The Nightmare Returns Tour Setlists 1986/87

To the best of our knowledge the set list for this tour, promoting the 'Constrictor' album, was exactly the same for every single show!

The standard set list was as follows:

  1. Intro Tape - Welcome To My Nighmare
  2. Billion Dollar Babies
  3. Years Ago (instrumental excerpt) - No More Mister Nice Guy
  4. Years Ago (instrumental excerpt) - Be My Lover
  5. I'm Eighteen
  6. The World Needs Guts
  7. Give It Up
  8. Cold Ethyl
  9. Only Women Bleed
  10. Go To Hell
  11. Ballad Of Dwight Fry
  12. Teenage Frankenstein
  13. Sick Things
  14. I Love The Dead
  15. School's Out
  16. Elected
  17. Under My Wheels