Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

Pyromusic have posted a review of the Penrith show which includes a few photos of the show.

"Dirty Diamonds" will be the 'Album Of The Week' from 4 July on BBC Radio Two on "The Ken Bruce Show".

UPDATE: Tomorrow's edition of The Sun UK newspaper (Friday, 29 June) will carry a 4/5 review for the new album 'Dirty Dlamonds'.

UPDATE: The June issue of "Now" magazine in the UK apparantly has 2 pages on Alice, one being a photo.

UPDATE: Alice will be interviewed on Channel 4's T4 at 12.30pm on Saturday, July 2nd

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Posted on 30 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

Damon Johnson, currently on tour with Alice in Australia, has updated his page with news of the Eric Singer and Friends show.. and the BIG news that they will be filming the Swiss show for a possible DVD later this year! No official confirmation as yet and it's probably a ways off but still something to look forward to!

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Posted on 30 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

More info on Virgin Radio Classic Rock, the station that began to broadcast the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show in the UK this week. The station is available on DAB (digital radio) in London, on SkyTV and Online throughout the rest of the UK. The station will be available on DAB in other parts of the UK as new digital multiplexes become available.

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Posted on 30 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

September 29th - Clearwater, Ruth Eckerd Hall
Price: $37.50/42.50

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Posted on 29 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

There's a small Alice article and pic in the radio section of the new Radio Times (UK) in relation to the upcoming Razor Cuts radio show airing on Virgin Radio on the 3rd July. reports that The Stooges first two studio albums, 1969's 'The Stooges' and 1970's 'Fun House', will be reissued in special expanded editions with an introduction on 'The Stooges' penned by shock-rocker Alice Cooper. These are set for August 16th release through Rhino.

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Posted on 29 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

Albuquerque tickets for the show on Sept 10th go on sale at 9 a.m. Mountain Standard time on Saturday, July 9 at ticketmaster, but ticket packages go on sale, June 29 at 10 a.m. via Fanfire.
(Thanks Brett)

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Posted on 29 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

A cool new article has appeared at the The American Chronicle that covers Alice's career with words from the man himself.

Ryan Roxie has submitted a song called 'Psycho Fighter' that will be included in the Horror anthology 'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest', starring Calico Cooper. "The song will fit perfect in our movie" says the producers and will feature Chuck Garric & Tommy Clufetos from the Alice cooper band, as well as John Corabi (Motley Crue) on guitar. 'Junkfood Horrorfest' will be available on DVD later this year. Stay tuned for further info on this film as it happens. The premeire is scheduled for Oct 2005 In the Dungeon at Cooperstown in Phoenix! More info at but beware as it contains explicit gore!

KissKollector has a review of the Eric Singer and Friends show the other night. Calico joined the band to sing a few songs!! Also check out the Roxie77 Yahoo Group for another review and some pics.

There will be an Alice Cooper radio special on Kerrang! Radio from 9.00am to 12noon UK time on Sunday 17th July.

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Posted on 28 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

Thanks to Maria for sending in a translation of the long Sweden Golf interview mentioned a couple of times below.

Sweden Golf - July 2005
Alice in Golfland

When Alice Cooper threw up blood in the morning he would rinse his mouth with whiskey. But the heavymetal-icon realized his lifestyle was leading him towards an early death and decided to go from drinks to golf. This summer he plays in Sweden.

Text: Carl Magnus Hellsten
Photos: Harry How/public press

Alice Cooper is the terrifying shockrocker who chops the heads of chickens in his shows and brings poisonus snakes on stage. In the beginning it was called shockrock and was judged by both parents and teachers claiming the music scared their children. There was a time when Alice Cooper rather hung out with Jack Daniel's than spending time with his family and when he woke up after rough partynights he would vomit blood. Still he reached for the whiskeybottle and rinsed his mouth with whiskey.
The lifestyle was on its way to become Alice Cooper's death. That was 23 years ago. Today 57-year-old Alice Cooper is on first tee at seven o'clock in the morning.

That's his schedule, six days a week. At least.

- My wife thinks I went from one bad habit to another.

I hope she's joking.......Alice Cooper is in California to play a pro-am before a competition on the LPGA-tour and we meet the rocklegend in the lounge at a luxury hotel in Palm Springs.

How would you describe yourself, who is......"The man behind the mask"?

- I'm two persons. Not on stage I'm always like this, calm, nice, pretty anonymus and an ordinary person. On stage I'm Alice Cooper and that role isn't close to how I really am as a person. I think it's about the same for Anthony Hopkins and his character Hannibal Lecter in the movie "Silence of The Lambs". How can that sympathic, English gentleman be such a terrible angry, aggressive and arrogant maniac who eats people? It's the same for Alice Cooper. I know Anthony and we have talked about it.

So why did you create Alice Cooper?

- I wanted to be the Captain Hook of rock 'n' roll. There were so many Peter Pan's out there and there was needed a Captain Hook and I was happy to take on that role.

You were born as Vincent Furnier but Alice Cooper is now your real name, what do I call you?

- Everyone says Coop. I used to call Gary Cooper Coop, so I like that.

Right before your two shows in Stockholm and Gothenburg are two Europetourcompetitions in Sweden. Would you like to join their pro-am?

- If it fits my schedule - sure. Tell those responsible for Scandinavian Masters and Scandinavian TPC, hosted by Annika, to send me invitations and we'll see if a solution can be worked out. It would be a lot of fun.

Have you booked any times to play in Sweden?

- No. Callaway always sets everything up and directly when I land I get information on where and when I'll play. I have played five, six courses in the Stockholm area and around 10 golf courses on other places in Swedes and have got good impressions from all golf courses.

Do you map out the golf courses?

- No. For me a golf course is a golf course. Too many golfers think too much about the esthetic around the golf course. I have played many golf courses which were not so beautiful but a very tough challenge. Then I have played beautiful, but simple golf courses. The only thing I care about is to get from tee to green on as few hits as possible and then to get the putts in.

Do you plan your tours after how good the local golf courses are?

- No, even though I play six days/week golf is still at the second place. It's the music I make a living of.

The pro at the local club in small Karlshamn gets a call in his shop an early Saturday. The person calling wants to book a time. The pro hangs up, and walks, a bit confused to the reception which handles the bookings and says "Someone called and said Alice Cooper would like to play here today. They wondered if we could come and pick him up at the hotel in town.
- Alice Cooper! The hardrocker!? Sure, we believe that.....
Answers the skeptical person working in the reception. After another hour the phone rings again. It's the staff at the hotel on Varvsgatan saying there are two gentlemen in the foyer waiting for the ordered limousine to take them to the golf course. It's Alice Cooper and his caddie.....

The golf club in Blekinge sends for a taxi and then gives Alice Cooper a free greenfee as compensation.

- How I ended up at Karlshamn Golf Club?
I had played a rockfestival nearby and went a golf round there after performing. Now Fanny Sunesson, Nick Faldo's ex-caddie, wants me to come to her homeclub so we can play together.

Do you meet fans out on the golf course?

- It happens and what I really like with golf in Sweden is that it's not a snobbish sport but something anyone can do. In countries such as England, French, and Germany golf is still so big deal and you almost have to belong to the right social circles in order for it to be accepted.

Are the fans shocked that Alice Cooper plays golf?

- Not after 23 years.....but they were in the beginning.
What maybe surprised them most was that I actually played well and won a couple of competitions. I mean, it's like if Marilyn Manson turned out to be a pretty good tennisplayer. How strange wouldn't that be? It's the same with Alice Cooper, but I have always liked that dynamic in my life - I can be the most shocking rocker on the planet and still go out and play golf with Jesper Parnevik and Annika S'renstam - without losing too big.

What do you think about our Swedish worldnumberone?

- I know Annika, we are both Callawayplayers. S'renstam is the national treasure of Sweden - and I think she is the world's best golfer - regardless of gender. Annika has been more consistent in winning than Tiger and her results for this year is amazing. She is the one who really attracts the audience to the competitions.

Are you going to visit Annika Academy which opens in Orlando next year?

- I didn't know she is going to start a school, but it will surely be successful because there are so many men who want her swing. It is not only girls who should try to take after her swing and I tell male golfers who want to be better to look at how the proladies play - they have better rhytm and balance.

And Jesper Parnevik?

- He is "great" and the one who brought style to the tour. More of the young players start to dress better and more modern but who started it? Parnevik. He came out there with tight trousers, in sharp colours and with the right belts. Jesper is the best dressed golfer, next are Aaron Baddeley and Ian Poulter.

Who dresses the worst?

- Duffy Waldorf, without doubt.

You have called Parnevik "the Swedish pimp"!

- What I meant is that he dresses like one, but he plays better than a "pimp".

Would you consider playing in pink trousers?

- Oh yes, that would be no problem. I like strong colours and actually own several pink pants but tell Jesper I want a pair of J Lindeberg, because their model is really cool.

When you visited the conservative Los Angeles Country Club the first time you wore cut-off jeans and a t-shirt.....How do you dress today?

- A bit more adapted golfclothes....from Izod. The colours are often black and white, this week I have a light pink shirt and a pair of dark trousers.

What is your handicap?

- Right now, 5. But I'm going down towards 3-4.

When was the last time you drank alcohol?

- 23 years ago - when I started playing golf. My wife's and my dad's different parishes prayed for my life at the same time when I was in a hospital and when I came out from it I was cured. And I have never had a relapse. When I see a drink it's like putting a loaded gun against my forehead, and if I drink - it goes off!

Golf was a way to get away from the booze?

- Exactly. As an artist you have a lot of spare time and for me I had to fill that void with something good. I have always been an athlete, played a lot of baseball when I grew up, and actually had a record in track in Phoenix.
Golf was perfect, a lot thanks to the baseball as the coordination was in my body. When I swung a golfclub it felt as natural as swinging a bat.

Had you survived without golf?

- Only if I found something else to fill my time with....but I'm really glad it was golf. I have played five, six days/week for 23 years and never felt I did not want to play. That's amazing.

Do you think golf had been able to save the lives of other rocklegends?

- No, at least not my old friends Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon and Janis Joplin. I can't imagine anyone of them would play golf! They were all my partyfriends, I grew up with them and was sort of the little guy in the gang - they were my older brothers and sister.

Who all died young.

- Yes, but none of them really had to die. The only problem was they lived up to their images. When Jim Morrison got off the stage he still tried to be Jim Morrison - he was Jim Morrison 22 hours/day and that kills you rather fast.


- You never get a break. Look at Keith Moon - he lived 100 years during his 27 years short life. He was always Keith Moon, always high. I could sit at a table where there were a candybowl filled with different pills, when Jim Morrison came in he got a handful and rinsed them down with a bottle of booze.
It was never about if they would die, but when. I miss them all, but am not surprised they died. Therefore I'm glad I'm only the rocker Alice Cooper when I'm on the stage.

What does the rocker Alice think about you playing golf?

- He hates golf! Give him a golfclub on stage and he will use it as a weapon. He sees the golfclub as a tool to kill someone with.

What is the most shameful you have done at the course?

- Remember I'm not the rocker Alice when I play golf....I have never thrown the golfclub in frustration over a bad hit, I just say - "so what". Sometimes you need a bad score in order to appreciate the good scores. I have had 67 one day and 87 the next day.

What are you best at - "singing or swinging"?

- Singing is the easiest thing in the world for me. When I'm on the stage with my band I feel completly secure and comfortable. Because I play so much golf I have the same feeling when I come to the first tee - it does not scare me at all. I normally participate in the pro-am-competition for the Phoenix Open which is watched by 100 000 people. Then I play my best, last year I had six birdies and finished the TPC Scottsdale on a score of 71.

Phoenix Open is a kind of Party Open. Is there enough rock 'n' roll in golf?

- Good question....There are at least very many heavymetalbands who play golf and many of the guys who have their bodies covered with tattoos play. All in my band play, all in Iron Maiden too, just as Iggy Pop, Lou Reed and the guys in Judas Priest.

Which is your favourite golf course to play?

- If I had to select one golf course to play every day for the rest of my life it would be Muirfield Village in Columbus, Ohio.

You turned 57 in February and are old enough for the Champions Tour.... - I have already played with some of the "old men", amongst others Tom Watson, and do good for a while but eventually they will win with a few points. If I took two years off and worked intense with David Leadbetter I might have a small, small chance to be on the tour.
Have you come up with songs during a round?

- No, never.

In "The Man of The Year" you play golf with the President. Which one?

- That song is not about me but about a made-up character. A guy who has everything in life - the most beautiful wife, the best family, the finest clothes, the best job, and even gets to play golf with the Preisdent. Despite that he sits with a gun in his mouth, ready to pull the trigger and kill himself. Why? Obviously there is something missing in the guy's life, not materialistic, but rather spiritually.

Have you played with any President?

- Yes, Gerald Ford. And I have partipicated in the same competitions as George Bush the older. For his son, the current President, I have given him a Callawaydriver. I was visiting in the White House and there was recently a new driver released which I brought as a gift. I asked a friend who works for the CIA to go and put it on the table in the Oval Office. Later I saw a photo from when the President played golf - and used my golf club.

What do you think about George W Bush?

- I'm really not politically interested but I have no problems with him and he got my vote in the latest election. Our nation is at war and then we need a "bulldog" as President, not a pacifist. In peacetime maybe he would not fit but Bush is the John Wayne of the White House and right now, right guy at the right place.

How is it going for your charity competition?

- Good. It's called "Solid Rock Foundation" and during eight years we have raised more than $1 000 000 and I personally make sure that each penny goes to children in need. The fond has for example been able to build a recreationcenter for an Indian tribe in a innertownarea where they earlier had big problems with gangviolence, criminality and drugs. Now our center is a meetingplace for all, they come to hang out, surf on the net in the computerroom or maybe play some basketball.

You also own a restaurant in Phoneix?

- Yes, Cooperstown. It's a kind of a sportsbar where on the walls also hangs guitars from Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac and Motely Crue. They are all my friends who have been in town and visited. Otherwise there are most things from local sportstars and I like the concept sport and rock 'n' roll.

What do you recommend from the menu?

- Our BBQ has for several years been chosen to the very best in Arizona. As first course I think you take a crab dip and then our "Tony La Russa's St. Louis Ribs". For dessert it's a brownie with vanilla ice cream which is big enough for four people. It is normally served in a big bowl where everyone gets a spoon and eats from different directions.

And then "Poison Pale Ale" to drink......?

- That's a tequiladrink.....I don't drink alcohol anymore, but you go ahead and have one!


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Posted on 27 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

Late notice but Alice Cooper will be on the Steve Wright radio show on Radio 2 sometime in the next few hours. We only just found out so sorry for late notice. Steve Wright is the guy Alice presented that life time award to at the Sony awards a few weeks ago.

UPDATE: You can now listen to the interview here.

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Posted on 27 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

Thanks to Monika at for pointing me to this review of the Enmore Theater show. A good one to counteract some of the rather confusing ones we've seen so far! No doubts that this reviewer enjoyed the show!

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Posted on 27 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

The Australian have posted a show review.

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Posted on 26 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

On Air NOW on French radio channel RTL is a two hour programme from 11pm-1am called "Saga" which is basically two hours of Alice Cooper!! You can listen online and the link above by selecting "Emissions" from the menu and the first option. They are playng 'Dirty Diamonds' tracks as well, but as my French is non-existant I couldn't tell you much about what the DJ's actually saying, but they are interviewing Alice with dubbed French voiceover!! The site also has a lengthy article in French.
(thanks Patrick)

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Posted on 25 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

FasterLouder in Australia have a new long interview up today with Alice.
(Thanks Des)

The new issue of 'Classic Rock Magazine' (UK) has a fullpage advert for 'Dirty Diamonds' on it's back page and a 7/10 review inside.
(Thanks Brian, Baz)

UK Radio: Stuart Maconie's Critical List on Radio 2, Saturday 9th July 2005 at 20:30 to 21:30. This is a series in which Stuart Maconie suggests albums that should be in the collection of every popular music aficionado. This week the spotlight is on Alice Cooper's album 'Billion Dollar Babies'.
(thanks Steve)

A New station, 100.5 Max-FM, have just picked up the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' radio show and are airing it from 7pm-midnight local time.
(thanks WickedLittleLady)

Next week on 'Nights with Alice Cooper' Alice continues to broardcast from Australia. On Wednesday he chats to Roger Glover (of Deep Purple) and on Thursday to Dan Ackroyd (repeat?)

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Posted on 25 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK have just listed a show in Oslo for August 4th at the Sentrum Scene. Tickets are on sale July 1st.
(thanks Terje)

As reported yesterday Alice`s radio show is coming to the UK on Virgin Classic Rock, which seems to be a digital and internet station. The show starts on June 27th and runs week nights from 6pm-10pm.

The Sydney Morning Herald has a review of the Elmore Theater show including a cool pic of Alice onstage. Kind of a mixed review, with a few of the normal lazy journalistic errors ('Be My Frankenstein'??).

There is now a review, by me for what its worth, of the new 'Dirty Diamonds' album up in the reviews section. Lots of spoilers so don't read if you don't wanna know.

Gettyimage have some great photos up now from the Sydney show. You can see large versions by clicking on the thumbnails but they are watermarked. Just do a search for "Alice Cooper" and they'll come up.

Lastly: Alice's interview with Brian May on last nights radio show is now online at

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Posted on 24 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

Melodic have posted 1 minute samples of the first five tracks from 'Dirty Diamonds' the new Alice Cooper album due 4th July in UK/Europe and August 2nd in North America.
(thanks Vain)

More Alice press in Australia. Both "The Age" and The Mercury" newspapers included coverage with photos on their front pages. The Mercury included a one page story.
(Thanks Martin)

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Posted on 24 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

The Examiner in Tasmania has a short story relating to Alice's show there on July 1st. It's about a couple of fans who are hosting a look-a-like competition! have an interview with Eric Singer today, based around the shows He and the band are doing without Alice. Mainly they ask about Kiss unfortuantly but it has a cool pic of Eric at the top of the page.

Setlist for last nights show was the same as Newcastle. See the forum for reports and the first report of a VIP package and what happens.

Update: The "Sweden Golf" magazine interview mentioned a while back is now online here. It's in a .PDF file so you`ll need to have the software to read it, and in Swedish obviously, but there are a few cool pics.
(thanks Maria)

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Posted on 23 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

Big news today is that Virgin Radio in the UK have just announced that the "Nights With Alice Cooper" radio show will begin airing in the UK. No date has been announced yet for the first show but I'll post an update if I find out more. Read the short announcement here.
In addition to that Alice to appear on Virgin radio at 8.00pm on 3rd July in a Razor Cuts special.

Also.. The transcript of the "Enough Rope" Australian TV show is now up on the show website for all to read. I'm hoping to get video of this one soon and will try and post it here.
(Thanks to Stefan, Desley)

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Posted on 22 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

Alice was on Australian TV this morning on Channel 9 early morning News show "Today". He gave a brief interview, which included a clip of Alice on stage.
(thanks Motorhead & Desley)

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Posted on 22 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

The first tour review is up on the Forum. Thanks Chris! Don't look if you want to avoid spoilers, its packed with them!! Note: I kinda have a feeling that when the show hits Europe it will be slightly different. Hopefully more new tracks and I *believe* a couple of extra theatrics, but I`m only guessing so don't hang me!

Also: Small story at Entertainment about Alice's shopping trip the other day in Australia. Quote:
"Those who refer to Alice Cooper as a rock dinosaur would have had a chuckle had they seen him doing a spot of shopping at the weekend. When the 57-year-old rocker visited the Diesel store in Sydney's Paddington on Saturday with his 24-year-old daughter Calico, he was busily munching on a dinosaur-shaped donut the shop was giving away to customers during its "prehistoric sale". Alice was apparently about as far removed as could be from his trademark song No More Mr Nice Guy, one of the store's staff told Confidential yesterday. "You could tell he was a rocker," the salesgirl said. "But he was lovely ... a really nice guy."

Also: STUK is having a GARAGE SALE!! Yup, I'm having a clean out here and there's now a page in the store (link on left) with some stuff. 99% is NOT Alice Cooper related but as we have such a diverse crowd of fans coming here there maybe something of interest. LOTS more will be added. Money is going to the "Get STUK to Paris" Fund!!!

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Posted on 21 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

A few things are coming through today now that Alice is downunder and of course tonight is the first show of the tour!!

Firstly, Alice was on "Enough Rope" last night, the Australian TV show. Thanks to Nick for his timely report we know that he was on for about 30 minutes and it went very well! Keep an eye This site for a possible transcript of the show appearing in the near future.

Entertainment News (AUS) have a short news story and interview. Unfortunatly the call the album "Diamond Dogs"... Oh dear. We`re trying to get them to correct it. (Thanks Des)

Also last night Alice was on "The Great Outdoors", a travel show which this week featured Phoenix, AZ. Thanks to Murray for reporting "They showed a few short clips from Brutal Planet (Schools Out and Poison) and a short clip from WTMN (Department of Youth). The part of the story involving Alice was mainly filmed at Cooperstown and Bank One BallPark. The presenter referred to Alice as the godfather of Shock Rock and mentioned the fact that Alice has outlived a great many other artists. I felt for those people watching that only know the rumours about Alice would have enjoyed the segment.
They ended the segment by advertising Alice's Australian tour dates"

Ross has spotted a story in todays australian press that Alice will be appearing and possibly performing at the 'Golden Stave Awards' in Sydney , this Friday . (after the show presumably). This appears to be an industry function. More info if I get it.

Think that's it for now. More later when I have time to go through all the emails pouring in!! And hopefully tomorrow or soon after... the first setlist and review of the 2005 World Tour!!

Extra: XM radio are re-airing the 'Then...Again...Live! Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits' show tonight at 6pm ET. Check it out at It will air on the XM Live, Deep Tracks, Top Tracks, and Boneyard channels.

Also: More Australian press. This time The Australian has a short interview.

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Posted on 20 Jun 2005 by SickthingsUK

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