Despite getting quite a lot of pre-publicity, Alice appears in this movie for just one very short scene, as a patient in a hospital called 'Samuel Leventhal'.

Alice Cooper Gets Scared Up For Indie Horror Flick

Eight years after appearing in an uncredited role in 'Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare', the original macabre rocker, Alice Cooper, has now been cast in another thriller, 'The Attic Expeditions'. Management for Cooper confirmed to MTV News that he will appear alongside actors Seth Green (Oz in 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'), Beth Bates, Andras Jones, and Shannon Hart Cleary for the indie flick, which is currently being shot by director Jeremy Kasten on location in Los Angeles.
According to the movie's official site, set up by Tse Tse Fly Productions, 'The Attic Expeditions' is described as a psychological horror movie in which the lead character, Trevor Blackburn (portrayed by Jones), delves into madness after being committed to a halfway house for killing his fiancée. Cooper was apparently drawn into the project because he was a fan of two of the other actors involved, Jeffrey Combs ('Re-Animator', 'From Beyond') and Ted Raimi ('Evil Dead', director Sam Raimi's brother), and the musician actually completed his scenes as mental patient 'Samuel Leventhal' last week.
Co-written by Kasten and Rogan Russell Marshall, 'The Attic Expeditions' is due to arrive on screens on October 31, 2000 [it came out in 2001].

From Mike Drew:

Just Back from the DEAD BY DAWN horror film fest here in sunny Edinburgh where they had a special screening of 'The Attic Expedition'.
The films director Jeremy Kasten and producer Dan Gold were also on hand for a short Q&A session. The film itself is a good mix of humour and shocks and is independently made on very moderate budget, the film is doing fairs and will get a Video & DVD release later on.
Alice is on screen for no more than ONE MINUTE, five mins into the film and is very funny, he plays the part of a loony with great ease! It was told to us that Alice did his shoot in 2 hours and spent 3 hours signing autographs for the crew. He also turned up with (get this) his own slippers to wear for his character. 'Can't Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me' is played over the final credits .