Vincent Price

Vincent Price

Vincent Price, legendary star of over 100 films, was one of Alice's Hollywood idols. He appears on the 'Welcome To My Nightmare' album, 'The Nightmare' TV special, and did special voice overs for the 'Madhouse Rock' tour (which have occasionally been reused in later shows).

He attended one of the Las Vegas 'Welcome To My Nightmare' shows and actually performed his monologue from 'Devil's Food' live on stage, but sadly no photos or film exists. A recording of Price singing 'The Black Widow' from 'The Nightmare' rehearsals DOES exist, but is unlikely to ever be released due, apparently, to problems with the Price estate. Alice lost touch with Price over the years and did not attend Price's funeral, however did send a personal message.

When Price showed up at the studio to record his vocals for 'The Black Widow', he supposedly shocked onlookers by arriving in a Hawaiian shirt and striped pants. Cooper commented that Price looked like "Ronald McDonald", and there was talk of renaming his character, "Jolly MacAmbre, Tour Guide at the Pasadena Palace of Insects."

The words to Price's monolgue the album and the TV special are slightly different. It's said Price had the basics of the lyrics down but ad-libbed a little differently on each take.

On teh set of 'The Nightmare' Alice recalled "Vincent was in his element because he had me on a leash… I said, 'Don’t be afraid to yank the leash. Make this like one of your movies where I’m just like this little pet of yours that you’re showing around!'