'Friday 13th Part VI: Jason Lives' is the sixth film in the horror series and considered one of the best. Directed by Tom LcLoughlin, it was originally released in August 1986. While Alice doesn't appear personally in the film he does contribute three songs to the soundtrack and used that to his advantage during interviews at the time.

'He's Back(The Man Behind The Mask)' is featured during the film and as the end theme music. This was also a single with a video featuring clips from the movie and Alice pretending to be Jason. At the time, rumours circulated that Alice was, in fact, the actor that played Jason. This is not true.

The original version of this song featured the lyric over the music that became 'Trick Bag'. This original version is included on the box set. The music was changed as the producers of the film 'Friday 13th VI' considered the original music to be too heavy.

Also in the film are brief bursts of 'Teenage Frankenstein' and 'Hard Rock Summer'. The latter was otherwise unreleased for years until it was included on the 'Life And Crimes' Box Set.