Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

A couple of small items. Akron Beacon Journal has a review of 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' which is now finally in the shops in the UK, and for Tommy Clufetos fans he'll be out on tour with Rob Zombie again starting March 17th in Jacksonville, Florida and concluding five weeks later in Mesa, Arizona. Check out for full dates.

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Posted on 31 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

United Rock Radio are having a Ryan Roxie/Roxie77 special courtesy of our friend Droid on February 4th at 7pm-Midnight EST. Along with spotlighting the brilliant Roxie77 album 'Peace Love and Armageddon' in it's entirety throughout the show, he'll also play some Electric Angels, Slash's Snakepit & anything else Roxie-related he can find. There's also a chatroom you can join during the show to make comments and join in the fun.
United Rock is an internet only rock station and you can listen online by clicking the link above, and while you're there you could do worse then check out the shows by STUK's own WickedYoungMan (Double DJ) and Robby at various times during the week. Plenty of Alice Cooper content is assured!

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Posted on 28 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

Various sources are now suggesting Alice Cooper will be on the bill for the Reading And Leeds Festivals in the UK in August. It seems to have started out yesterday at VirtualFestivals who listed Alice as "rumoured", moved onto another site today who had it as "likely" and has now morphed into "expected" at most sites like Dotmusic and Launch. I've seen nothing actually confirming this yet though, but keep your eyes open if you are interested on going.

Robby posted that Ryan Roxie, Damon Johnson, and Chuck Garric were all at the NAMM Music show in California last week and performed a short acoustic set on one of the stands. The setlist was No More Mr. Nice Guy / Be My Lover / 18 / Unknown Song / Jailbreak (Thin Lizzy).
(Thanks Robby)

Travelvideo have news that the Greater Phoenix Convention & Visitors Bureau is helping to raise money for the hurricane victims of 2005 by donating a "Dream Golf Package" with rock star Alice Cooper to "Dream Auction 2006." Quote: "The winner of the "Dream Golf Package" will enjoy the luxuries of The Phoenician Resort and Spa, an unforgettable round of golf at Troon North Golf Club with Alice Cooper, two round-trip airline tickets, a three-day car rental and an additional round of golf at The Phoenician.". To bid on packages in "Dream Auction 2006" and help the hurricane victims of 2005, log on to dreamauction2006.

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Posted on 26 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

As mentioned last week (13th) Alice is reportedly appearing at a Katrina benefit show in Cerritos, CA on February 1st. Blabbermouth and CalanderLive are both now running short mentions of the event.

Swedish Magazine Expressen had a photo of Alice in it's 'Extras' magazine this weekend together with four trivia questions about the pic, including one that wasn't even about Alice! They were:
Who is it?
What's his hobby?
What was the name of the record that came in 1972 and looked like a school desk?
What's the name of another hardrocker who's married to someone named Sharon?
(Thanks Maria)

WireImage has posted a few photos from the Bob Hope Golf Tournament.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect)

VirtualFestival is listing Alice Cooper as rumoured to be appearing at Augusts Reading and Leeds festivals although this seems unlikely now he's confirmed for the Monsters Of Rock.
(Thanks JollyJon)

The BBC have posted an online version of the HardTalk interview from last November that I posted when it aired. You can watch it from their site here.
(Thanks Alan)

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Posted on 25 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

Press: The Palm Springs Desert Sun has a new interview with Alice today.

Television: ABC have been showing brief clips of Alice at the Bob Hope golf tournament this week. The main one was an interview segment which also included Justin Timberlake and Darrius Rucker of Hootie & The Blowfish conducted by pro-golfer/announcer Nick Faldo. Faldo mentioning that he had Alice's 15th club on hand (only 14 allowed in golf) and he handed Alice a rather large knife. Alice poceeded to stalk the tee with the blade in clenched fist saying "Now I can really play this game!!". They didn't show him hitting the ball but as the network broke for commercial they did play a loop of the instrumental opening riff to Billion Dollar Babies.
(Thanks David)
There's also been a brief appearnce on TV from the Barret-Jackson auto auction mentioned a few days ago. Alice sold one of the three cars he was selling, a custom made silver and black 1939 Lincoln Zephyr Custom 2 Door Coupe with graphics based on the 'Dirty Diamonds' album. The hotrod had Alice's eyes and part of his face on the sides (like the album) with the dirty diamonds logo lettering in red on the trunk. He was also interviewed briefly on Speedvision.
(Thanks Mike, Bev)

Reviews: RocknRollUniverse has a couple of new reviews online. The first for the recent 'Michael Bruce Recooperated' CD from Iceland and the second for the 'Good To See You Again' DVD which is released in the UK on the 30th January (click the banner above to order)

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Posted on 22 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

February 7th sees the US release of 'Soupy Sales: The Whole Gang is Here'. A three DVD set from 'The Soupy Sales Show' which features Alice's appearance on the show circa 1979. You can order a copy here.

MusicLiveWire has a new review of the 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD which is finally released in the UK on January 30th.
(Thanks Benji)

Yahoo Photos has a few shots of Alice and Justin Timberlake taken at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic golf tournament this week.
(Thanks Katrina).

And in other golf news there are short mentions of Alice at the tournament all over the place. Most aren't worth worryiing about but the North Country Times has something more then a namecheck with a couple of Alice quotes.
(Thanks Psychopat).

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Posted on 20 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

Slave To The SystemAlice Cooper guitarist Damon Johnson's other band 'Slave To The System' have their debut album released soon on Spitfire Records (Feb 6th in UK, Feb 21st in USA)and promotion for it is gearing up now. Check out the following links to hear tracks from the record and find out more info:
The Official Slave To The System site and message board
Slave To The System E-Card
- Help promote the record!
AOL Listening Party - Hear the album from January 20th
Slave To The System on MySpace (w/ 3 playable tracks from the album).
You can pre-order the album from AmazonUK or AmazonUS now.

Blabbermouth are reporting that the movie 'Metal: A Headbanger's Journey' that I mentioned a while back will get a Canadian release from February 25th in Canada. It also appears that it now has distribution deals set for US, UK and elsewhere as well so hopefully will turn up soon worldwide.

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Posted on 19 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

Deep Purple and Alice Cooper have been announced as the headline acts for the revitalised "Monsters Of Rock" festival taking place at Milton Keynes Bowl on June 3rd. Tickets, priced £38.50, are on sale from January 20th from all usual agents, and via credit card on 0870 400 0688. You can read a longer report at Metal Hammer.

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Posted on 18 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

Dennis Dunaway has posted through the following update on his activities:
"The Dennis Dunaway Project gig, that was scheduled for January, has been postponed until an unannounced date. Meanwhile, the group is emmersed in recording.
On May 13th, X-Brothers bassist extrordinaire, Andy Hilfiger, and I will be judging a Battle of the Bands in Westchester County. Entrants have to be at least 30 years old and must know "Smoke on the Water". Details will be posted as the event nears."

Also: Check out an Alice interview, that I think we missed when it turned up, here.
(Thanks Roberto)

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Posted on 18 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

Following the strange disappearance of Viking Skull from the UK tour, Blabbermouth are running a rather similar story about German band Chalice, who have apparently just discovered they are no longer on the Alice Cooper/Deep Purple tour in Germany next month.

Contra Costa Times have a short interview with ex-Alice Guitarist Stef Burns with a few Alice mentions.

UPDATE: For those who are geographically challenged, or just plain missed it, you can see Alice and Calico on last nights 'Rockstar Kids' show by clicking here. The file is about 6 meg so slow connections will need to download (right click and 'save as').

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Posted on 17 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

Alice is featured in a new VH-1(USA) special called "The Greatest: 40 Freakiest Concert Moments". It is a two part show that is being rebroadcast, Wednesday, Jan 18th at 8:00 PM EST. He comes in at the beginning of the second hour, ironically, at number 18. This time, it is not the chicken incident, but another famous incident caught on tape at the Cincinatti Pop Festival in 1970. Well worth the watch. Alice can also be seen commenting throughout the show on other events as well. If you miss it on Wednesday it will be rebroadcast more times there after. Click on the "Alice Cooper on USA TV" link on the right for a rebroadcast schedule.
(Thanks Devon)

There was a small mention in USA Weekend newspaper this weekend. Nothing new but it featured a small pic from the MTV TRL interview a few months back.

There is a short Alice mention during an interview with Sex Pistols manager Malcolm Mclaren over at the BBC site here. It's about 39 minutes into the show.
(Thanks Andy)

KNAC have a new review of the 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' DVD (out in the UK on January 30th).

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Posted on 16 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

Alice has apparently been announced as one of the acts performing at the PinkPop festival in Holland at Landgraaf-Megaland on 3rd-5th June 2006. The festival has a website here
(Thanks Steef)

As usual Alice is playing golf at the Bob Hope Charity Classic this coming week, Wednesday January 18th through Saturday 21st.  It looks like he'll be on a team with Justin Timberlake and Darius Rucker (from "Hootie and the Blowfish").  The team will be matched up with a different pro golfer each day of the tournament and the show will air in the United States on the USA network (Wed, Thur, and Fri) and on ABC network (Saturday).
(Thanks NotSoPerfect)

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Posted on 14 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

According to the OCRegister Alice will be apprearing on February 1st at the Cerritos Center, Cerritos, CA as part of a Hurricane Katrina Benefit show organised by Don Felder of The Eagles. The show will also feature Stephen Stills, Adrian Young, Tre Cool, David Foster, Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, Gilby Clarke, comedian D.L. Hughley, and actor Dennis Quaid. Cheech Marin hosts. Tickets are $50-$200 and on sale at 10 a.m on Wednesday 18th of January.

But before that, according to the East Valley Tribune, Alice, and Sammy Hagar, will be making an appearance at the Barrett Jackson Collectors Car Auction at Westworld in Scottsdale, AZ on Sunday 15th. They are apparently "expected to drive their own vehicles onto the stage". Tickets are available from

Also: The new issue of Classic Rock has a couple of Alice Cooper mentions. In the piece about Max's Kansas City there is the story of the time when Iggy rolled in glass and was taken to hospital by the Coop, and also Wayne County says the Alice Cooper Group, pre LITD, were his fave band to play the venue. There's a small pic also. (Thanks Baz).

There is also a special '70s' issue of Classic Rock on the newsstands now and you would expect there to be a fair amount of Alice content in this considering how HUGE he was in the early 70s, however looking through it they seem to have pretty much ignored Alice with only a couple of brief mentions for 'Killer' and 'Billion Dollar Babies' included. Very odd.

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Posted on 13 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

Check out the Bloodrayne site and under the 'trailers' section you'll now find the full video for 'Mankind' including an special introduction by Alice. Slow connections (like me) will have problems though I'm afraid.
(Thanks Ginski)

There's a couple of photos of Alice in Hawaii at the recent golf tournament up at Yahoo.
(Thanks Katrina)

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Posted on 11 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

Chuck Garric In Tattoo Magazine 'Tattoo' magazine this month features an interview and photos of Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric. They have a site here that has some ordering info and if you scroll down a few pics as well. It's the March issue you want. Chuck can be found at of course.

LAWeekly mentions Alice's show at the Greek Theater as one of it's 'concerts of the year' while MSNBC lists 'Dirty Diamonds' as one of it's 'overlooked albums of 2005' (plus there's a Alice pic at the head of the article on page one). features an indepth review of the 'Good To See You Again Alice Cooper' DVD with a few cool screen captures.
(Thanks Des).


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Posted on 06 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

Runaway Phoenix, featuring Dash Cooper, have a new song available on their Soundclick Page here called 'End Of Days'. There's a couple of other tracks up there as well so check them out as well while you're there!
(Thanks Jimmy)

The new 'Sky' magazine (UK) has a small pic of Alice and Calico advertising 'Rock Star Kids' which is airing in the UK on Sky One on January 16th at 10pm.The could be the show that originally aired in the USA last year.
(Thanks Rob)

'Dirty Diamonds' made #4 in SleezeRocks top 10 albums of 2005. Check out the list here.

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Posted on 04 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK

That film masterpiece 'Monster Dog' finally gets a UK release on February 20th and AmazonUK now have it available to pre-order now. If this is the same version as was released in the USA a while back don`t expect any extras, or even Alice's voice (as he's dubbed throughout except for the two songs), but still it's nice to have this finally available here.

Also watch out for February's version of 'Today's Golfer' which is out now and has 6 pages on Alice.

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Posted on 01 Jan 2006 by SickthingsUK
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