Possibly Alice's most famous appearance on TV ever. He appeared on 'The Muppet Show' once, on November 2nd 1978 (recorded March 28th-30th) and performed three song, each with unique arrangements for the show. As the weekly host he also took part throughout the show in a faustian storyline in which he tried to get Kermit The Frog to sign a devilish contract. The songs were 'Welcome To My Nightmare', 'You and Me' (as a duet with a disguised Miss Piggy), and 'School's Out'.

"To this day probably the best thing I ever did was The Muppet Show, only because I so didn't want to do it. Even though I loved the show, I thought it was going to soften me up so much and then they said, well, Vincent Price did it, Christopher Lee did it. Peter Sellers did it, and I went I'm in. Just get me in there. I had more fun working with The Muppets, with Jim Henson and Frank Oz, than anything else. On my birthday I still get a little porcelain Muppet, they send me one every year."

The show is available on Video in the US as the second half of 'Monster Laughs with Vincent Price', and on DVD in the 'Complete Muppet Show' set.