Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

News just in from Mr Dennis Dunaway:
"We finished mixing (the DD solo album) on Monday so while the graphic art gets hashed out, we're on to live gigs. We will play at The Blue in Bridgeport on Friday, July 7th and at Stage One at the Fairfield Theater Company on Friday, July 21st."
Remember to check out for some cool DD stuff.
(Thanks George)

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Posted on 30 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

Keri Kelli has updated his ultra-flash new website with loads of new pics from the recent tour including some cool backstage pics. Check it out at

There's a new Alice interview up at the Herald And News site.

The new issue of Classic Rock (UK) has some Alice content. There a news article about the Planet Rock breakfast show, 'No More Mr Nice Guy' (From 'A Fistful Of Alice') is on the free CD that comes with this issue, plus Sickthing Dave has his letter and photo printed on the letters page! It should be hitting the UK newsstands very soon.
(Thanks Dave)

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Posted on 30 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

There's a new interview with Neal Smith from the business publication, Fairfield County Business Journal, where Neal talks about the early history of Alice Cooper and his transition into Real Estate after the band's break up.

According to Yahoo News Alice appeared at the Grand Opening of the Ely Callaway Performance Center at the Callaway Golf campus yesterday in Carlsbad, CA.

More information has been released about the UK Celebrity Golf tournament Alice has been announced as appearing at, at the Celtic Manor in Cardiff, in August. Tickets are available now from between £5 and £20. More info here (.pdf) or at
(Thanks JollyJon, Kevin)

An update on the shows at which Brent Fitz will be filling in for Eric singer now shows him playing all dates between July11th in Wabash and July 22nd in London, ON.
(Thanks Brad)

And speaking of Eric Singer there's a new Q&A up at

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Posted on 28 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

In an extreme case of advanced notice, the webcast of the Swedish Rock Festival reported a couple of weeks ago will apparently be aired on Swedish radio on the 24th February 2007 at 20.03-21.00 Swedish time. It will be possible to listen to it via Internet and it will available for listening 30 days afterwards too.

It is possible Alice will show up on "My Planet Rocks" on Planet Rock this Saturday at 7pm presumably to advertise the fact he will be doing their breakfast show soon.

Calico Cooper is apparently set to appear in 'Denton Rose: Paranormal Investigator', a low budget comedy TV show based around investigating real haunted houses produced by Mindsplitter Films. According to their press release she will play a 'case worker'.

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Posted on 27 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

Pollstar are now listing a show in Elkhart, IN for 19th July at the Elco Theatre. have an interview with Eric Singer in German.

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Posted on 23 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

'Welcome To My Nightmare' legend Dick Wagner has the following dates lined up for July:
July 12th 2006 - Lenny Miller's Supper Club, Dryden, MI 
July 13th 2006 - Whites Bar, Saginaw, MI 
July 14th 2006 - Taste of Battle Creek Festival, Battle Creek, MI
Dick also has his own MySpace page now where you can keep up with his comings and goings. You can also hear a track from his recent album there plus older songs.

Some photos of the Augsburg show have turned up here.
(Thanks Petra)

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Posted on 21 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

According to KDKB Phoenix Alice will be attending the 'Zappa Plays Zappa' show in Phoenix on June 21st. It's not known if he will actually appear on stage with the Zappas or is just attending to watch the show.
And in other special guest news Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse guested with Alice at the last Euro-show a few days ago in Germany. He played on 'Under My Wheels'.

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Posted on 19 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

Some of you may have noticed there was no Alice Cooper appearance on "The Rock Show" (Capital Gold) a couple of weeks or so ago as announced. According to Sickthing John Youngman, Alice appears tonight instead (and you can hear it online at
UPDATE: You can now listen to this short interview here.

The June issue of Guitar One magazine(US) has a card advert for Krankenstein amps. Titled 'Feed My Krankenstein' it features a pic of Alice live and one of Alice and Damon Johnson (who is endoressed by the company) posing by the guillotine. The issue you want is the Blues Special with BB King on the cover.
(Thanks Punkenstein)

More euro-photos have turned up at photobucket,, and
(Thanks Tom, Steef, Niclas)

The Toronto Star has a quote from Alice about the World Cup and how it's effecting shows: ""My shows are now battling the World Cup, so I imagine only the true fans will show up. I guess if it were my team playing, I'd probably go watch the game on TV somewhere too. This is bigger than the Super Bowl. It's not just one city, it seems like when the games come on, everything else in the entire country stops."

There's a German review over at RP-online.

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Posted on 16 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

The new June 17th issue of Kerrang, out now, has two pages on Alice. It's a shortened version of the 'essential guide to' that crops up in mags these days.
(Thanks Mike, Robert) have a review of the Sweden Rock Festival in Swedish.

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Posted on 15 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

Sweden Rock Festival have posted a few Alice photos and you can also see some fan pics here.
(Thanks Steef)

You can check out a scan of an article that appeared in a local German newspaper here
(Courtesy of Jan and Hunter) have posted photos and a review (in german) of the Grefrath show.
(Thanks Harald)

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Posted on 15 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

Alice Cooper has signed up to host Planet Rock's breakfast show. Alice will do his show for the GCap Media digital station from Phoenix, Arizona. It will air from 6am to 9am on weekdays while a 'best of' will run from 10am to 1pm on Sundays.
Planet Rock recently won the gold 'Digital Terrestrial Station of the Year' award at the Sony Radio Academy Awards.
According to the latest Rajar release, Planet Rock attracted 461,000 listeners in the first quarter of 2006, an increase of 41.9% on the previous three-month period.
(Source: Intellagencia)

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Posted on 12 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

There's been some Swedish reviews from the Sweden Rock Festival in Sunday. All are good I'm told. Check them out at Aftonbladet, and Dagbladet.

The new issue of New York magazine "Guys" has an interview with Alice conducted in Sheffield last year. The issue you want is the June issue.

There's some new pics up in the photo section from the Dublin and Frederikshavn shows.

KissOnline have posted a short Q&A with Eric Singer that has a few Alice mentions.

The Wall Street Journel have an interview with Alice today, unfortunately only available to subscribers (so if anyone has access let us know!).

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Posted on 12 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

A show in Knoxville, TN at the Tennessee Theatre for July 16th went on sale yesterday.

ALSO: Alice was interviewed at the Sweden Rock Festival earlier this evening and you can listen to it here.

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Posted on 10 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

It looks like the show at the Sweden Rock Festival tonight *may* be transmitted over the internet by Radio P4. Let's hope if it is this time they get it right!
(Thanks Steef)
UPDATE: It now appears that they are just recording the bands for later broadcast although it has been suggested they may air something late tonight.

Alice also popped up on the ITN news bulletin at 6.55pm yesterday for about 10 seconds wishing England well in the world cup!
(Thanks Queeny)

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Posted on 10 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

Alice Cooper will apprently show up on 'Top 20 Rock Deaths' starting: 21:00 on Friday on the Kerrang! channel (this could be a repeat).

Isle Of Man Today have a good review of the show there last week.

TodayFM in Ireland have announce they will be running an Alice Cooper radio show starting Saturday June 10th. The show will be three hours long, 6-9pm, but no mention of whether this is clips taken from 'Nights With Alice Cooper', which is likely, or original content. They have a netfeed.
(Thanks Nea)

The Peru (IN) Tribune has a short piece in advance of the show in Wabash. have a rather odd review of the Monsters Of Rock festival. Not sure how anyone can suggest Journey should have been the headliner but each to their own.

Efestivals also have a Monsters review and photos although the photos don't seem to be showing up for me.
(Thanks Rich)

Calloway Golf have posted a short interview with Alice on their site.
(Thanks Randy)

The Mississippi Sun Herald has a short review of the Montreux DVD.

The Independent has an article about 'pop's 50 most liberal lyrics' which includes a quote from Alice: "My favourite protest/liberal pop song is 'The Times They Are A-Changin'' by Bob Dylan. Dylan had such authority that when he said something, he really made it stick and people listened. He's the true poet laureate of America. 'Eve of Destruction', recorded by Barry McGuire, is also a great song but I can never decide if it's meant to be a comedy or not, although now it sounds pretty humourous. I hate protest songs that are one-sided and shallow - in fact there's a couple out now, although I won't mention any names - that I loathe."

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Posted on 09 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

WireImage and GettyImage have posted photos from the Milton Keynes show.
(Thanks KatRina)

Gwar have recorded a version of 'School's Out' for their new album and you can take a listen here. The band's singer, Oderous Urungus, had this to say: "...for the first time in GWAR history, we have covered someone else's music! But not just anybody! Nobody less than Alice Cooper, who is rumored to be a Scumdog himself! Gwar pays homage to the original master of shock rock, with a bone-crushing version of his most famous song - that's right, Gwar has covered 'School's Out'."
(Thanks Blabbermouth)

A Norwegian article has appeared at with a review expected today.

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Posted on 08 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

According to a posting on drummer Brent Fitz's (ex-Union, Vince Neil) official web site, Fitz will be will be playing drums for Alice Cooper in July. Brent will be filling in for Eric Singer, who will be performing in Japan with Kiss. The dates that Brent will be with Alice are as follows:
July 13 - Walker, MN - Moondance Jam
July 14 - Waukegan, IL - Genessee Theatre
July 15 - Merriville, IN - Star Plaza Theatre
July 20 - Dayton, OH - Fraze Pavilion
July 21 - Fond du Lac, WI - County Fair
July 22 - London, ONT - Rock The Park
(Thanks Dwight Fry)

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Posted on 06 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

Some short video clips of the Dublin show have surfaced here courtesy of Gaving but dial-up beware, they're large files.
(Thanks Steve)

More Schwung photos can be found at
(Thanks Patrick)

Ex-Alice Cooper guitarist Pete Friesen will be back on tour with The Almighty in December. Check out the dates here.

Canadian fans should check at Dominion and A&P grocery stores for the newest addition to their line of "Chantilly Lace Teddy Bears".  It's called their Graduation Bear, simply looks like a regular teddy with a grad cap on his head and a 2006 sash across his body, but the magic comes when you push his paw when you will hear the original ACG recording of 'School's Out'.  And on the tag it simple says "School's Out  (Bruce, Cooper), 1972". There was a similar item a few years ago but it was a hamster!
(Thanks Liz)

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Posted on 06 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

A quick round up of press and stuff from the last couple of days in no particular order.

Alice was interviewed at the MOR show yesterday for PlanetRock and you can hear what he has to say, including a mention for the UK Sickthings, here.
(Thanks Pete)

The Birmingham, AL news has a short interview with Damon Johnson. now lists both Reno Nevada, Hilton AND Kelseyville CA Konocti Harbor for Aug.11. One one the front page, the other on the tour page. Time will tell which is correct.
(Thanks Ryan)

ITN News and Golf365 have a short mentions of the August charity golf thing in Wales.

Tim has posted some pics from the Sheffield show over at

There's some shots of the Dublin show up over at HairMetalIreland courtesy of Steve.

The Steve Wright Radio2 interview from Friday is now online at the BBC site. If you fast forward about 90 minutes (if I recall) you should find it. has the first 'review' I've seen of the awesome Milton Keynes show yesterday. Only a few lines but they seem to agree he was the star of the show!

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Posted on 04 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

The BBC and other sources are reporting that Alice Cooper is confirmed to take part in the 'All Star Cup', a celebrity golf event organised by TV stars 'Ant and Dec' at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, South Wales. The event pits Hollywood A-listers against a team of famous Europeans over the August bank holiday weekend. Apparently members of the royal family have been approached to appear as well. Quote: "Ant and Dec, who will be hosting live coverage of the tournament for ITV1, said they were still in the early stages of putting the teams together but that experienced golfer Alice Cooper was "very excited" about it."

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Posted on 02 Jun 2006 by SickthingsUK

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