Miss Christine and the GTOs

Howard Volman and Eddie Kayman started their career in 'The Turtles', who had a huge hit in the '60s with 'Happy Together'. Later they joined Frank Zappa's 'Mother's Of Invention', renaming themselves 'The Phloresent Leach and Eddie' for contractual reasons, and even performed an Alice Cooper comedy skit during 'What Kind Of Girl Do You Think I Am' which can be heard on Zappa's 'Fillmore East' album.

They released various albums under their own name and supported Alice on the 'Billion Dollar Babies' tour, frequently accompanying him to press conferences much to the anger of the other Cooper band members. Alice said he took them because "they make me laugh".

They have regularly contributed backing vocals to Cooper albums including 'From The Inside', 'Flush The Fashion', 'Zipper Catches Skin' and 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare'

There are a couple of other connections too, as both ex-Alice guitarist Mick Mashbir and bassist Erik Scott went through the ranks of the Flo And Eddie backing band at various points, although not it appears at the same time.

Flo and Eddie reformed The Turtles in the late 90s.

Vincent Price, Alice, Flo and Eddie in Lake Tahoe, 1977