This 1970 film, staring Carrie Snodgress, features AliceCooper's first appearance on the big screen during a party scene. The band are playing a Mars Bonfire (Steppenwolf) composition, 'Ride With Me' (from Steppenwolf's 1971 album 'For Ladies Only') which degenerates into chaos when the band tear open a pillow and covers the crowd with feathers while letting of fire extinguishers, a stunt taken from the stage shows. The band are only on screen for a couple of minutes, and generally they are in the background although there are some clear shots of them performing. The footage is notable for being probably the only footage of Charlie Carnel operating his homemade lighting controller beside the band.

Snodgress was nominated for a 'best actress' Academy Award and won a Golden Globe for her performance in the film which was directed by Frank Perry. Despite this and the critical acclaim it received when it was released it's a very dull film with only the bands brief appearance maing it worth watching.