Alice Cooper perform 'Black Juju' in this early '70s film which was also called 'We Have Come For your Daughters'. The version in the film is a live recording. However, the version on the soundtrack album is not. In fact it is a faked live recording. There is a voice at the beginning "announcing" the performance mixed with the music, sound and audience, and the end is also edited. But musically it is the album version.

When the film was originally released in the UK in the early '70s the bands name was very prominent in the advertisements. This led to many disappointed fans going to see the film expecting to see an Alice Cooper film which is is not.

The film has never been officially released on DVD, and the vinyl album is long out of print. A CD version was released sometime around 2017.

"Yes, we stood out on that bill, but we stood out on most any bill in those days. I can only guess that good management, and Hot Tuna, had a lot to do with our inclusion. Jefferson Airplane had supported us ever since Pretties For You.
The show took place in front of the National Archives building in Washington, D.C. Owsley supplied the P.A. and had previously sworn that we would never be allowed to use his P.A. again - following our shows with the Stooges at the Fillmore West when Iggy had squashed a salmon into a stage monitor and Owsley blamed us.
And so we stood behind the Great Medicine Ball Caravan stage all tuned up for hours until Hot Tuna finally convinced Owsley to let us use his P.A. by telling him that they would let us use their amps. Owsley was fully aware of how protective Hot Tuna were about their own equipment. And so he agreed.
Our set was well received until we launched our feather storm. Then Owsley tried to come on stage to collect his microphones. But he was stopped, so he went and pulled the main power plug.
That's why we used the live studio take, and why the final note, from the actual show, has Neal's cymbal swell and no amplifiers."
[Dennis Dunaway, 2021]