Australia Entertainment Centre, New Zealand

April 28th '90 Auckland, New Zealand MT Smart Stadium

May 14th '90 Newspapers report Alice is in HAwaii wrting with Desmond Child for the next album, which at this point Child is expected to produce.

May 24th '90 Real trivia. The Arizona Republic reports Alice caused a stir when he arrived at the Maricopa County Superior Court to renew his passport!

'Trash' 1990 North American Tour (Second Leg) - Canceled

Summer tour with Sam Kinison was scheduled but it never happened. The only reason I've found for the cancelation is that Alice had to "cut a new record'. Plans went as far as local press mentioning shows and Kinison himself talking about the tour in a few interviews. Tickets definitely went on sale as the cancelation notices mention ticket refunds. In fact local papers continued to announce dates after other papers had announced the whole tour canceled around May 9th!

May 31st '90 Inglewood (Los Angeles), CA, Great Western Forum (w/ Sam Kinison, Babylon AD) - Canceled - Full page advert in LA Times May 6th.


June 9th '90 Tinley Park, IL, World Music Theater (w/ Sam Kinison) - Canceled

June 10th '90 Deer Creek, IN, Deer Creek Music Center (w/ Sam Kinison) - Canceled

June 12th '90 Grove City, OH, Capital Music Center (w/ Sam Kinison) - Canceled

June 15th '90 New York, NY, Reebok Riverstage (w/ Sam Kinison) - Canceled

June 17 '90 Bristol, CT, Lake Compounce (w/ Sam Kinison, Baton Rouge) - Canceled - Mentioned in local paper several times. Ticketworld ads list this as June 1st but venue ads in the same paper have 17th.


June ?? '90 Mansfield, MA, Great Woods (w/ Sam Kinison) - Canceled

June 21st '90 Auburn Hills, MI, Palace of Auburn Hills (w/ Sam Kinison) - Canceled.


June 22nd '90 Cleveland, OH, Richfield Coliseum (w/ Sam Kinison, Baton Rouge) - Canceled - Poster apparently exists and local listings.

June 23rd '90 Dayton, OH, Hara Arena (w/ Sam Kinison) - Canceled [Local Listings]

June 24th '90 Columbus, OH, Merriweather Post Pavillion (w/ Sam Kinison) - Canceled - Local listings

'Trash' European Tour 1989 (2nd leg)

July 1st '90 Ringe, Denmark Midtfyns Festival

July 3rd '90 Helsingborg, Sweden, Christinehof Slott (castle)


July 5th '90 Karlskoga, Sweden Karlskoga Festival, Nobel Stadium

July 7th '90 Oulu, Finland, Kuus Rock Festival - Clips from this outdoor gig were shown on the 1990/1991 Rockstop Alice special.

July 8th '90 Alice arrives in Paris.

July 9th '90 'Trashes The World' Video released in UK

July 9th '90 Instore appearance at Virgin Megastore in Paris

July 10th '90 Paris, France, Olympia [Ticket]


July 11th '90 Lyon, France, Theatre Antique de Fourvieres [Ticket]

July 12th '90 Cologne, Germany, Sporthalle (w/ 24-7 Spyz) [Ticket]


July 14th '90 Neunkirchen, Germany, EllenfeldStadion (w/ Running Wild, 24-7 SPYZ, Extrabreit and Roko)[Ticket]


July 17th '90 Zagreb, Yugoslavia, Dom Sportova (w/ Pomarance)(poster)[Ticket]

July 19th '90 Athens, Greece, Pao Stadium [Ticket]

July 21st '90 Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Sajam Hall 1

July 22nd '90 Budapest, Hungary, MTK Stadion - After the show Alice heads to Hawaii for a brief break before the Japanese tour.


'Trash' Japanese Tour 1990


Aug 15th '90 Alice leaves the USA for Japan.

Aug 18th '90 Sonic City, Omiya, Japan (First ever Japanese show - extra info from tour itinary)

Aug 20th '90 Tokyo, Japan, NHK Hall

Aug 22nd '90 Tokyo, Japan, NHK Hall

Aug 23rd '90 Tokyo, Japan, NHK Hall [Ticket]

Aug 26th '90 Yokohama, Japan ?

Aug 27th '90 Osaka, Japan, Festival Hall [Ticket]

Aug 28th '90 Osaka, Japan, Koseinenkin Hall [Ticket]

Aug 30th '90 Nagoya, Japan, Seto-Shi Bunka Centre

Oct 26th '90 Phoenix, AZ, Arizona State Fair Coliseum [Local listings and general State Fair adverts][Review in Arizona Republic Oct 29th]


Oct 27th '90 (advert mentions it as a Saturday) Hollywood, CA, Private appearance at Universal Studios for contest winners. Sponsored by Miller Beer the event was called "the Miller Light Halloween Haunt Party" and teh studios were converted int the interior of a gothic castle.