This was a co-headline tour of the US. Alice went on before Scorpions every night and played for around an hour.

The Band

  • Reb Beach - Guitar
  • Ryan Roxie - Guitar
  • Paul Taylor - Keyboards/Guitar (introduced at each show as being from that city i.e. Paul Taylor from "Boston")
  • Todd Jensen - Bass
  • Jimmy DeGrasso - Drums

"I've known [Scorpions] forever. I told them I'd do the tour as long as they didn't do the song with the whistling in it ('Winds Of Change'). Every time I hear that song I want to go and build the Berlin wall back again."
(Alice Cooper, Metal Edge, Aug.96)

It is a double headlining co-bill. The Scorpions' fans will say "Scorpions and Alice Cooper", whereas the Alice fans will say vice-versa. Technically, it is the Scorpions' tour as they are the ones really putting it together.
(Renfield, April 1996)

This is very much the bottom line. There is a contractual obligation that the Scorps and Alice's names must appear in equal size in all advertising and on marquees.
(Renfield, May 1996)

Alice's contract specifically says that all promo tickets NOT be in the first 20 rows as he feels those should go to fans.
(Renfield, May 1996)

The show was low on theatrics but featuring the straitjacket in 'Dwight Fry' (with Renfield as the doctor) and the gang fight in 'Gutter Cats Vs. The Jets'. During 'Elected', Alice wore a sparkly 'Uncle Sam' outfit. Three guys came out in ex-president face masks. They proceeded to pass money between them and Alice (bribes), eventually ending up in a pile on the stage fighting each other.

The stage set was a graffiti and poster covered fence with a couple of trash cans for the small props (swords, crutch etc).

Also during the shows, Alice sometimes asked the audience for requests. This normally seemed to proceed 'Poison'.

In Milwaukee, Alice and Reb acted out the 'Waynes World' scene before 'Feed My Frankenstein'.

Reb also occasionally turned up on stage for the encore on a skateboard!

The Setlist

(9th June 1996 Houston Cynthia Woods Pavilion set list)

  • Under my Wheels
  • Billion Dollar Babies
  • Eighteen
  • Desperado ("This is a song I wrote for Jim Morrison a long time ago.")
  • No More Mr Nice Guy
  • Feed My Frankenstein ("You wanna hear a song from 'Wayne's World'?")
  • Poison
  • Only Women Bleed
  • Gutter Cat Vs the Jets (street fight)
  • Welcome To My Nightmare
  • Instrumental from Steven (doctors put Alice in Straitjacket and smear on make-up)
  • Ballad of Dwight Fry (straitjacket)
  • Schools Out
  • Elected

The setlist was changed around a bit. Some dates featured songs not featured on other nights (this list isn't complete). 'I Never Cry' (San Antonio), 'Clones' (Dallas, Denver, Toronto), 'Lost In America' (Tuscon, L.A., Detroit, Toronto, Mears). 'Cold Ethyl' (Edmonton, Indianapolis, Detroit, Pittsburgh, became a regular song by the end of the tour). 'Be My Lover' (Detroit, Mears), 'Cleansed By Fire' (multiple venues at the start/middle of the tour)

Slash joined the band at Universal Ampitheatre, Los Angeles (and possibly a couple of other shows) for a couple of songs, 'Lost In America' and 'Only Women Bleed' .

Ventura Theatre show 20th June 1996 Set list. This was the only Alice only show (not in order):

  • Under My Wheels
  • Billion Dollar Babies
  • I'm 18
  • Desperado
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy
  • Clones (We're All)
  • Teenage Lament '74
  • Cleansed by Fire
  • Lost in America
  • Hey Stoopid
  • Feed my Frankenstein
  • Poison
  • Welcome to my Nightmare
  • Only Women Bleed
  • Gutter Cats vs. the Jets
  • Steven Instrumental Interlude
  • Ballad of Dwight Fry
  • School's Out
  • Elected

TIMELINE 22 - School's Out For Summer


Jan 28th '96 (SuperBowl day) Alice records 'Hands of Death' with Rob Zombie in Florida.

Jan 23rd '96 Alice takes part in the Celebrity Shootout Golf Tournament and the Phoenix Open in Phoenix, AZ. He finished second.

Jan ?? '96 Alice is at a golf merchandise show in Orlando, FL promoting Calloway golf gear.

Feb 3rd '96 Alice takes part in 'Knuckelmania '96', a celebrity baseball game at USC Dedeaux Field on Los Angeles.

Feb 7th '96 Alice is reported to be at the Ritz-Charlton in Phoenix for the Sugar Ray Leonard-Kenny Rogers charity 'Fight Night II'

Feb 29th '96 Alice is at the Hopi School's in Phoenix for the production of 'Fractured Fairy Tales' produced and directed by Sheryl Cooper and featuring Dash Cooper. The play runs until March 1st.

Mar 26th-27th '96 Alice is at the Nabisco Dinah Shore Pre-Am Golf Tournament on Palm Springs.

Apr '96 'Songs In The Key OF X' released featuring Alice and Rob Zombie's 'Hands Of Death (Burn Baby Burn)'.

Apr 26th '96 Alice is at the Motor City Music Awards at the State Theater, Detroit to receive a lifetime achivement award.

Apr 27th '96 Alice throws out the ceremonial first pitch at Tiger Plaza, Detroit.

May 18th-19th '96 Alice is at the Jim McMahon Southwest Airlines Celebrity Classic Golf Tournament in Las Vegas. Alice is mentioned to be running four miles a day to get into shape for the forthcoming tour.

June 2nd '96 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Cabo Wabo (recording of live album "A Fistful Of Alice" guest appearances by Sammy Hagar, Slash and Rob Zombie) (First Ryan Roxie show!)

June 5th '96 El Paso, TX, University of Texas Special Events Centre (w/ My Head)[Ticket]

Start of Co-Headline tour with Scorpions. Alice normally (always?) went on first. Scorpions at all shows unless noted. Openning acts seem to have varied throughout the tour and are often not mentioned in advertising.

June 6th '96 Lubbock, TX, Lubbock Municipal Auditorium

June 8th '96 San Antonio, TX, Alamodome [Local listing]

June 9th '96 Houston, TX, Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (AKA Woodlands Pavilion)(w/ My Head)

June 11th '96 Dallas, TX, Coca-Cola Starplex Amphitheater [Local listing]

June 12th '96 Little Rock, AR, Riverfest Amphitheatre

June 14th '96 Albuquerque, NM, Tingley Coliseum [Local listing]

June 15th '96 Denver, CO, Fiddler's Green Amphitheater (w/ My Head)


June 16th '96 Park City, UT, Wolf Mountain Amphitheatre [Local listings][Review in Deseret News June 17th]

June 18th '96 Tucson, AZ, Convention Center Arena (w/ My Head)[Local listings][Show preview in Arizona Daily Star June 14th, review June 19th]


June 19th '96 Los Angeles, CA, Universal Amphitheater (w/ My Head)[Ticket][Local listing] - Slash joined the band at Universal Ampitheatre, Los Angeles (and possibly a couple of other shows) for a couple of songs, 'Lost In America' and the full, long version of 'Only Women Bleed'.

June 20th '96 Ventura, CA, Ventura Theater (Alice only, no Scorpions. w/ NY Loose)[Local listings list Fearless Vampire Killers]


June 21st '96 Los Angeles, CA, Universal Amphitheater - listed second show with Alice from Scorpions site and the Arizonia Republic mentions two shows, Wednesday and Friday, in it's Alice feature on June 21st. However I can't find any listing for a second show.

June 22nd '96 Irvine, CA, Irvine Meadows Amphitheater (w/ My Head)[Ticket][Local listing][Review in LA Times June 24th]


June 23rd '96 Chandler, Phoenix, AZ, Compton Terrace (w/ Beat Angels) [Ticket][Local listing]


June 25th '96 Las Vegas, NV, Aladdin Theatre [Local listing]

June 26th '96 San Diego, CA, SDSU Open Air Theatre (w/My Head) [Ticket][Local listing]

June 28th '96 Sacramento, CA, Cal Expo (w/ My Head) [Ticket]

June 29th '96 Mountainview, CA, Shoreline Amphitheatre (w/ My Head)[Local listings, some of which list Firehouse as opener]


June 30th '96 Reno, NV, Reno Hilton Amphitheater (w/ My Head)[Local listings originally say Firehouse open but it changes later]

July 2nd '96 Fresno, CA, Selland Arena

July 5th '96 Portland, OR, Rose Garden(w/ DTT) [Ticket] [Local listings]

July 6th '96 George, WA, The Gorge Amphitheatre (w/ Gruntruck)[Local listing]

July 7th '96 Vancouver, BC, Canada, Pacific Coliseum (w/ Junkhouse)


July 9th '96 Edmonton, ALB, Canada, Edmonton Coliseum (w/ DDT)

July 11th '96 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Winnipeg Arena [Local listing]

July 12th '96 St. Paul, MN, Civic Center Arena

July 13th '96 Noblesville, IN, (Indianapolis) Deer Creek Music Center (w/ Cheap Trick)[Ticket][Local listings][Preview in Indianapolis July 10th]

July 14th '96 Milwaukee, WI, Marcus Amphitheatre (w/ Cheap Trick opening)

July 16th '96 Mayland Heights, St. Louis, MO, Riverport Amphitheatre (w/ My Head) [Ticket][Local listings][Show Review St Louis Dispatch July 19th]

July 17th '96 Bonner Springs, KS/Kansas City, MO, Sandstone Amphitheatre [Ticket][Local listings]

July 19th '96 Chicago, IL, Rosemont Horizon (w/ Well of Souls)[Show review in Chicago Tribune July 22nd]

July 20th '96 Columbus, OH, Polaris Amphitheater (w/ Howling Diablos) [Ticket][Local adverts originally list this as the 18th but it's corrected in later adverts.]

July 22nd '96 Cuyahoga Falls, OH, (Cleveland) Blossom Music Center

July 24th '96 Cincinnati, OH, Riverbend Music Center [ Local listings][Review in Cincinatti Enquirer July 26th]

July 25th '96 Clarkston, MI, (Detroit) Pine Knob (w/ Howling Diablos) [Ticket][Local listing]

Interview on WCSX 94.7FM Detroit Radio

July 26th '96 Alice was at the Michael Jordan/Doug Gilmour (Toronto Maple Leafs captain) charity Golf tournement in Toronto, Canada.

July 27th '96 Mears, MI, Val du Lakes [Local listing]

July 28th '96 Burgettstown, Pittsburgh, PA, Coca-Cola Star Lake Amphitheater (w/ Ashes To Ashes)[Show review in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette July 29th]

July 30th '96 Toronto, ONT, Canada Molson Amphitheatre [Ticket]

July 31st '96 Camden, NJ, Sony/Blockbuster E-Center [Local listings]


(Apparently there was meant to be a show at Viking Hall in Bristol, TN in late July/early August but Alice was unable to perform and the show went ahead without him. )

August 2nd '96 Wantaugh Long Island, NY, Jones Beach Amphitheatre

August 3rd '96 Mansfield, MA, (Boston) Great Woods Center (w/ Black #9) [Ticket][Local listings]

August 4th '96 Woodbridge, Holmdel, NJ, (PNC) Garden State Arts Center [Local listing][Double page show preview in Central New Jersey Home News August 2nd]

August 6th '96 Hartford, CT, Meadows Music Theater (w/ Howling Diablos)[Local Listings][Review in Hartford Courant August 7th]

August 7th '96 Havey's Lake, Wilkes Barre, PA, Bud Light Ampitheatre [Local listings][Preview in Hazleton Standard-Speaker July 28th]

August 9th '96 Virginia Beach, VA, Virginia Beach Amphitheatre (w/ Greenhouse)[Local listings]

August 10th '96 Bristow, Stone Ridge, VA, Nissan Pavilion at Pine knob (w/ Sorry About Your Daughter)[Local listing]

August 11th '96 Raleigh, NC, Walnut Creek Amphitheatre

August 12th '96 Atlanta, GA, Lakewood Amphitheatre [Ticket][Local listing]

August 14th '96 Charleston, WV, Riverfront Park

August 15th '96 Ploughkeepsie, NY, Mid Hudson Civic Center [Ticket][Local listing][Show preview in Poughkeepsie Journal August 10th]

August 16th '96 Hamburg, NY, Erie County Fairgrounds and Expo [Ticket][Local Listings] - OR Buffalo, NY, North Americare Park

August 17th '96 Berthierville, Quebec Expo Grounds (w/ Junkhouse)

August 26th '96 Alice is at the Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix where Phoenix Coyotes Ockey team unveil their new uniforms.

Fall '96 Alice flys to Germany for TV show.

Fall '96 Alice records an episode ('Write Stuff Pt 1") of TV sitcom 'Pearl' which would air on Feb 12th '97

??(pre-sept) '96 Alice records 'Herod's Song' for the re-recording of 'Jesus Christ Superstar'

Sept 18th '96 Alice attends the Luck Of The Draw tournament at The Raven - a charity event for Tumbleweed Centre for families and children in crisis.

Oct 18th-27th '96 Alice is in NY at 'Madison Scare Gardens on 18th, 19th 25th, 26th & 27th of October

Oct '96 Alice played with a putter made with can of Spam courtesy of Al Felix of Bashas' for the Glen Campbell Baptist Village Celebrity Golf Classic.

Oct 31st '96 Alice is at the America West Arena in Phoenix for a Solid Rock event

Nov 9th '96 Signing session at Virgin Megastore, Burbank, LA with Kane Roberts for Kane's game "Lords Of Tantrazz" which features Alice's voice.


Nov 11th '96 Alice is at KNIX radio's golf event, the Celebrity, at the Grayhawk Golf Club, Scottsdale

Nov 19th 1996 Alice is at the Glen Campbell Baptist Village Celebrity Golf Classic at Coyote Lakes Golf Club in Surprise, AZ

Nov '96 Alice appears at the first Planet Hollywood Casino Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament at Sheraton Desert Inn golf course in Las Vegas

Dec 4th '96 Alice places the holiday star on the sixty foot Christmas tree at The Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix

Dec 18th '96 Alice is scheduled to read to 200 kids Wednesday at Encanto School, Phoenix but comes down with flu and cancels.

Dec 28th '96 Toledo, OH Toledo Sports Arena (w/ Ted Nugent - New Years Rotten Eve)[Ticket]

Toledo's mayor Carty Finkbiner announced Dec. 28th a local holiday. "Alice Cooper Day!" It is Toledo's apology for the Toledo incident 23 years earlier.

Dec 29th '96 Saginaw, MI Wendler Arena-Saginaw Civic Center (w/ Ted Nugent - New Years Rotten Eve)

Dec 31st '96 Detroit, MI Joe Louis Arena (w/ Ted Nugent - New Years Rotten Eve also called Whiplash Bash)[Ticket]

At the 'Whiplash Bash', during 'Elected', Alice gave the crowd an early New Year's present. This time, when the politicians came out, they were pushing a giant cake. When the cake was in center stage, out jumped a greased-up 500 pound woman in a bikini, while the band played the "New Year's Song".
(Kyle, January 1997)