Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

Alice Speaks about New Album/Tour 31 Mar 2005

Rolling Stone has a new interview with Alice talking about the forthcoming album and tour which is SO mouthwatering I'll reprint some highlights here:
'Cooper describes the title track of 'Dirty Diamonds' as an "epic", similar to his multilayered 1971 song "Halo of Flies." "I tried to make it as cinematic as possible -- so it's definitely got a little bit of a John Barry-ish, James Bond-ish thing," he says. "I think if this song had come out five months earlier, it would've been in the movie Sin City, because it has that kind of mentality to it."'
Another new tune is "The Saga of Jesse Jane," the tale of a cross-dressing truck driver. "There's always three or four pretty funny songs," Cooper says, "and a couple of great ballads. But we pride ourselves on the rock & roll."
Cooper is preparing to debut his new live show, the 'Dirty Diamonds Revue', in Australia and Europe this summer, with Kiss drummer Eric Singer part of the band once again. According to Cooper, the tour -- which will feature "a lot of classic hits, a couple of pretty good stage tricks and a full-out production" -- should make it's way to the U.S. by September.

Holland Date 31 Mar 2005

Thanks to Vlad for spotting this article at The Telegraaf site relating to yesterdays Dutch date release (see right). It's in Dutch of course but there is a pic..

Also: The KFIX feed last night had serious connection problems for some, due to so many people trying to connect (no surprise there). They are aware and will hopefully do something to help fix the problem. (Thanks WeirdKat)

UK Tour Advert On TV 30 Mar 2005

Thanks to Carol for spotting that Kerrang TV in the UK is currently running an advert for the UK tour and the forthcoming new album.

Another Nights Netfeed 30 Mar 2005

Just like London buses, after a year with no netfeeds at all, now two come along at almost the same time. First there was The Giant in Thunder Bay, and now there's KFIX who have started netcasting the show and this time it runs LIVE from 7pm-midnight local time (Midnight-5am UK).

New Calico Movie 27 Mar 2005

According to Walter Ruether (via IRECOND4U) Calico Cooper has just signed on to play a small part in his upcoming horror movie called "Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest" which is scheduled for DVD release in October 2005.
He says "Calico's scene will be very similar to Alice's role in John Carpentars 'Prince of Darkness' and will be filmed in Phoenix, Arizona sometime this month. Unlike 'The Curse of El Charro', Calico will have lines in this movie, which is a series of short films, hosted by Scarlet Fry."

Producer Named, Album Finished 24 Mar 2005

On last nights 'Nights With Alice Cooper' Alice confirmed that the new album is complete, and was produced by Steve Lindsey (who co-produced 'Stand' for Alice on the 'Unity' album, plus Leonard Cohen, Elton John amd Aaron Neville). Also, Ryan Roxie has confirmed that Teddy Zigzag also performs on the album.
NOTE: Tommy Clufetos has recorded the album. Eric Singer will presumably be on the tour.

New US Show 23 Mar 2005

August 26th - Atlanta, GA - Chastain Park

Eric is Back! 23 Mar 2005

Well it's been confirmed, thanks to an email from Ryan Roxie sent to board member 'from_the_inside'. Eric Singer is back with Alice at the moment. Somewhat of a surprise as last we heard from departing drummer Tommy he was looking forward to playing on the new album!!
This now places the current band personal at Ryan Roxie and Damon Johnson on guitar, Chuck Garric on bass and the returning Eric Singer on drums.
The album is still said to be due in June or thereabouts, and is also said to be a continuation of the "Eyes.." style with a few twists including the title track, "Dirty Diamonds", that Alice has discribed as "an epic". Sounds good!
Check out for a few pics of Alice at the charity basketball patch last week (thanks WeirdKat).

Something Fishy About New Book 21 Mar 2005

According to The Press Telegram there's a new book, apparently with Alice content, released in the US on May 15th called "Celebrity Fish Talk: Tales of Fishing from an All-Star Cast," (Sports Publishing LLC, $19.95) by sportswriter Dave Strege. It also includes stories about Kevin Costner, Charlton Heston, Greg Norman, Dan Rather, Clint Black and Sports Illustrated model Kathy Ireland.
AmazonUK have it now for advance order and appears to feature Alice Cooper on the cover.

More Golf 21 Mar 2005

Alice is listed as competing at the Toyota Kraft Nabisco hole-in-one contest at College Golf Center in Palm Desert, CA at 4pm today, March 21st. He's at the main competition tomorrow at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California.

New Interview 20 Mar 2005

The Navajo Times has an interesting article based around the recent charity basketball game Alice took part in. It includes some background about the event and a few words from Alice.

Tour News 20 Mar 2005

According to Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, ALICE COOPER will be touring heavily around the world in support of his upcoming album, 'Dirty Diamonds', due out through Spitfire later this year. The tour is tentatively scheduled to hit Australia (already confirmed here for June/July), Japan, Europe, North America, South America then back to Europe. Joining Cooper on the road once again will be KISS drummer Eric Singer. Shows will include such opening acts as CHEAP TRICK (North America), BILLY THORPE (Australia) and TWISTED SISTER (Europe). Sources say that "this is going to be one of Alice's biggest shows yet with many of the classic gimmicks returning as will as some new dirty diamond surprises."

ALSO: A Los Angles Show at the Greek Theater has appeared for September 16th.

Alice Cooper on Free CD 19 Mar 2005

Tomorrows issue of 'The News Of The World' will feature a free CD (possibly only in certain areas) which has an Alice track on it. It's being advertised on UK TV today, but there's no Alice content in the advert other then his name.

Tribute Reissue 19 Mar 2005

CDUniverse is listing an album called "Welcome To My Nightmare: An All-Star Salute To Alice Cooper" which is in fact a reissue of the "Hunamary Stew" tribute album from a few years ago, with three more recent bonus tracks by Children Of Bordom ('Bed Of Nails'), Iced Earth ('Dead Babies') and Icarus Witch ('Roses On White Ace'). It's out on March 29th in the USA on the Cleopatra label.

Alice Cooper in WWE Top 50 16 Mar 2005

Alice's appearance on Wrestlemania III seems to have been placed in the 'Top 50 Moments In Wrestlemania History' at
(thanks Brad)

First US Date Appears 15 Mar 2005

Alice Cooper + Cheap Trick
Where: Wolftrap Farm, Vienna, VA
When: Thursday, August 25, 2005 @ 8:00 PM

Also, Alice has been anounced as taking part in the Kraft Nabisco Golf Championship at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage, California on March 22nd-23rd.

Alice In New Book 15 Mar 2005

Alice Cooper, along with Grace Slick, Richard Pryor and others, is featured in a new book by Gary Stromberg and Jane Merrill called 'The Harder They Fall'. The book "shows the extreme highs and the deep lows that each of the celebrities experienced and how they were all able to find a way out to a better and even more successful life, free of drugs and alcohol." The book claims to include a "lengthy" interview with 21 stars including Alice.
You can pre-order it now from Amazon. It's due April 15th. The book has its own website at

More Basketball 15 Mar 2005

The Gallup Independent has a follow-up story to their news about the Basketball game on Saturday, which features short interviews with both Alice Cooper and Sheryl Cooper.

Paris 13 Mar 2005

The Paris Olympia site shows Alice Cooper playing there on July 11th. Tickets are on sale now.

Classic Rock Free DVD 12 Mar 2005

Forgot to mention this earlier this week. The new issue of Classic Rock magazine comes with a free DVD which features 'School's Out' from 'Brutally Live' as the first track.

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