Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

Tickets went on sale for the Stones/Cooper show in Halifax this morning and the Halifax Daily News has a story about fans queuing for tickets that seems to spend as much time talking about Alice as the Stones!

There's a somewhat odd story reported in the Register-guard about Alice's family piano that he sold a while back, and that Sheryl bought back!

Just released in the USA is a third volume of 'Bevis And Butthead' cartoons, entitled 'Beavis & Butt-head - The Mike Judge Collection, Vol. 3'. Of interest to us is the fact that it includes 'Teenage Frankenstein'. You can order here.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect)

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Posted on 31 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK have announced that Alice Cooper will be opening for The Rolling Stones in Halifax, NS on September 23rd at Halifax Common. Tickets go on sale to the public on July 31st at 10am. This show is obviously a kinda good will replacement for the canceled show in Germany earlier this year which was canceled after Keef Richards fell out of a tree. is also listing the NYC show again for October 22nd but with the venue now to be confirmed (previously Ticketmaster had it listed for the Nokia Theater for a few hours before changing it to canceled).

For a bit of fun check out the Great Star Wars Synchronicity Project where James has been playing various albums while watching Star Wars and looking for places the music and images match up. His latest experiment features Billion Dollar Babies.

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Posted on 29 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

Alice's appearance in the Bob And Tom Morning show a few weeks back has been made available online over at their website.
(Thanks Devon)

The UK Artsworld HD Channel has a programme called 'Alice Cooper's Rock Revolutionaries' scheduled for Saturday 5th August at 9pm. The show is 90 minutes long. However it should be noted that Artsworld's magazine (a .pdf on their site) has something about the programme that seems to suggest it's a series of programmes featuring often previously commercially available content by artists like T-Rex and The Who and it doesn't actually mention Alice anywhere.

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Posted on 27 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

The Halloween show (Oct. 31st) went on sale this morning for Foxwoods Casino in Marshantucket, CT.
The New York show at the Nokia Theatre in October 22nd goes on sale on 28th July at noon.
UPDATE: New York City show has been canceled since it appeared on Ticketmaster this morning.
Additional show announced in Lakewood, NJ at the Strand Theater for October 21st.

Check out this article in the Journal-Review proving Alice Cooper isn't really a 'Gutter Cat' after "rocking the Montgomery County Cat show".

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Posted on 26 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

German Magazine 'Rock Hard' features a DVD with Alice Cooper interview. It's the August 2006 issue you want to find with Lemmy on the cover.
(Thanks Petra)

The Red Paper Clip story appeared on Australia's '60 Minutes'  TV show a coupole of nights ago. The story featured some live performance clips, inside Cooperstown, and a very short interview with Alice.
(Thanks Murray)

US support band Crash Kelly comment on touring with Alice over at 'The Gauntlet'. They'll be supporting in Stugis and Billings this week and covered 'Cold Ethyl' on their last album. And in an almost identical type story Fireball Ministry, who support at the Salt Lake City and Las Vegas shows, also pass comment on the influence of Alice Cooper on their band here.

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Posted on 24 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

The Fond Du Lac Reporter has a short interview with Alice. There's also some extra comments by the interviewer here.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect. JollyJon)

There's a new review of the 'Rock In The Park' show up at the London Free Press site.

Watch out for Alice turning up on VH-1's '40 freakiest concert moments' today in the USA (and probably repeated several times).

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Posted on 23 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

The Dayton Daily News has a short review of the Kettering show today.

The new revised version of 'Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest', featuring Calico Cooper, will be premiering at 'The Rouge' club (on the corner of Scottsdale Blvd & Mckelleps)
 in Scottsdale, AZ sometime in October. No official date has been set yet. Scheduled to also appear will be Runaway Phoenix featuring Dash Cooper. You can still order the original version, signed by Scarlet Fry, by emailing him at for $25 dollars shipping inc.

There is a two page spread on Alice in the May/June issue of Uncut DVD (UK) Magazine (the one with the Al Pacino cover).

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Posted on 21 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

August 17th - Ventura, CA, Majestic Ventura Theater
October 13th -  Niagara Falls, ON, Niagara Fallsview Casino
October 14th -  Niagara Falls, ON Niagara Fallsview Casino
October 16th - Montreal, QC Canada St. Denis Theatre
October 17th -  Cornwall, ON Canada Cornwall Civic Center
October 18th - Kingston, ON Canada Kingston Memorial Centre

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Posted on 19 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

A message from Dash Cooper and Runaway Phoenix:
"Hey guys
My band (Runaway Phoenix) is in the contest for MTV2 and we need as many votes as possible. YOU CAN VOTE OVER AND OVER AGAIN AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE. Click the link below, then enter the zip code 85018 and search for 'Runaway Phoenix'. Then simply vote over and over and over and over again. So gather your friends and your computers and lets watch those numbers climb. I've already voted over 100 times in like 5 min. so i know that we can do this. Thanks again."
To vote for Runaway Phoenix on MTV2 just go to the MTV2 site, put in the zip code 85018,  and then click on the 'On The Rise' image to open the pop-up. I found it easiest to click on the list of all bands, then 'R' to find the band. Then vote as many times as you can!

Alice was apparently on the 'Bob And Tom' show yesterday morning and you can see a small clip from his visit here (.mov format).

WishTV in Indiana also has a video clip to watch and a short interview with Alice from one of their news broadcasts..
(Thanks Devon)

The Dayton Daily News has a short article about a big Alice Cooper collector in their area.

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Posted on 19 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

The Knoxville News has a show review online.
(Thanks Allen)

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Posted on 18 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

Iron Maiden bassist and founder Steve Harris will be Alice's guest on 'Nights With Alice Cooper next wednesday July 19th. have a report about Alice's comments during 'Nights With Alice Cooper' last week on the passing of Syd Barrett for anyone who missed them.

The Dennis Dunaway Project now have an official web site and a  MySpace page which includes four songs from the forthcoming album 'Bones From The Yard'.

Joe Bouchard, of B.D.S. has a new personal website online now which is well worth checking out.

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Posted on 15 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

The Nightmare ReturnsA little more news on the forthcoming DVD of 'The Nightmare Returns' that is due on August 28th, although the distributors site lists it as August 1st (and includes the cover pic on the left). It seems the full title could be 'The Nightmare Returns - The Definitive Edition' and it has been "remastered in 5.1 surround". Bonus videos include 'Teenage Frankenstein' and 'Freedom'. All this is unofficial though so subject to change.
UPDATE: You can pre-order through AmazonUS now. AmazonUK link to follow when it appears.

Also: The Dayton Daily News has a short article with 'Alice Cooper Factoids' promoting the forthcoming Kettering show. has a short interview with Alice today.
(Thanks Psychopat)

Ex-Alice keyboard player Derek Sherinian is gearing up to release his new solo album, 'Blood Of The Snake', which is due at the end of the month. The album features guest appearences by Slash, John Petrucci  (Dream Theater), Zakk Wylde (Ozzy), Billy Idol and Yngwie Malmsteen among others, and features a cover of the old Mungo Jerry song 'In The Summertime' featuring Slash and Idol. Check out for links to all the info including interviews where he talks about his time with Alice.

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Posted on 14 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

August 12th 2006 - Salt Lake City, UT, The Great SaltAir
August 13th 2006 - Las Vegas, NV, House of Blues

The Springfield News-Sun has a short interview with Alice online.

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Posted on 13 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

VH-1 are doing a new round of "I Love the 70s" called "I Love the 70s Volume 2" airing now (and in repeats) on VH1 (U.S.).  The show features Alice with various clips and interviews.
(Thanks Devon).

More red paper clip coverage today basically with minimal Alice mentions, but there is something new to read over at Mark is the guy who traded the Kiss snowglobe with Kyle for the afternoon with Alice Cooper, and he relates his experience on his blog site including a promise of photos from the show coming soon.
(Thanks Petra)

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Posted on 12 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

The August 17th show appears to now be at the Ventura Theater in Ventura, CA. Tickets are on sale now at Ticketmaster.

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Posted on 11 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

The BBC ran a short story on Kyle 'Red Paper Clip' Macdonald. this morning with Alice mention (and very short clip of 'Gimme'). You can see it at the BBC site. It's also still running on BBC News24 as I write.
(Thanks Pete), the guitar people, have a new interview with Neal Smith up on their site.
(Thanks Bonnie)

A die hard Oakland Raiders record label is going to be releasing
Ryan Roxie's "C'mon Raiders" song (official download) soon. As part of this Roxie has requested that if anyone has any pictures of him in his #77 Raiders jersey from the last tour could they please send them, in low resolution, to along with photo credit info.

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Posted on 11 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

As a preview to the upcoming Cooper-ized episode of 'Monk' the USANetwork site has added Alice to it's top banner and there is a brief video preview of the episode to watch as well.
(Thanks Devon)

I thought I'd listed this one already but there's a brief Alice interview over at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal.
(Thanks DamienAlice)

Also for amusement check out his report about Gwar's version of 'School's Out' being banned over at The Gauntlet.

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Posted on 10 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

Alice was featured in the Observer last week and they have the article online here.

According to Ryan Roxie is working at 'Mighty Mouse', a digital studio in Sweden, where he will be responsible for sound for the digital productions.

A Sweden Rock Festival review has turned up at (in Swedish).

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Posted on 10 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

Dennis Dunaway made a surprise visit to radio station WPKN this afternoon, along with local bluesman Ratso, and stayed on air for over three hours during which time he told stories about the early Alice Cooper days, signing with Zappa, and supporting The Yardbirds as well as discussing his early influences and other such things. Of course high on the agenda is the forthcoming Dennis Dunaway Project album, 'Bones From The Yard' and they premiered six cool songs from the CD on the show including 'Kandahar', 'Me And The Boys', 'Little Bitty Kid', 'Me And The Boys', 'Man Is A Beast' and 'Needle In The Red'. The whole thing was also to promote the forthcoming show at the Fairfield Theater, Fairfield, CT on July 21st where DDP play along side the 'Ratso Full Blown Blues Band'.
UPDATE: You can hear the interview (minus the songs for obvious reasons) here.
(Thanks Jim for the last minute heads up)

The Wabash Plain Dealer has a short interview with Alice today leading up to his show in July 11th.

The Columbus Despatch also has an Interview on Alice in todays issue.
(Thanks Maurice)

If you recall Kyle MacDonald, the 'Red Paper Clip Guy', then you may be interested to hear that it seems he has reached his goal of trading up to a house. Check out the story here (there's a new pic of Alice there as well).

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Posted on 08 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

From Dennis Dunaway:
"The Dennis Dunaway Project played a surprise performance at Mistress Kitty's (NWAC) Charity Bash last night. We played an all Coop set, which included 'Hello Hooray', 'Big Apple Dreamin' (Hippo)', 'Billion Dollar Babies', 'Muscle of Love', and 'School's Out'. We will debute songs from our new CD, 'Bones From The Yard', at our gig at 'The Blue' in Bridgeport this Friday."

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Posted on 06 Jul 2006 by SickthingsUK

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