Todd, Bebe Buell, Cindy Lang and Alice, 1972

Not really a huge connection here, but it's worth mentioning nonetheless. Rundgren is a musician and producer who has released numerous albums both under his own name and with his band 'Utopia'. There are too relatively trivial connections between the two artists. The first is that Todd Rundgren started out in a band called 'The Nazz', and as his 'Nazz' released a record before Vince Furnier and friends could, they had to abandon using the same name themselves, and so became 'Alice Cooper'.

The second connection is the film 'Roadie' in which Alice performs a couple of songs towards the end. His backing band for these songs is actually Rundgren's band 'Utopia' and they can been seen in the film with Alice performing 'Road Rats', 'Pain' and a short section of 'Only Women Bleed'. The two full tracks were released on the soundtrack album, produced, engineered and mixed by Rundgren, but 'Only Women Bleed' is only heard in the film.