Alice features in this John Carpenter horror movie as a 'Zombie Tramp'. For a change he actually appears quite a few times during the film and even get's to run one guy through with a broken bicycle alá the microphone stand from 'The Nightmare Returns' show. Apparently Kane Roberts was in there somewhere too but is unrecognisable under make-up and eventually left on the cutting room floor! The film also briefly features the song 'Prince Of Darkness' over the end credits.

Some early VHS and DVD covers featured Alice as the main image. In 2013 Shout Factory released a 'collectors Edition' Blu-ray disc of 'Prince Of Darkness' which included various extras including a new interview with Alice entitled 'Alice at the Apocalypse'.

John Carpenter, Fangoria, Dec 1987:

"Alice plays a crazed, psychotic street person," he reveals. "We ended up together at Wrestlemania III in Detroit this year. He was part of the match between Jake 'The Snake' Roberts and The Honkytonk Man. I was there as a loyal wrestling fan, which I've been for many years. One of my business partners, [co-executive producer] Shep Gordon, is Alice's manager, so I was able to get backstage passes. I hung out with Alice and the wrestlers. It was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life. There was a big party afterwards, and we chatted and became friends. I had thought of Alice as being an outrageous heavy metal rock star, but he's really a normal, wonderful person. He's such a great guy that I decided to cast him."

From Metal Hammer: "I don't want to get into all this disguise business," is his explanation for the modest cap masquerade, "I tried to go shopping incognito once and was promptly recognised by three girls - not because they recognised Alice Cooper, the singer, but because in my disguise, I looked like the tramp that I played in 'Prince Of Darkness'. They'd seen the film..."

Totally true! Very funny. He even had on a ski cap like the one that he wore in the movie. We couldn't believe these girls spotted him and that was their answer when we asked how they knew it was him.
(Renfield, August 1996)