Kyler Clark

Toby Mamis

'Zodiac Mindwarp (Mark Manning) and the Love Reaction' were scheduled to be the support band on the UK 'Nightmare Returns' tour. Alice even went as far as to go to Motorhead's Hammersmith Odeon show a few month's before the tour to see Mindwarp. Just before the tour Mindwarp was reputedly filming a promotional video when a glass mirror broke and he was hit in the eye. Treatment and recoverery meant the band had to pull out of the tour at the last minute. However Alice was impressed by the band, and they finally got to open for him at the legendary Reading Festival show in 1987.

Zodiac is credited as a co-writer of "Feed My Frankenstein" on the 'Hey Stoopid' album, but in fact it's his song with only minor changes by Alice. You can find Zodiac's version on the "Hoodlum Thunder" album which came out the same year. The writing credits on the album don't mention. Zodiac was a longtime fan and wrote the song as a Cooper-like song. You can hear his version of the song below.