TIMELINE 20 Hey Stoopid


Jan-Feb '91 Hey Stoopid recorded in New York and Los Angeles

Jan 27th '91 A small advert in the Los Angeles Times suggests that Alice is either selling or displaying his collection of "Infamous Personality Autographs" via the Signari Galley. It's been mentioned in the past that Alice collected autographs of people like Bela Lugosi, Edgar Allan Poe and someone who was suspected to be Jack the Ripper. The advert is unclear if this is a sale or a display, it's just headed "Alice Cooper Collection" but it's appearance in the classifieds suggests selling.

Mar ?? '91 First week of March. Alice tapes a voiceover as 'Einstein' for the Hopi School in Scottsdale's performance entitled 'Hopi Trips Through Time' which is produced by Sheryl Cooper, something she would do for many years, often with input from Alice. At least Calico and Dash went to Hopi.

May 19th '91 Charity softball game at USC's Dedeaux Field in Los Angeles. Alice fields a team against a team led by Vince Neil of Motley Crue in aid of the TJ Martell Foundation for Leukemia, cancer and AIDs research.

June '91 Hey Stoopid single released

July 2nd '91 Hey Stoopid album released

July 5th '91 Toronto, Ontario, HMV - Rooftop show/Signing session


1991 - 'Operation Rock And Roll' North American Tour

The US 'Hey Stoopid' tour was called 'Operation Rock'n'Roll' and was a co-headline tour with Judas Priest. Also meant to be on the bill were Motorhead, Metal Church and Dangerous Toys. The tour suffered severe financial problems with attendances in many areas being much lower then expected. It appears only Alice Cooper, Judas Priest and Dangerous Toys played at all shows, and some dates were canceled. It probably didn't help that the tour co-incided with the the legendary "Clash Of The Titans" tour featuring Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth and newcomers Alice In Chains, the first three of which were arguably at the height of their popularity. That tour was playing many of the same venues, often within days of Alice. End of year reports showed that the concert industry was down across the board in 1991, but classic rock acts also suffered in the face of the rise of grunge with bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam breaking through in a big way. 'Operation Rock'n'Roll was listed as the "biggest loser" for promotors at the end of a year that saw most big names suffering in the road in the US.
Mindfunk were also mentioned for the tour at one point. A promotional cassette with tracks from the five bands and other Sony artists was supposedly handed out at the shows and a promotional home video was also released.

Brian Nelson (Oct '95): "Some total moron at the stinkin' record company [thought of the idea] . All the acts were on Sony/Epic. My mind still boggles from the utter retardedness of it all. I told everyone from day one that it would bomb. Nobody ever listens to me."

One idea talked about for the tour theatrics was having Alice dropped into a pit of Rattlesnakes.

July 9th '91 Salt Lake City, UT, Salt Palace - Start of US Operation Rock And Roll' tour (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead) [Ticket] Generation Landslide played at this show only after being rehearsed in LA 26th June '91. It was dropped after this show [Local listing][Preview in Deseret News July 5th] - An itinerary for the tour shows three days of rehearsals at Salt Palace before the first show.

July 12th '91 Irvine, CA, Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church) [Ticket][Local listings][Review in the LA Times July 15th]- This show was recorded and partly later televised in the ABC In Concert series.


July 13th '91 Sacramento, CA, Cal Expo Ampitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)[Ticket][Local listing] - Motorhead itinerary lists this date at Concord Pavilion, Concord, CA

July 14th '91 Mountain View, CA, Shoreline Amphitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)

Alice and Joe Satriani July 13th 1991

Joe Satriani Guests on Hey Stoopid

July 16th '91 Denver, CO, Red Rocks Amphitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)(poster) - The Santa Cruz Sentinal has a feature on Derek Sherinian (a Santa Cruz native) based upon a show on July 16th at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Palo Alto (w/ Judas Preist, Motorhead, Metal Church and Dangerous Toys).


July 19th '91 Cedar Rapids, IA, Five Seasons Arena (w/ Judas Priest, Dangerous Toys )[Ticket][Ticket2][Local listings][Preview in Davenport Quad Cty Times July 11th]
Original scheduled and advertised for the 18th. Motorhead and Metal Church dropped from bill according to Davenport Quad City Times July 19th who state the show is "tonight" which was odd, as the show was advertised for the 18th. However there is a blog remembering this show which states it was postponed one day to the 19th! That would work with the Minneapolis show cancelled for "scheduling problems, and the explain having tickets with two different dates. On top of that the blogger reports Alice's show was interrupted by a 40 minute power failure! Because of that Alice only played for around 30 minutes, presumably because of the tight running time. Priest played their full set.

July 19th '91 Minneapolis, MN, Target Center (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church) - Canceled - [Local listings] Canceled due to "Scheduling problems" presumably a result of the previous show being delayed for a day.

July 20th '91 Tinley Park (Chicago), IL, World Music Theater (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)[Ticket][Local Listings][Review in Chicago Tribune 22nd July]

July 21st '91 Nashville, TN, Starwood Amphitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church) [Ticket][Local listings][Preview in The Tennessian July 19th] - The Tennessian on July 22nd reports that after the show ended one man was killed and another critically injured by a rifle shooting outside the venue.


July 23rd '91 Lakeland, FL, Lakeland Civic Center (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead (Pulled Out), Dangerous Toys, Metal Church (pulled out))[Ticket](Motorhead/Priest Itinerary list this as Tampe The Sundown) [Preview in Florida Today July 12th centered on Judas Priest, Orlando Sentinal and Tampa Tribune July 19th. Photos in Tampa Tribune July 25th]
One local paper says both Orlando Arena and Orlando Cenoplex for this date, in the same issue! Another lists it at USF Sun Dome in Tampa, FL today. This is partly explained by a mention in the Tampa Tribune on July 5th that the previously announced dates in "Tampa and Orlando have been combined into one show, at the Lakeland Civic Center". Scheduling problems are blamed.
A second report in the Orlando Sentinal confirms the Orlando cancelation/change and mentions Motorhead and Metal Church will not play the Lakeland show.

July 24th '91 Orlando, FL, Orlando Arena (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church) - Canceled - see above.

July 25th '91 Atlanta, GA, Lakewood Amphitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)[Ticket][Local listings]

July 26th '91 ABC 'In Concert '91' aires at midnight featuring foorage from the July 12th Irvine Meadows show. There could be regional variations as to date.

July 27th '91 Houston, TX, The Summit (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)[Ticket] UK's Headbangers Ball filmed a special 'Operation Rock 'n' Roll' feature at this show.


July 28th '91 Dallas, TX, Starplex Amphitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)[Photos exist at Jam Magazine]

July 30th '91 Charlotte, NC, Paladium at Carowinds Amusement Park (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church) - CANCELED - Replaced by a show in New Orleans?

July 31st '91 Raleigh NC, Walnut Creek Amphitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)[Local listings] - CANCELED. Motorhead play club show instead. [Local listing]

Aug 2nd '91 Burgettstown (Pittsburgh), PA, Starlake Amphitheatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)[Local listings, one of which mentions Megadeth in place of Motorhead in error][Review in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Pittsburgh press on August 3rd and Indiana Gazette August 5th]

Aug 3rd '91 Clarkston, MI, Pine Knob Music Theatre (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)[Ticket][Local listings][Show Preview in Detroit Free Press July 31st and Lansing State Journal August 1st. Short review in the Detroit Free Press August 5th states it's the biigest show on the tour so far with 12,136 in attendence.]

Aug 4th '91 Merriville, IN, Star Plaza Theatre (w/ Judas Priest, Dangerous Toys)[Local listings]- OR Mears, MI  Val Du Lakes according to an itinerary. There are adverts for Motorhead and Metal Church playing at Bogarts in Cincinati on this date. Presumably they didn't do both shows.

Aug 6th '91 Indianapolis, IN, Deer Creek Music Center (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)[Ticket][Local listings][Show preview in Lafayette Journal and Courier July 19th, Reviews in Indianapolis Star and Indianapolis News August 7th

Aug 7th '91 Cleveland, OH, Richfield Coliseum (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)[Local listings][Show review in Akron Beacon Journal August 9th]

Eric Singer (Music Radar Interview 2019): "I’ve hurt myself a few times. I remember I cut my finger on my cowbell at the beginning of a show with Alice Cooper. It was Richfield Coliseum in Cleveland, 1991. I cut my finger really bad, almost down to the bone and it was bleeding like a sieve everywhere, all over the drums. When we came offstage before the encore, somebody goes to Alice Cooper, ‘Eric cut his hand really bad,’ and Alice goes, ‘Wow, cool, real blood!’ As soon as were done they took me to a hospital and I had to get five stitches on that finger. I still have a scar."


Aug 8th '91 Weedsport, Nr Syracuse, NY, Cayuga County Fairground (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)[TV Advert exists]

Aug 9th '91 East Rutherford, NJ, Meadowlands Arena (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church) (recording and ticket) [Ticket] - Many listings list Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY, but then on July 4th onwards some list it as cancelled. Presumably the Meadowlands show replaced it or there was some ongoing comfusion which certain newspapers never corrected.

Aug 10th '91 Philadelphia, PA, Spectrum (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church)[Local listings][Show preview in Wilmington News Journal August 9th. Review in the Philadelpia Enquirer on August 12th.]


Aug 11th '91 Bristol, CT, Lake Compounce (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church) - Cancelled - Alice was due to play here in 1990 with Sam Kinison, a show that was also canceled. [Local listing] - Local papers note that 15 shows, including Yes, Liza Minelli, Sting, and the Moody Blues, were canceled in 1991 because the venue was in financial trouble. In a later report it says an AC/DC show was cancelled when the venue couldn't come up with the contracted advance payment, and another reports taht Guns'n'Roses were refusing to play unless they were paid for a show already played at another venue owned by the same company, so that would explain all the cancellations.
In an amusing aside: Local newspapers report that over 40 people were injured during the 'Clash Of The Titans' show in July at the venue. Police said all the injuries were self inflicted. Apparently they had tried to sell reserved seating in front of the general admission area... for a show featuring Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth... That was never going to end well!

Aug 13th '91 Old Orchard Beach (nr Portland), ME, Sea PAC (Seashore Performing Arts Center) (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church) - This venue seems to have several names including 'Old Orchard Beach Ballpark' and 'See PAK Ballpark'.

Aug 14th '91 Mansfield (Boston), MA, Great Woods Performing Arts Center (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church) - Going by Lemmy's autobiography this would be the last show Motorhead played.

"Unfortunatly, we missed the last four gigs of that tour, and amazingly it wasn't Sony's fault! There was an accident backstage in Boston and I broke my ribs. See, I was climbing all over this bird at the side of the stage - she was really keen and I was really keen. 'Do you want another drink?' I said, and she said 'Yeah'. So I reached over for my drink and fell over my own equipment and cracked two ribs. It only took me a week or so to heal, just long enough to miss the end of the tour."
(Lemmy, White Line Fever)

Aug 15th '91 Landover, MD, Capitol Center (w/ Judas Priest, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church) - What appears to be at least semi-professional video exists of Dangerous Toys full set including "Scared", their song dedicated to Alice. - Motorhead didn't play due to Lemmy's broken ribs. Local news reports the show has only sold 4,500 tickets, comparing it to the 13,000 sold in January for a solo Judas Priest show!

Aug 16th '91 Middletown, NY, Orange County Fairgrounds (w/ Judas Priest, Motorhead, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church) Part of the Westwood One/Pepsi Concert Series. Eye witness says - Motorhead didn't play due to Lemmy's broken ribs. Video exists. [Show preview in the Poughkeepsie Journal August 9th]

Aug 17th '91 Montreal, Canada, Montreal Forum (w/ Judas Priest, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church) - Motorhead didn't play due to Lemmy's broken ribs.


Aug 19th '91 Toronto, Ontario, CNE Grandstand (w/ Judas Priest, Dangerous Toys, Metal Church) [Ticket][Local listings] - During Priest's set Rob Halford crashed his Harley Davison motorbike and is knocked unconscious. He recovers enough to finish the show but is then taken to hospital with concussion. It was also Halford last show with Priest for some years. - Motorhead didn't play due to Lemmy's broken ribs.

The 'Nightmare On Your Street' Tour

The 'Nightmare On Your Street' concept was to have Alice turn up in various citys and perform short 30 minute shows in unusual places for free. The shows would be announced at the last minute and at some venues copies of 'Hey Stoopid" were available for around a dollar. The publicity stunt worked pretty well with press on the Philly show getting syndicated nationwide. 12 shows in all were planned. Pete Freezin' replaced Vinnie Moore on guitar?

Aug 27th '91 Los Angeles, CA Mark & Brian Show (UMW, 18, Hey Stoopid and SO performed live in the parking lot outside KLOS-FM studios) - During the day Alice was inducted into the 'Rock Walk Of Fame'

Sept 2nd '91 Miami Beach, FL, WSHE Labor Day Concert at Bicentennial Park - Alice hosted this event which featured Foreigner, Billy Squire, Enuff Z'nuff, Northern Pikes and The Fixx. The Palm Beach Post Augst 30th has interviews with Squire and Enuff 'Znuff mentioning the show and later reports suggest "thousands" turned up to the free show..

Sept 3rd '91 St. Louis, MO, Sound Warehouse rooftop [Small announcement in the St Louis Dispatch August 30th and on September 3rd.]

Sept 5th '91 Chicago, IL, Ed Deberics parking lot [Local listing]

Sept 6th '91 Mt. Clemens (Detroit), MI, Sound Warehouse driveway [Local mention in Detroit Free Press September 6th] - According to the St Louis Dispatch ALice and KSHE-FM's John Ulett were involved in a car acident on the way to the show. Neither were injuryed when they where broadsided by another car.

Sept 8th '91 A planned appearance at Buffalo Bills, Rich Stadium, Buffalo, NY tailgate party is cancelled over fears of a "rowdy crowd".

Sept 9th '91 Rockville, MD. Tower Records Parking Lot In Congressional Plaza

Rockville FLyer 1991

Sept 10th '91 Towson, MD, County Courts building steps - [Mention in the Easton Star-Democrat September 11th]

Sept 11th '91 Philadelphia, PA. Judge Lewis Quadrangle, Independence Mall [Announcement in the Philadelpia Daily News September 11th, photos and reports on September 12th and in Philadelphia Inquirer September 13th.]

Sept 12th '91 Boston, MA, WBCN rooftop

Sept 13th '91 New York, NY, Times Square (Interview aired on Howard Stern Show) - Co-incides with the opening of 'Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightamre' movie which Alice hsa a small part in..

Sept 13th '91 New York, NY, Electric Lady Studios (performance broadcast 10/31/91)

(Sept 20th '91 - Sept 21st '91 - Alice possibly in Sweden)

Sept 23rd '91 Love's A Loaded Gun single released

European 'Hey Stoopid' Tour 1991

Sept 27th '91 Alice appears on BBC Radio London with Krusher

Sept 28th '91 Dublin, Ireland Point Theatre (Start of European 'Hey Stoopid' tour) [Ticket]

Sept 30th '91 London, England Wembley Arena (Dirty Dream played) (w/ Almighty) [Ticket]

Oct 1st '91 London, England Wembley Arena (w/ Almighty) [Ticket] - During the day Alice does a signing session at HMV in Oxford Street.

Oct 3rd '91 St. Austell, Cornwall, England Coliseum (w/ Wolfsbane)

Oct 4th '91 Bournemouth, England Bournemouth Centre (w/ Wolfsbane)

Oct 5th '91 Sheffield, England Sheffield International Arena (w/ Wolfsbane) [Ticket]

Oct 7th '91 Whitley Bay, England Whitley Bay Ice Rink (w/ Almighty)[Ticket]

Oct 8th '91 Edinburgh, Scotland Playhouse (w/ Almighty)[Ticket]

Oct 9th '91 Birmingham, England National Exhibition Centre (N.E.C.) (w/ Almighty)[Ticket]

Oct 10th '91 Birmingham, England National Exhibition Centre (N.E.C.) (w/ Almighty) [Ticket] - During the day Alice has a signing session at Way Ahead Records at 1pm.

Oct 12th '91 Gent, Belgium, SportPaleis (w/ Savatage, Almighty) [Ticket1][Ticket2]

Oct 13th '91 Rotterdam, Holland, Ahoy Sportpaleis (w/ Almighty) [Ticket]

Oct 15th '91 Zurich, Switzerland, Hallenstadion (w/ Almighty)

Oct 16th '91 Nuremberg, Germany, Frankenhalle (w/ Almighty)[Ticket]

Oct 17th '91 Stuttgart, Germany, Schleyer Halle (w/ Almighty)[Ticket]

Oct 18th '91 Freiberg, Germany, Stadthalle (w/ Almighty)[Ticket]

Oct 20th '91 Berlin, Germany, Deutschlandhalle (w/ The Almighty)[Ticket]


Oct 21st '91 Hamburg, Germany, Sporthalle (w/ Almighty)[Ticket]

Oct 22nd '91 Essen, Germany, Gruga Halle (w/ Almighty)[Ticket]

Oct 23rd '91 Paris, France, Le Zenith (w/ Almighty)[Ticket]


Oct 24th '91 Frankfurt, Germany, Fest Halle (w/ Almighty)

Oct 26th '91 Kassell, Germany, Eissporthalle (w/ Almighty)

Oct 27th '91 Cologne, Germany, Sport Halle (w/ Almighty) [Ticket]


Oct 28th '91 Bremen, Germany, Stadthalle (w/ Almighty)


Oct 29th '91 Kiel, Germany, Osteehalle (w/ Almighty)

Nov 1st '91 Oslo, Norway, Spectrum (w/ Almighty)

Nov 2nd '91 Copenhagen, Denmark, K. B. Halle (w/ Almighty)[Ticket]

Nov 3rd '91 Lund, Sweden, Olympen (w/ Almighty) (Venue too small for the 'magic screen' so' Go To Hell' was dropped and 'He's Back' was played in it's place (instead of in the encore)


Nov 5th '91 Helsinki, Finland, Jäähalli (w/ Almighty)[Ticket] - A clip from Helsinki gig was shown on TV show Rockstop.

Nov 6th '91 Turku, Finland, Typhoon (w/ Almighty)[Ticket]

Nov 8th '91 Stockhom, Sweden, Globen (w/ Almighty)

Nov 9th '91 Gothenburg, Sweden, Scandinavium (w/ Almighty) [Ticket]

Nov 10th '91 Paris, France, Olympia (from French mag; unsure of date, probably canceled)

Nov 11th '91? Lyon, France ? (canceled)

Nov 12th '91? Louvain, France ? (canceled)

Feb '92 Feed My Frankenstein single released