Dick Christian (aka Dick Phillips) was an early, unofficial manager for 'The Spiders' who continued to help the band for some time. It was his suggestion the band move from Phoenix to Los Angeles, where he found them accommodation and hustled for gigs.

From Alice's autobiography 'Me, Alice':

"I met Dick Christian not long after Mike Allen. Dick was drawn to us in much the same way Mike had been. He called us the "Outsiders Convention" because he said we reeked of sarcasm and unrest. Dick knew a lot about sarcasm and unrest. Like us he was not quite in step with the rest of Glendale Community College. His parents had sent him to a Jesuit prep school to curb "emotional outbursts." It was an ironic cure.
Dick probably understood alienation better than anyone I have ever met. That, sparked with imagination and guts, made him a loyal and understanding friend. He was handsome, tall, curly hair, and knew when and how to be a phony.
Dick became our unofficial manager. We really didn't want him to manage us because we needed someone with experience, but he was always there helping, plugging along anyway, dressing up in ties and jackets to try to intimidate club owners to pay us without too much trouble."

From Dennis Dunaway's autobiography 'Snakes, Guillotines, Electric Chairs':

"Dick Phillips [was] a friend who had produced our early recording of 'Wonder Who's Loving Her Now' in a gunnysack. Dick was becoming a man of significant influence in our lives. For one thing, he was consumed with our pursuit of musical originality. As our conversations unfolded, he dutifully wrote down everything we said, even ideas that, to us, should have slipped into the vapors by the next morning.
Charlie [Carnal] and Mike [Allen] chipped in their ideas, too, but Dick (who would later change his name to Dick Christian) was the cosmic thinker. It seemed to us as if he'd seen everything in the world worth seeing, so we were happy to have him treat our mental dribbling as if they were mind-blasting concepts. Dick really encouraged our androgynous look. When we looked at the other bands, we realized that if long hair shocked people, we were gonna have the longest hair of any band, ever.