Carol Bayer Sager is an American singer/songwriter and author who released three relatively successful records in the late 70s/early 80s. Her second album, '...Too', features a song called 'Shadows' which was co-written by Alice Cooper and Bruce Roberts. Roberts had spent time writing with Alice for the 'From The Inside' album and presumably this was an unused song from that period. Supposedly Alice and Roberts provided some backing vocals but you can't really tell.

For the record the rather Cooperesque lyrics to 'Shadows' are as follows:

Wonder why I'm scared of shadows
They don't bite, and they can't hurt me
They start so small the suddenly
I notice they're bigger than me
In the morning no more shadows
How do they just disappear
They must hide with others like them
And laugh about my little fear
Oh laugh about my little fear
And when the moon is full a whole bunch of them
Come jumpin' up on my bed
They're dancin' to a song I wrote
But frightenin' me instead
I wish that we could get acquainted
'cause I know you're here to stay
Come on shadows let's get friendly
and stop scarin' each other away
Oh stop scarin' each other away