Alice appeared on 'The Smothers Brothers show' on Monday 13th January 1975 (date from promo photo). The brothers introduced him as a performer of "drama rock." They explained that "drama rock" tells a story that can be acted out while the song is performed. Alice performed 'Unfinished Sweet' that night. He started out in the waiting room of a dentist's office complete with a pretty receptionist and other patients. He was wearing a business suit and a hat (no makeup). He sat there reading a newspaper or something and acted nervous as he sang. Then he got to go in and see the dentist.
When he sang, "The teeth are OK but the gums got to go," the scene changed into this big production number. The stage was set like a big mouth with dancers and stuff dressed like teeth (all during the "007" interlude). Alice was dressed in those leotard/tights things that he used to wear and was in full makeup. When they got to the part where you hear the tooth being pulled, Alice grabbed a huge pair of pliers and pulled Tommy Smothers (dressed like a tooth) out of the mouth. The song finished back in the dentist's office and everything was all right.