'Not Only Women Bleed: Vignettes from the Heart of a Rock Musician' is an autobiography by Dick Wagner pubished first as an e-book and then in hardback by his company Desert Dreams in 2012. The book covers Dick's life in the form of short anicdotes, mainly about his sexual exploits, and features a fair amount of directly Alice Cooper related tales. Dick holds nothing back in his descriptions of his 60s and 70s exploits during 281 pages of excess.

The book is a good read, although in truth Wagner himself doesn't come out of it too well much of the time! It's also a book you can easily drop in and out of as there's not really a direct story being told. As the title suggests it's more like an old friend retelling stories as he remembers them, and as such can be both funny and sad in equal measures.

Original hardcover copies came with two CD's, the first was Wagners own 'Full Meltdown' album, while the second is by 'Skinnerrat' who have connections to Wagner, and he plays as a guest on the CD.

The text on the back describes it as follows:

Growing up ordinary into an extraordinary life of sex, drugs and rock & roll, Dick Wagner shares a lifetime of experience as lead guitarist and songwriter for Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Lou Reed, Kiss and more. Poignantly recounted stories of youthful days on the road and years of hit recordings, with intimate tales of debauchery, sexual promiscuity and drug abuse that led to near fatal health issues. Wagners life is a roller coaster ride of artistic success, courage and redemption. Blatantly profane and psychologically profound, Wagners wit and candor bring the reader directly into a lifestyle that few have known. After a heart attack, stroke and brain surgery leave him disabled and drying up in the desert, Wagner finds enlightenment in the ICU and takes the reader on a journey of courage and commitment. His return to live performance is an inspirational celebration of packed venues and critical media acclaim. Wagner is an intuitive writer. His colorful tales of reckless behavior are told through a portal of emotional honesty that deeply resonates with insight into the human condition.

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