This 2012 feature film is based on the 60s US TV show of the same name is directed by Tim Burton and stars Johnny Depp. Alice features as himself in the movie, playing a show at a party. There are a few other Alice references during the film as well.

The special effects people used an digital effect to make Alice look younger then he obviously was when filming, and closer to his age when the film was set in 1972. He also wore a costume similar to that of the 1972 shows. They even hired actors to play the original band who looked more or less right, but didn't invite the original band themselves.

While filming, Alice had dinner with Depp and Burton, which started a friendship that has so far (2018) resulted in Depp appearing three times with Alice live on stage, including the 2012 Xmas Pudding show and the 100 Club show in London.

In 2015 Alice and Depp formed the 'Hollywood Vampires' and released their debut self-titled album.