Desmond Child was the producer and co-writer of the 'Trash' album in 1989 and co-wrote 'Might As Well Be On Mars' and 'Dangerous Tonight' on 'Hey Stoopid' in 1991. He's also worked with Aerosmith, Cher, Kiss, Bon Jovi and Joan Jett amongst many others, and has a reputation of being a 'hit-maker'.

"Think about all the songs this guy wrote. He literally brought people right back into the business -- Aerosmith, Bon Jovi. All of a sudden there was that whole new fresh sound. I kept listening to these records and I kept going, 'Wow, who's writing these songs?' And I kept seeing this Desmond, Desmond, Desmond. I said, 'I gotta get in touch with this guy. I want to do 'You Give Love A Bad Name' a lot more dangerous. And that was 'Poison.'"

Child reappeared in the Cooper universe when he co-wrote the classic 'I Am Made Of You' for 2011 album 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare'

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