Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

Been Caught Stealing 30 Apr 2005

Alice premiered 'Steal That Car' last night on 'Nights with Alice Cooper'. Another uptempo track. You can post your opinions on the message board.

New Dennis Dunaway Interview 30 Apr 2005

Thanks to Melody Black for spotting this long Dennis Dunaway Interview over at Classic Rock Revisted. Lots of cool stuff included.

Small Items 29 Apr 2005

1. The BBC are using 'Elected' to advertise their forthcoming UK election coverage.

2. Spitfire Records is to get a relaunch in the US which will include cutting the prices of their back catalogue, which includes 'Brutal Planet', 'Dragontown' and 'The Eyes Of Alice Cooper'.

More nights guests. 29 Apr 2005

Upcoming on "Nights With Alice Cooper":
Tuesday 3rd - Along with new track "Zombie Dance" Alice will be chatting with David Duchovney
Wednesday 4th - Alice is in London for the Cream shows and talks to Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath
Friday 5th - Alice chats to Ted Nugent!

Also: According to a email from Fanfire this morning they are stopping the UK tour package sales as of May 4th, some months before originally stated. At that point any unsold tickets put aside for the packages will assumably become available via venues and ticket agencies.

And more Australia! 28 Apr 2005

Another Australian show has turned up for June 27th '05 in Gold Coast, Australia at the Twin Towns Showroom.
(Thanks Tomasz)

Zombie Dance and Detroit Nights 28 Apr 2005

Detroit News has a new interview and photo about the launch of the 'Nights with Alice Cooper' radio show in the Detroit area on WCSX-FM. The station is only airing three hours of the show though from 10pm to 1am Detroit time.

Also: 'Zombie Dance', from the forthcoming 'Dirty Diamonds' album, will be the preview track on Tuesday 3rd May's show according to United Stations, although the shows full playlist is yet to be confirmed.

Also: For the more technically minded Blabbermouth are reporting that 'HipTunes' will be auctioning off an Alice Cooper "HipTunes wallet/case belt". This seems to be some sort of belt that houses an IPod. Quote: "Each creation for this project is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art that will be auctioned off on eBay starting Friday, April 29, and will run through May 28. On Thursday, April 28, Genre Collection will be unveiling these celebrity designed HipTunes belts at an exclusive event at The Spider Club in Los Angeles. MAC Cosmetics will be creating artistic designs on the bodies of the models wearing the belts. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to VH1 Save the Music, The Lancelot H. Owens Scholarship Foundation, St. Jude's Research Hospital, Hollygrove Children and Family Services, Sabrina Love Foundation and the Wes Wehmiller Scholarship."
Going by a similar item for Steven Tyler, it does appear that the winning bidder will get a bit more then just an IPod pouch but I haven't located anything to say what will be in the Alice Cooper package.

And lastly: Eric Dover and Sextus will be playing two shows at the Cat Club in North Hollywood on May 4th and 18th. More shows to follow.

German Release 28 Apr 2005

Thanks to Jan Coop who reports he's been told by a German promotor that the new 'Dirty Diamonds' album is due to be released in Germany on July 4th through Eagle/Edel. This seems to comfirm that while Alice has left Spitfire/EagleRock in the USA, the new album will still be released by them in Europe. While this is just the German release date, it's probably a resonable guess that the the UK would be the same day, with the US maybe the following day (as US new releases come out on a Tuesday there, not Monday) but this is yet to be confirmed and only speculation at this point.

Another Roxie Interview 27 Apr 2005

Ryan seems to be a busy boy at the moment. Following on from our own interview with him a few days ago, check out The Rock and Roll Geek Show for an audio interview. It's available in MP3 format but beware as it's about 28 meg so will take a while to download on a slow connection.

Steal That Car! 27 Apr 2005

According to United Stations (who produce the show) the next new 'Dirty Diamonds' song to be premiered on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' will be 'Steal That Car' which will be played this coming Friday. Still no news on what label the album will come out on or an exact release date.

Also coming up this week: Television and film star Dennis Miller Tonight and NBC TV show executive David Selltzer tomorrow.

Peace, Love and Ryan Roxie 25 Apr 2005

Alice Cooper guitarist/songwriter Ryan Roxie talks Eyes, Roxie77, poker, golf carts AND answers some questions asked by members of the message board in a great new interview exclusively for SickthingsUK. Check it out in the interviews section.

Also: KSHE95 have a short quote drom Alice about the new Album, 'Dirty Diamonds'.

Sunday Times 24 Apr 2005

There is a minor mention on The Sunday Times site in an article about the top 10 sporting rockstars.

Woman of Mass Distraction 23 Apr 2005

Yup, despite endless netfeed problems Alice played a track from "Dirty Diamonds" tonight on his radio show. 'Woman Of Mass Distraction' was, as he promised, a slice of AC/DC-like rock and roll, but he also said that there is lots of diversity on the album this time, with some songs not sounding like anything you would expect from Alice Cooper. He also promised to play more tracks in the run up to the album release.

AC in Long Island 22 Apr 2005

Alice Cooper and Cheap Trick will be playing on August 28th '05 in Long Island, NY at Brookhaven Amphitheater. See here
(thanks Steve)

Alice on Detroit TV 22 Apr 2005

Alice Cooper turned up of a Detroit TV channel this morning to advertise the new Detroit affliate for the "Nights..." radio show. As the weather guys on the channel are fans he ended up doing the weather with them with what looks like amusing results.
You can watch a short clip from another channel reporting his appearance here (righthand click and "save as").
(Thanks to Essay)

UPDATE: It appears you can see the original footage now here.
(Thaks Dannorama)

Colorado Show 22 Apr 2005

September 5th '05 - Pueble, Colorado, Colorado State Fair Grandstand (w/ Cheap Trick)
(thanks Marjie)

AC+CT in NY 21 Apr 2005

Alice will play August 30th '05 in Syracuse, NY at the State Fair Grandstand with Cheap Trick.
(Thanks Hunter)

Radio Show Arrives In Detroit 20 Apr 2005

According to Detroit News The 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio finally gets an afliate in Detroit at WCSX from Thursday 28th April. Says Alice "This is where I want to be -- on the air at WCSX in Detroit, my hometown! I grew up on the great free-form FM rock and roll stations of the past, so I'm bringing a little bit of that excitement back to radio. I know you're ready for this kind of rock and roll, and in fact, if anybody gets this show, it'll be Detroit."
Note: The station will be airing three hours of the five hour show only.
Upcoming guests on the show include the band 'Heaven And Earth' tonight, (consisting of ex-members of Deep Purple, Heart, Black Sabbath) and Kelly Hansen, who is the new lead singer of Foreigner. Then tomorrow (thursday) it's Steve Vai!
UPDATE: And on friday, the moment we've been waiting for! Quote: Alice gives an exclusive sneak peak at HIS new album "Dirty Diamonds" which doesn't come out until June!

Hammersmith? 19 Apr 2005

X-FM radio in London are currently running a story about Alice Cooper playing a one off show at Hammersmith Odeon on June 27th. They even have it on their website here.
This is a press release for LAST YEARS SHOW. Alice will be in Australia on that date so it looks like this is a mistake on the part of X-FM. More info if I get it.

Another Australian Show 19 Apr 2005

After the addition of a second Perth show a few days ago we now have a third Sydney area show on June 26th at the Evan Theatre at Penrith.
(Thanks Rossi)

B.D.S. On Video 17 Apr 2005

Bouchard, Dunaway and Smith, featuring Dennis Dunaway and Neal Smith along with Joe Bouchard (Blue Oyster Cult), will be featured on a new DVD recorded at the Helen Wheels tribute show in New York back in December 2001. The DVD will also feature performances by Buck Dharma (BOC), Manitoba's Wild Kingdom, the Brain Surgeons (Al Bouchard), Static Cling, Tish and Snooky, Crispin Cioe and many of these musicians playing together. It also features interviews with performers and audience members and backstage footage. You can get 'To Helen With Love' here.

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