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'Super Duper Alice Cooper' was originally called 'Vincent Goes To Hell: An Alice Cooper Doc Opera' and is a feature length documentary film by Sam Dunn and Banger Films, who are well known for making award winning films on various rock subjects including Iron Maiden ('Flight 666') and Rush ('Beyond The Lighted Stage'). The film was announced in December 2011 and had its premiere in April 2014 at the Tribica Film Festival in New York.

'Super Duper Alice Cooper' is the twisted tale of a teenage Dr Jekyll whose rock'n'roll Mr Hyde almost kills him. It is the story of Vincent Furnier, preacher's son, who struck fear into the hearts of parents as Alice Cooper, the ultimate rock star of the bizarre. From the advent of Alice as front man for a group of Phoenix freaks in the 60s to the hazy decadence of celebrity in the 70s to his triumphant comeback as 80s glam metal godfather, we will watch as Alice and Vincent battle for each others' souls. The film is the first ever "doc opera" – a dizzying blend of documentary archive footage, animation and rock opera that will cement forever the legend of Alice Cooper.”

Directed by Reginald Harkema, Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen the film is 97 minutes long and features a wealth of live footage and interviews with Alice, Shep, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith, Sheryl Cooper, Ella Cooper, Bob Ezrin and loads more. Controversially there is NO mention of Michael Bruce in the movie!

Probably the biggest shock in the movie is that, after decades of denials, Alice finally admitted to his cocaine addiction in the early 80s. While it was generally assumed he was involved in drugs during the period everyone including Alice had always refuted it, and blamed his condition on a return to alcohol.

In March 2014 a variety of promotion retail bundles were announced which included a 40 page book, T-Shirt, poster, frisbee and panties with the DVD and Blu-Ray scheduled to be released on May 26th. There is also a deluxe edition (cover on right) which includes film of a 1972 Toronto show and the 2009 Montreaux show on audio CD. Also announced was a facebook competition to ask Alice questions which would be put into a bonus film to be shown with the main movie in theatres and, presumably, be added as an extra to the discs when released. A 'selected Theatre run' began in the UK and Europe on April 22nd followed by the US and Canada on April 28th. The European showings included an introduction from Alice and the short 10 question Facebook interview at the end of the movie. The US showings had a live simulcast from the Canadian Hot Docs Documentary Festival in Toronto.

The film was named "Best Feature-Length Documentary", and also took the "Best Editing In A Feature-Length Documentary" awards at the Canadian Screen Awards in February 2015.

Rolling Stone, April 17th 2014: