Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

New Shows - France 14 Dec 2018

Three new shows in France have been announced. They are:
September 3rd - Marseille, Le Dome
September 5th - Bordeaux, Arkea Arena
September 20th - Paris, La Seine Musicale
Tickets appear to go on sale on December 18th.

Ryan Roxie has a new digital single out today. It's 'Big Rock Show', the short opening track from his 'Imagine Your Reality' album which features Glen Sobel and Tommy Henriksen. There's a unusual lyric video to promote the song shot entirely on an iPhone Xr, and made especially for viewing in 'Portrait Mode'! To mark the launch Roxie will be streaming a 'LIVE Guitar Lesson' to teach people how to play the song. This will take place tonight at approx. 6:30 pm (Swedish Time) and you can tune in via Roxie's facebook page or Instagram Live (@ryanroxie).
You can hear the track via Spotify or Apple Music.

Blue Coupe play in Ashbury Park, NJ at a 20th anniversary celebration for the WRAT-FM (95.9 The Rat) show “Electric Ballroom” at House of Independents on December 30th and NJArts have an article about the show.

There's new interviews with Nita over at Guitar World, and "In The Vault With Shanda Golden" via Blabbermouth.

AltaOnline has an interesting article about the legendary Miss Christine of the GTO's, with input from Alice and Shep.

ASX have photos and a review from the xmas pudding show.

Alice Cooper's Solid Rock now have the AZ lottery ticket posters available to order. There are only 500 copies, and all are signed by Alice. Each one costs $100 as a donation to Solid Rock (plus shipping and handling) and you can order now.

German Shows Annnounced 10 Dec 2018

Dates are starting to show up for the "Ol‘ Black Eyes is Back" 2019 tour. The latest is a batch of shows booked for Germany in September. Going by the gaps between these shows it seems certain there will be more shows added between them.

11th September - Mannheim - Sap Arena
13th September - Berlin - Max-Schmeling-Halle Berlin
18th September - Stuttgart - Porsche-Arena
23rd September - Hamburg - Barclaycard Arena Hamburg
30th September - Leipzig - Leipzig Arena
1st October - Munich - Olympiahalle München
Tickets for these go on sale December 12th.

AXS are also listing a show at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on August 1st with Peter Frampton.

UPDATE: Two Spanish Shows have turned up. They are:
7th Sept - Madrid, ES - Palacio Vistalegre
8th Sept - Barcelona, ES - Sant Jordi Club
Tickets for these two seem to go on sale this Friday, December 14th.

Xmas Pudding 10 Dec 2018

Saturday's Christmas Pudding show seems to have been a success. As expected Joe Perry didn't make it, due to ongoing health concerns, but The Hollywood Vampires still closed the show in style playing a short set that consisted of I Want My Now / Raise The Dead / As Bad As I Am / Boogieman Surprise / My Dear Drunk Friends / Bushwackers / Baba O'Riley / Heroes / The Jack / Ace Of Spades and School's Out before being joined by the rest of the show's guests for the traditional closing 'Run Rundolph Run'. Earlier in the night Beasto Blanco also performed, and there were surprise appearances from Nita Strauss and Orianthi.
AZCentral has a full review with photos, and YouTube has some video from the show.

The soundtrack to this years TV production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar', featuring Alice as King Herod, has been nominated for a Grammy for 'Best Musical Theater Album'. The awards ceremony will be on February 10th.

Ultimate Guitar has compiles a list of 10 classic Cooper quotes which you can see here.

Catching Up 07 Dec 2018

It's been a pretty quiet couple of weeks, and I've been holding out for some bigger news to include the smaller things but there really hasn't been much, so here's a quick catch up before reports start coming in about tomorrows Christmas Pudding show.

Ace Frehley has been chatting about his touring plans next year and has suggested he will be playing shows with Alice Cooper around July/August next year. We only have two confirmed 2019 dates so far, and they are festivals, but there's no reason to think it isn't true and I still expect 2019 tour dates soon.

Guitar World has a new interview with Alice talking about some of the guitarists he's worked with over the years.

'Do You Know Jack' has a new interview with Neal Smith promoting his 'Halloween' KillSmith compilation album which you can listen to via YouTube.

New Jersey Arts has a report from the November 30th 'Wham Bam Thank You Glam!' show at the City Winery, NYC which featured Dennis Dunaway among others. They also have video of Dennis performing 'Under My Wheels' and a few words with Cindy Smith Dunaway.

AZCentral has a great interview with Calico Cooper talking about Beasto Blanco and her career to date.

The full version of Alice's appearance with Udo Lindenberg, performing 'No More M Nice Guy' a few months back, is now available to watch on YouTube.

Nita Strauss, who's still out on tour promoting her new solo album, is still getting a fair amount of press coverage. She's interviewed on 'Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia' which you can find on Soundcloud

Some years back you may remember that guitar playing computer games were all the rage, and some had various Alice Cooper songs available. Well 'Rocksmith' is one such game that is still releasing content and they have a new pack of three AC songs available - 'School's Out', 'Poison', and 'Billion Dollar Babies'. They are available in the X-Box and Playstation stores.

It appears Rhino Records will be reissuing the original 'Greatest Hits' on vinyl early next year. No more details as yet.

New Show - Ontario 24 Nov 2018

According to the official event site Alice Cooper will be performing at the Roxodus Music Festival in Edenvale, Ontario sometime between July 11th and 13th next year. Other acts booked to play include Cheap Trick, Kid Rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Nickelback, Peter Frampton and Lita Ford amongst others. Tickets go on sale November 30th.

Astroturf LP Out Today 23 Nov 2018

So today's the day the full Good Records performance by the original Alice Cooper band is finally released to mark 'Record Store Day 2018'. The limited edition vinyl comes in a fancy gatefold sleeve and is supposedly only available from independent record stores, although some copies are already showing up on Ebay etc, which kinda defeats the object of Record Store day which is to get people into real shops. There's a cool little video of Alice himself opening up a copy of the album up on YouTube.
Congrats to Chris Penn and his team for getting this thing finally released, and good luck to everyone in getting your copy. It's sure to be instantly collectable (and expensive)!

Other then the Astrotuff release it's been relatively quiet news-wise this week but there are a few things to pass on.

Hollywood Vampire Joe Perry is out of hospital and resting at home. He's canceled all dates on his solo tour in December, and a statement says he will be resting up for the rest of the year but would be back in action next year.

Dennis Dunaway is interviewed Fidelity High about Van Morrisons 'Astral Weeks' album. Dennis daughter Chelsea is selling prints of her 2017 Chiller Theater poster of the original Alice Cooper band. They are 17x11 and you can see the design and buy a copy here.

Alice, Sheryl and Calico were all on Fox 10 TV last week promoting the Christmas Puddng show and you should be able to see the clip on facebook. The Hollywood Vampires are set to play the show this year, although after Joe Perry's announcement it's possible he will have to skip it. Time will tell. The Pudding show is on December 8th on Phoenix and AZ Big Media also have a short interview with Alice about the show.

As usual Nita Strauss has been busy promoting her new solo album and tour. She appears on the Metal Sucks podcast, and is interviewed by LA Weekly, and chats with wrestler Becky Lynch in a new video posted by her record company on YouTube.

Lastly something that isn't news, but more of a personal plee to some of the various musician I cover here. Please, please try and find ways to making your product pre-sales and merchandise ship from both the US AND somewhere in Europe. Many fans in Europe want to support your projects and order things, but in many cases recently the cost of postage and then probable custom charges when the package arrives here are just making it too expensive.
For example I ordered Nita's album on vinyl and CD via the bundle on The cost of the bundle was perfectly fair and I was happy to support her in her project, but the postage and customs charges added another $36 on the $60 order! If I had ordered the same things via the KIckstarter campaign the postage would have been even more!
I understand such additional costs are out of your hands directly, however some of your bandmates have had no problems arranging shipping from Europe and thus avoiding such extra costs, which lets face it is just money down the drain. After all we could just not pre-order at all, and simply buy it from Amazon later on. But we WANT to support you and be part of the project but it's becoming increasingly expensive to do so due to these other fees and charges. It was the same situation with Dennis' 'Cold Cold Coffin' campaign, and Damon Johnson's recent releases. The postage charges in some cases were more then the cost of the item, and likely we would be hit by customs on top of that as well. I await with dread the postage and custom changes on my Astroturf album package!!!
This isn't a complaint aimed at you guys, and I'm only using Nita's campaign as an example. It's simple a request that you consider this when arranging your pre-sales and deals, to see if there is any way to avoid these hefty charges, which don't benefit either yourself or your fans, many of whom have limited disposable income. Thank you for listening.

Roxie UK Shows Announced 13 Nov 2018

Ryan Roxie will be playing three UK shows in February next year to promote his excellent 'Imagine Your Reality' album. They are:
Friday February 22nd - Esquires, Bedford
Saturday February 23rd - The Asylum, Birmingham
Sunday February 24th - Cancer On The Rocks Festival, Nantwich
Tickets for the shows are available now, as are VIP upgrades which you can get at and include a special three song set before the doors open amongst other things. Ryan will also be making an appearance at 'The Guitar Show' at New Bingley Hall in Birmingham on the Saturday, but this will be a guitar clinic kinda thing, not a proper show.

Hollywood Vampire Joe Perry was rushed to hospital Saturday night after he appeared on stage with Billy Joel at Madison Square Gardens in New York. “Following a guest performance during Billy Joel’s show last night at Madison Square Garden, Joe Perry experienced shortness of breath and was treated backstage by paramedics who gave the guitarist oxygen and used a tracheal tube to clear his airway before taking him to a hospital,” a statement reads. "This morning Perry remains in the hospital where he is alert and responsive. Perry is expected to return to the road later this month."

The Dallas Observer has an article about Chris Penn and the forthcoming 'Astroturf' live album, due out on November 32rd.

Dennis Dunaway is interviewed by 'Heavy Demons Radio' in Italy, which you can listen to in English on YouTube.

Nita Strauss has released a new 'Road To Chaos' video which you can check out here. It follows Nita on the recent clinic tour, with Alice, and training backstage.


Stan Lee 13 Nov 2018

By now most people will have seen the news that yesterday we lost comics legend Stan Lee at the age of 95. Lee was more then just a writer of comics, more then just a faceless publisher. He was 'The Man'... 'Mr Comics'... and his early work co-creating Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and many others changed comics, and eventually the world of entertainment itself. The stories he helped create, and possibly more importantly the way he chose to tell those stories, have effected generations of fans from youngsters just learning to read for themselves - me, age eight, when my father bought me my first Marvel book to keep me quiet while waiting at an airport -  to adults, still me, who still read comics for the simple escapism and enjoyment of the fantastic, the strange, the bizarre, the super... and the limitless options the format provides for storytelling.

Lee, along with his many colaborators, brought to the comics world the sense that these mighty heroes were not perfect. They had normal every day problems with school, home, family, love and loss like everyone else. Peter Parker could be out saving the world one minute, and getting in trouble with school bully the next - and it was often their none-super stories that were the most engaging. You tuned in next month as often to see where their relationships with each other would go as for the villain of the month. His stories showed that things didn't always go the way you planned, but trying to do the right thing was more important then anything - 'With great power comes great responsibility'. Something our "leaders" today could learn much from.

By the time Marvel published 'Marvel Premier 50' Stan had long moved from being a writer to simply being 'Stan Lee', the most famous face in the comics industry. He appeared on TV, in magazines, and every convention going, always promoting himself, and the company with his larger then life character, and such was the respect for him that even decades after he ceased to be directly related to Marvel, directors and producers still reached out to him to make cameos in all the big blockbusting marvel movies, something he appeared to relish.

While his passing is not that unexpected, it still leaves a hole that can never be filled. There will only ever be one Stan 'The Man' Lee. Excelsior!

Alice Cooper posted the following:
"Apart from being a hero in the comic world, Stan was so much fun to be around.  He had a regal air about him.  He was gracious to his fans too - he knew who he was to people and seemed to love every minute of it.  Of course MY absolute favorite thing about Stan Lee is that when Marvel drew me for my comic book, he made sure I had great abs. Thanks for that Stan!"

Catching Up 10 Nov 2018

I've been MIA for the last week in hospital for medical treatment, and would still be classified as 'walking wounded', but I'm finally in front of a screen so here's what's coming up and what's been happening the last week or so. Apologies for any repeated info.

Alice Cooper has been announced as performing at the Riverside Open Air Festival in Aarburg, Switzerland on August 31st 2019. This is the first 2019 show to turn up so expect lots more in the near future.

Dennis Dunaway is hosting a 'Live Launch' for his 'Cold Cold Coffin' film TODAY (G.B's Birthday)  from The Carriage House Studios, between 7PM and Midnight EST. The full event is planned to be webcast live for a cost of $5, and will feature the world premier of the 'Cold Cold Coffin'  rock cinema film.

A few new interviews/articles to cover: Park Point Globe has a show review, Kerrang has a short article on Alice's favourite Hallwoeen Costume, Metal Hammer has I think seven pages on Alice in the latest newstand edition, which is guest eddited by Rob Zombie, including the #1 Horror song for 'He's Back' and a long article.

Nita Strauss and Alice are on the front cover of the new holiday issue of Guitar World magazine. Speaking of Nita I recieved confirmation my copy of her new album has shipped (the CD at least, no sign of the vinyl yet) so that should be arriving with people Imminently.

Blue Coupe will be playing at the Electric Ballroom in New Jersey with Monster Magnet, Frankenstein 3000 and the Ribeye Brothers on December 30th. Tickets are available now.

Kane Roberts has released a video for new song 'Forever Out Of Place' and released a few more details about his new solo album. Alice Cooper appears on 'Beginning Of The End' along with Kip Winger who also appears on a few other tracks, with Ken Mary and Paul Taylor also popping up on the record. "The New Normal" is due on January 25th, 2019 via Frontiers Music Srl.

Nita On WWE Again 30 Oct 2018

Nita Strauss popped up at WWE Evolution 2018 a couple of days ago. It was the first ever all women pay-per-view wrestling event and to mark the occasion they had Nita and Lzzy Hale from Halestorm open the show. There a short video you can check out here. According to the comments Orianthi was also there.
Nita will also finish her Guitar Center dates with an appearance at the Hollywood Guitar Center in California on November 2nd.

A reminder that Dennis Dunaway will be signing at Little City Books, 100 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ tonight from 7pm. There will also be a Q&A, and music with guests Tish and Snooky.

Apparently Alice was on Amazon Music's 'Today In Music' yesterday talking about Halloween songs, which could be accessed if you had one of those Amazon Echo gizmos.

Kane Roberts has confirmed Nita Strauss is on the first track, 'King Of The World', on his forthcoming new album which is due in January  and should also including Alice going by previous comments.

This months 'Metal Hammer' magazine in the UK has 7 pages on Alice this month including the story behind 'He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)' which they have chosen as their #1 horror song for Halloween. The issue you want has Rob Zombie on the cover.

New Nita Solo Track 25 Oct 2018

Nita Strauss has released a new video for 'Pandemonium 2.0' from her forthcoming 'Controlled Chaos' solo album which is due on November 16th. You can still pre-order copies in various packages from Nita has also posted a short video featuring footage from her jam with Steve Vai and a little footage from the London Music show. KNAC have a new interview with Nita and there's video of her appearance on SiriusXM on YouTube.

Alice will be appearing at the Louisville Supercon which takes place between November 30th and December 2nd at the Kentucky International Convention Center.

The Des Moines Register has a review and photos from the Civic Center show.

Rock Titan have posted a great new interview with Calico Cooper talking about her career, her father, and Beasto Blanco.

Alice's personal assistant Kyler Clark has an exhibition of his Alice Cooper photographs called 'Feeding His Frankenstein' taking place at Found Object Records in Nashville, TN. It appears the exhibition will begin on October 31st with a 'soft opening' before the official launch event on November 10th between 6pm and 9pm. Limited edition prints will be available at the event.

Kane Roberts has announced his new solo album will be called 'The New Normal', to be released on January 25th, and has released the cover image to facebook, with more information promised later today. Previous posts over the last few months suggest that both Alice Cooper and Nita Strauss may be on the album. The album tracklisting is as follows:
1. King Of The World - 2. Wonderful - 3. Beginning Of The End - 4. Who We Are - 5. Forever out Of Place - 6. Leave This World Behind - 7. The Lion's Share - 8. Leave Me In The Dark - 9. Above And Beyond - 10. Wrong

Sideshow Toys are releasing a new Alice Cooper figure. The sixth scale action figure features two costumes with an asortment of extras, and will retail at a hefty $219. Pre-orders begin Today.

New Astroturf Video 18 Oct 2018

Good Records have released  a new promo video for the 'Live From The Astroturf' Record Store Day album which is due on November November 23rd. The track is 'Under My Wheels' and the video features footage from the show featuring the original Alice Cooper band. You can also see the video below.

December 14th sees the release of "MTV Unplugged 2 – Live vom Atlantik" by German star Udo Lindenberg. As the name suggests it's an acoustic live album and DVD, but of interest to us is a guest appearance by Alice himself on a cover of 'No More Mr Nice Guy'. You can check out a short video clip from the show here.

Houston Press has a short interview with Alice, while Glide Magazine has photos from the Atlanta show. Forbes magazine have a longer interview.

The Alice Cooper Band (Tommy, Chuck. Ryan and Glen) will play another special club show on October 25th at the Smiling Morse in Pittsburgh. Doors open at 10pm and support comes from 'Borstal Boys'. If you are wondering why Nita isn't playing at these band only shows it's simply because she's already booked doing guitar clinics so can't make them.

Speaking of Nita, there's a new interview with the lady from the Palace Theater in Albany courtesy of Q103 up on YouTube.

Ryan Roxie will also be making an appearance at Record Connection in Niles, OH on October 27th between 1 and 3pm for a meet and greet.

Dennis Dunaway, who will begin shooting his 'Cold Cold Coffin' film next week, will be signing and chatting at Little City Books in Hoboken, New Jersey on October 30th at 7pm. He's hoping to be back in Europe with Blue Coupe next summer for a major festival and hopefully a few more intimate shows. Let's hope the UK is included.

Chuck Garric, Chris Latham and Calico Cooper of Beasto Blanco will again be at this years 'Bowl For Ronnie', the charity bowling event set up for Ronnie James Dio's 'Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund'. The even takes place at PINZ Bowling in Studio City, CA and tickets are available now.

Alice Cooper Band Play Dallas 12 Oct 2018

The Alice Cooper Band (Tommy, Chuck, Ryan and Glen) will play a 'Pre-Show Party' at the 'Double Wide' in Dallas on Monday October 15th. Tickets are availabe now from


Full Astroturf Reunion Performance To Be Released 10 Oct 2018

This years Record Store Day on November 23rd will see the release on 'Good Records' of a special limited edition (3000) vinyl album featuring the original Alice Cooper band (with Ryan Roxie) recorded live at Good Records on October 6th 2015. This will be the full performance from the legendary night and will include a double sided 24”x36” poster, a 11”x11” 16 page booklet/program, 6 trading cards, each b-side of LP will feature a different member at random, there will be 10 different color variants at random in "mofi" sleeves and each silver foil board gatefold jacket will be stamped and numbered. Tracks list will be as follows: 1. Caught In A Dream 2. Be My Lover 3. I'm Eighteen 4. Is It My Body 5. No More Mr Nice Guy 6. Under My Wheels 7. School's Out 8. Elected.
Record Store Day releases are only available in limited numbers and generally only from small independent shops, so get to know you rlocal shop now and see if they can reserve you a copy.

There's new interviews with Alice at the News & Observer and Chattanooga Times. has photos and a review from the current tour.

Classic Rock has the story behind 'Elected' in a new article here.

Dennis Dunaway is featured at talking cars and the early days of Alice Cooper.

Nita Strauss is to be honoured at next years 'She Rocks' awards at the annual NAMM music show. The award goes to "women who stand out as role models in the music industry" and the the 7th annual live awards event will take place on Friday, January 25, 2019, at 7:30 p.m. at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA.

Beasto Blanco (with Chuck Garric and Calico Cooper) will be joining Megadeth and others on the first Megacruise in October next year.

Last week Damon Johnson shocked everyone by announcing he would be leaving Black Star Riders, the band he co-formed after Thin Lizzy called it a day, to concentrate on his solo career. Ramzine have an new interview with Damon talking about his decision, his new solo album 'Memoirs Of An Upraising' (out November 9th) and the future.

New Roxie Single and Video 04 Oct 2018

Ryan Roxie releases a new digital single from his excellent 'Imagine Your Reality' solo album tomorrow. The track is a stunning cover of Coldplay's 'God Put A Smile Upon Your Face', the closing track and possibly the highlight of the album. Roxie takes the rather insipid original and reinvents it as epic classic rock, destroying the Coldplay version completely. You can check out the new lyric video at YouTube or below, or on Spotify or iTunes.

The Hollywood Vampires will apparently be headlining this years 'Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding' show on December 8th at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. More performers will be announced over the coming weeks but tickets for the show will go on sale October 8th. This will be the 17th annual Pudding show, and as always will raise fund for Alice's 'Solid Rock' teen center. AZBigMedia has a few quotes from Alice as part of the show announcement. There's still no official release date for the second Vampire's studio album or the live album Alice has been talking about recently. have a new interview with Alice promoting the forthcoming show there. There's also an audio interview with ZackAttack from early September up on Soundcloud which I may have missed earlier.

Neal Smith Releases 'KillSmith Halloween' 02 Oct 2018

Neal Smith has released a new compilation album marking 10 years of his 'KillSmith' solo project. It comes on CD and digital download and can be ordered directly from Neal at The full press release with all the details runs as follows:

"This year marks the 10th anniversary of legendary Alice Cooper drummer & RnR Hall of Fame Inductee Neal Smith's first “KillSmith” solo CD. To celebrate, Neal has created a new 12 song compilation CD called “Neal Smith-KillSmith Halloween,” the best of KillSmith. It has 11 previously released KillSmith songs and features one brand new song called “Strychnine.”

"2018 not only marks the golden 50th anniversary of the original Alice Cooper Group, but it also marks the 10th anniversary of my “KillSmith” solo project. Since my last solo album “KillSmith & The Greenfire Empire,” I have been wanting to put together a compilation CD of my scariest and best “KillSmith” songs. I have chosen 11 of my songs plus a brand new bonus track called "Strychnine,” it's a killer! Get your downloads or CD's today! Happy Halloween to all of my sick things around the world! Play my “KillSmith Halloween” loud and let it scare the “HELL” out of you!" - Neal Smith

Neal Smith is best known worldwide for his innovative drumming and outrageous stage antics with the original Alice Cooper Group. His solid drumming is the hallmark sound behind such classic 1970's Alice Cooper hits as “School's Out,” “I'm Eighteen,” “Billion Dollar Babies” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy.” Neal is also a prolific songwriter, who helped pen many of the groups best known songs. Alice Cooper was the first band to introduce theatrics to the rock and roll stage, the group has sold over 25 million records worldwide. Neal has six gold and five platinum records to his credit and has performed before millions on extensive grand world tours from the late 1970's to the present. Smith's trademark drum style can be heard on additional albums, including the Billion Dollar Babies Band “Battle Axe,” The Plasmatics “Beyond The Valley Of 1984,” Buck Dharma “Flat Out,” Deadringer “Electrocution Of The Heart,” Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith “Back From Hell” and “BDS Live In Paris,” Cinematik “Cinematik” and “One Full Moon Away.” And Neal's most recent critically acclaimed solo project KillSmith. Neal's KillSmith CD's “Sexual Savior,” “KillSmith Two” and  “KillSmith & The Greenfire Empire,” garnered praise from fans and critics worldwide.

“KillSmith Halloween” Track List

Evil Voodoo Moon
Death By The Numbers
How Do You Bleed
Cemetery Of The Damned
Squeeze Like A Python
The KillSmith Overture
Thrill Thrill Thill Shoot To Kill
Die For The Night
Strychnine (New Song)
Dynasty Of Darkness
Monsters In The Attic

It's All About Nita 29 Sep 2018

Alice Cooper guitarist Nita Strauss has announced full details of her forthcoming solo album, 'Controlled Chaos' and a two month US tour to promote the record.
The instrumental album, which was financed via a highly successful kickstarter campaign, will be released on November 16th through Sumarian Records and there are now various pre-order bundles available through Nita has also released a preview video for 'Our Most Desperate Hours' which you can also see at YouTube. The self-produced album features the following tracks:
01. Prepare For War
02. Alegria
03. Our Most Desperate Hour
04. Mariana Trench
05. Here With You
06. The Stillness At The End
07. The Quest
08. Hope Grows
09. Lion Among Wolves
10. Pandemonium 2.0
11. The Show Must Go On

Blabbermouth have the full press release including words from Nita. You can also check out a new video interview with Nita over at MetalInjection.

To promote the album Nita will hit the road in the US during November and December on a co-headline tour with Angel Vivaldi. Again Blabbermouth have the press release.This would suggest there will either be no more Alice Cooper shows this year after the currently announced dates, or that if there are, Nita will not be part of them. The full list of dates is as follows with tickets on sale now and VIP upgrades also available.
Nov. 19 - New Bedford, MA @ Greasy Luck
Nov. 20 - Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge
Nov. 21 - Clifton, NJ @ Dingbatz
Nov. 23 - Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Baazar
Nov. 24 - Kent, OH @ Outpost Concert Spot
Nov. 25 - Detroit, MI @ The Loving Touch
Nov. 27 - Berwyn, IL @ Wire
Nov. 28 - Iowa City, IA @ Gabe's
Nov. 29 - Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room
Nov. 30 - Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater
Dec. 01 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Club X
Dec. 02 - Boise, ID @ The Shredder
Dec. 04 - Seattle, WA @ Club Sur Rocks
Dec. 05 - Portland, OR @ Paris Theatre
Dec. 06 - Orangevale, CA @ The Boardwalk
Dec. 07 - San Diego, CA @ Brick by Brick
Dec. 08 - Scottsdale, AZ @ Pub Rock
Dec. 09 - Los Angeles, CA @ 1720
Dec. 11 - Austin, TX @ Come and Take It Live
Dec. 12 - Houston, TX @ Scout Bar
Dec. 13 - Dallas, TX @ Trees
Dec. 14 - Memphis, TN @ Hi-Tone
Dec. 15 - Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
Dec. 16 - Orlando, FL @ The Haven
Dec. 17 - Margate, FL @ O'Malley's
Dec. 18 - Tampa, FL @ Crowbar
Dec. 19 - Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero
Dec. 20 - Richmond, VA @ Canal Club
Dec. 21 - Asbury Park, NJ @ House of Independents

Finally in this Nita-heavy news post the lady got the chance to meet her idol Steve Vai last night as part of Vai's 'Big Mama Jama Jamathon' in Los Angeles. The event runs over three days and consists of 52 hours of continuous music which Vai is directing. All proceeds go towards raising funds for 'Extraordinary Families', "a leading nonprofit foster family, adoption agency in the Los Angeles area, dedicated to improving the daily lives of children and youths in foster care". It appears the whole event is being streamed live at and as I'm typing this Vai himself has just joined in. Presumably video of Nita's appearance will appear somewhere shortly. Other musicians taking part include Steve Morse (Deep Purple), Dave Navarro (Jane's Addiction), Al Di Meola, Herman Lee (Dragonforce), Orianthi, Lee Ritenour, Derek Smalls (Spinal Tap), Vernon Reid (Living Colour), Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme) and a host of others.

In other news you may remember the recently released Alice Cooper pinball game, 'Nightmare Castle' which looks really cool if you have the cash for it. Well, a limited edition version has been released to raise funds for Alice's Solid Rock Teen Center. This version will be autographed by Alice and will come with a special "personalised package of collectable Alice Cooper memorabilia". You can get all the details at

Lastly another reminder that the competition to win tickets and travel to the Grand Rapids, MI show on October 29th is still running until October 11th. Again proceeds go to Solid Rock and you can enter as many times as you can afford, with the proceeds going to Alice's charity! The prize includes flights to Grand Rapids, VIP tickets, the chance to throw out balloons during the show and a personal meeting with Alice before the show. All the details can be found at Omaze.

Billboard in Times Square 24 Sep 2018

There's been a paranormal appearance in New York's Times Square this week via an advert for the 'Paranormal' album appearing on the NASDAQ video billboard, just as 100+ world leaders converge on the city for a United Nations conference.

Elsewhere this week Alice turns up briefly in the new video by The Struts called 'Primadonna Like Me'. You can see Alice around 1.27 into the video in a clip shot in Las Vegas recently.

Congratulations to Dennis Dunaway, and thank you to everyone who supported his 'Cold Cold Coffin' kickstarter campaign. The target was reached and surpassed so filming can go ahead shortly, with a release date aimed at being "before May" next year, although I wouldn`t be surprised if it's before that, as everyone involved has been itching to get going. More news as I get it. Anyone who pledged should get regular updates and exclusive behind the scenes info as the project moves forward.

Ultimate Classic Rock have a new interview with Alice talking about current projects and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 10 years on, coinciding with the release of the original induction performance on DVD.

Director John Carpenter has recently been talking about a possible TV series based on the 'Prince Of Darkness' film, which famously featured Alice. At the moment it seems to be just talk, but don't be surprised to see Alice make a cameo appearance should it happen. Pure speculation of course, but it seems to good an opportunity to miss if the show ever happens.

Five Days To Go 18 Sep 2018

There's just five days to go in Denis Dunaway's 'Cold Cold Coffin' kickstarter campaign and we're almost there. Dennis has been adding amazing incentives throughout the campaign and the newest addition could be the best value of all, and side-steps the issue fo the large postage costs outside the USA!
You can now pledge just $20 (approx £15) and get get access to digital downloads of all the exclusive new songs so far only offered on limited edition 7" vinyl. This includes six downloads: 'Cold Cold Coffin (Rock Cinema - the finished mini-movie when released)', 'Cold Cold Coffin (Arena Version)', 'Cold Cold Coffin (Original Demo)', 'When Your Friend Comes Around', 'Sound Of A (Demo Version'), and 'Fireball (Demo Version)', the later two being Dennis original versions for songs recorded by Alice on 'Paranormal' last year. And that's not all... Dennis has also thrown in his amazing solo album 'Bones From The Yard', making a total of 18 songs. If you don't already have the album it's one of the best records Dennis has ever done, and includes 'Subway', which formed the basis for 'A Runaway Train' from Alice's 'Welcome 2 My Nightmare' album. It's a classic record from start to finish. So eighteen tracks for £20 (£15) is a bargain and you wil be helping Dennis reach his goal. Also check out video messages posted including new vids from Cindy Smith Dunaway, producer Sean Quinn, and Dennis' daughter Renee.
I know we've been banging on about this campaign for a few weeks now, and I'm sure a few people are getting fed up with hearing it, but this is IMPORTANT. Dennis is IMPORTANT. He co-created everything Alice Cooper is about, from the songs, to the image, the theatrics, everything. Is $20 too much to ask, especially when you have a value for money option? £15 is just a few pints, a couple of packets of cigarette's, a takeaway pizza.. it really isn't that much to ask and if you've been scared off by the overseas postage fees (like I was), or the high prices of some of the rare items up for grabs, this is your chance to get involved AND get some great music in return. Please, please get involved and help Dennis reach his goal. We have just five days now and are so close.
All the info you need you can find at, and if you have previously pledged a small amount, you can easily upgrade to the download package by logging into the Kickstarter site. Other new incentives recently added include two more checks (the last two in existence I believe) featuring the autographs of ALL the original Alice Cooper band members including Glen, a poster of The Spiders at the VIP club, and original ultra-rare 70s t-shirts. Check out the site for more info.

In other news Alice and the Hollywood Vampire's popped up in Japan over the weekend for a private show on September 15th, and there were also Vampire's popup shops in Shibuya, Osaka and Tokyo selling Vampires merchandise which will also be available online shortly. This all came as a bit of a surprise, as it seemed the Vampires were done for the year when teh tour ended, but being a private corporate show presumably explains the lack of announcements about teh visit to Japan. Various videos and photos from the visit have been posted to the official facebook page.

Kerrang magazine have posted a review of the New York show which is worth checking out. I think they hit the nail on the head with a great review highlighting just why Alice Cooper is still the greatest show on earth, with some great photos as well.

Ultimate Classic Rock have a new article looking back at the promotion of 'Trash' in 1989, when Alice used a real garbage truck to promote the album.

Fifty Years Book Sample Pages 11 Sep 2018

Copies of the Deluxe limited (500 copies) edition of Martin Popoff's 'Welcome To My Nightmare - Fifty Years Of Alice Cooper' are now shipping and it's a very nicely put together package. The heavy A4 sized hardback book comes in a black presentation box and includes four card photo prints, three taken at Milton Keynes in 2006 and one on the 'Special Forces' tour at Hammersmith. The 240 page book itself runs through Alice Cooper history via important dates and quotes from various people that were involved in the events covered, including the original band and other musicians, producers, backstage crew, and friends. As with most books about Alice Cooper around 2/3rds of the text concentrates on the 1970s, with the last 100 or so pages covering the following 40 years, but at least they are mentioned! I haven't had a chance to read through it yet but it's all very nicely present with lots of photos and images. Certainly well worth getting while you can. You can still order a copy of this deluxe limited edition version, as well as the normal paperback version, at WymerUK, who have kindly sent me some sample pages for you to check out here.

Dennis Dunaway was on 'That Thing with Rich Appel' over the weekend and you can check out the full show here (the one you want is the latest 9/8/18 upload lasting 2:59.48).  Dennis appears a few times during the show.
Don't forget there's only 12 days to go to pledge to Dennis' 'Cold, Cold Coffin' video kickstarter project. Lots of amazing stuff to entice you to pledge, just wish I had the more money! If everyone chipped in just a few dollars to pre-order the finished film it would all help reach the target. It would be a huge shame if this didn't happen. Dennis also sends out regular updates on the project, and over the weekend he and the crew were out at a cold, cold castle, measuring up for sets and lighting in preparation for shooting the mini-film. Check it out here and donate if you can. Remember, this is Dennis Dunaway, founder member of Alice Cooper. The guy behind 'Black Juju', 'Under My Wheels' 'School Out', and all the classic songs Alice has built his career on. Surely there are more then 224 people (as of writing, thank you all) who can chip in a few dollars/pounds to help him out. Remeber you will only be charged if the campaign reaches it's target.

Digital Journal have a review of the Beacon Theatre show.

Guitar World have posted the latest Nita Strauss guitar tutorial. This one is on 'combining rhythm and lead playing'. You can find links to all of Nita's articles on one page here.

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