Horror movie from 1989. Alice features on the soundtrack, singing on 'Shockdance' by The Dudes Of Wraith, which was actually a ad-hoc group of musicians put together for this project. He also co-wrote 'Love Transfusion', with Desmond Child, which was sung by Iggy Pop.

The 'Son of Sam' in the lyrics of 'Shockdance' refers to a famous serial killer who said that he only killed people because a dog, who's name was 'Son of Sam' and that lived inside a hole of his apartment wall, told him to.

Both songs are available on a soundtrack album, which also features Megadeth doing 'No More Mr Nice Guy'. There is a video for this track which briefly features an Alice Cooper poster on the wall.

Alice's daughter Calico is NOT in the film despite what some video sleeves claim.

Alice electrocutes Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, 1990.