Kyler Clark

Kyler Clark is currently Alice Cooper's personal assistant, organising Alice's day to day schedule and making sure he has everything he needs at any given time. On top of that he often appears on stage during the show playing various parts, which up until 2018 included being the man inside the giant 'FrankenAlice' prop used during 'Feed My Frankenstein'.

Kyler started out as a musician playing bass in various bands, and also working as a stage tech on Cooper tours before he became Alice's assistant. Nowadays he spends his downtime taking amazing photographs, mainly of his boss and the various people around him, but also photographing anything else interesting he sees on his travels around the world. As 'Cereal Kyler' his photographs have appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers, often used in news reports about his boss, as he obviously has access no one else has. He also takes the VIP package photographs after shows.

Kyler posts occasional audio podcasts talking about his life, what's been happening on tour, and anything that takes his fancy at a given moment. This recordings are well worth checking out, and not just for the insight into the world of Alice Cooper. You can download them here.