Gentlemen Aterdark

'Glamnation' was a fun band put together by Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie around 1999 to play cover songs mainly around the LA club scene. The band originally featured fellow musicians Eric Singer, Eric Dover and either Derek Sherinan or Teddy Zig Zag, along with the only non-Cooper member bassist Stefan Adika, who was a member of another Roxie band 'Dad's Porno Mag'.

The band only really operated for a couple of years circa 1999 to 2003 while the bulk of the membership was playing with Alice together, and never officially released anything although there are a few live recordings floating around. In later years Roxie and Dover would use the name to play occasional shows with any other musicians who happened to be around.

The idea of Glamnation was that the band pretended to be a genuine 70s glam rock band, using fake names (Roxie as "Peter Kensington", Singer as "Doyle Harris", Dover as "J.C.Jackson", Adika as "Yashiya") and using bad British accents to add to the mayhem. Setlist revolved around a mix of classic 70s glam, AC/DC and Kiss covers including songs like 'Fox On The Run' (The Sweet), 'Ziggy Stardust' (Bowie), 'All The Young Dudes (Mott The Hoople), '20th Century Boy' (T-Rex), 'Hells Bells' (AC/DC), 'My Generation' (The Who), 'School's Out' and 'Be My Lover' (Alice Cooper) and 'Beth' and 'Rockn'n'Roll All Nite' (Kiss).

Eric Singer:

"I have this cover band, Glamnation, where we do early 70's glam. The band has Ryan Roxie, who plays with Alice Cooper, and this guy Eric Dover, who used to be in Jellyfish, and Derek Sherinian from Dream Theater, who also played with KISS on the Revenge Tour, off-stage. We just do it for fun. We just started doing them recently and we play on every Sunday night at 'The Gig'. We actually do early 70's glam like Sweet, David Bowie, Mott the Hoople, that kind of stuff. Put it this way, everybody will know every song that we play and they will really enjoy the songs. And we actually have all glitter glam guitars and clothes and makeup, we do the whole schtick! We do it just for fun and people that have come down so far have really liked it! The reaction has been nothing but really positive.

Be aware that there are several other cover bands currently using the 'Glamnation' name, but none of them have any connection to the musicians in the original Roxie-based Glamnation.

Eric Dover and Ryan Roxie play as Glamnation in 2003
Photo (c) George Orlay.