Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

Dennis Dunaway has posted a report, detailing his experiences at the Christmas Pudding show last weekend, over at ClassicRockRevisited.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Alice sent a Fender guitar to a young fan in Lake Villa who who had an "aggressive tumor in his mouth".

HardRockHeaven have a review of the last Atlantic City show which I may have missed previously.

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Posted on 26 Dec 2006 by SickthingsUK

The Dennis Dunaway Project have recorded a cover of Spinal Tap's 'Big Bottom' for a new compilation album entitled 'This Ain't Spinal Tap' released on Mainman records. It's a limited edition of 150 so grab them now! has a short quote from Alice about Christmas in Detroit in the 50s.

Nights With Alice Cooper has been picked up by WFWI, 92.3 "The Fort" in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It has a webstream which can be found at here.

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Posted on 24 Dec 2006 by SickthingsUK

Thanks to Barbara Miller you can find some photos from the Xmas Pudding show in the photo section with more to come shortly. Phoenix Fox News have a short video interview with Alice talking about the Xmas Pudding show.
Damon Johnson, who played with Alice, Dennis, Neal and Michael at the show had the following to report: "The night was great and there was lots of love for the Coop Band. The other musicians on the bill even had much enthusiasm and curiosity to see the original lineup. As a player and a fan, I was knocked out at how great Neal, Dennis and Michael played. Mike saved us all with cues throughout the show (we changed the set order at the last minute), and I felt like Alice had a great time simply hanging with the guys during the night. Wish we could have played more songs (we had "Muscle of Love" and "Is It My Body" ready to go, but there was not enough time). Was very special and incredibly memorable for me...truly and honor to be a part of it."
(Thanks Barbara, Mitch)

Mitch's interview with Dennis Dunaway (which can be found in the interviews section) has been translated and published in 'Crossroads' magazine in France.

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Posted on 20 Dec 2006 by SickthingsUK

Alice Cooper (Alice, Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway and Michael Bruce) played the annual Xmas Pudding show at the Dodge Theater on Saturday night. The show ran late and the band (augmented by Damon Johnson) didn't get onstage until around 1am but played a short set consisting of 'No More Mr. Nice Guy', 'Be My Lover', 'Under My Wheels', 'Billion Dollar Babies', 'Eigheen' and 'School's Out'. PsychoPat has some pics up here.  

Both Bob Ezrin and Steve Hunter put in appearances at the Lou Reed show in New York on the 14th December. The show recreated Reed's 1972 album 'Berlin' for the first time from start to finish including orchestration conducted by Ezrin. 

BraveWords have a short mention if Dick Wagners new album 'Rock Hitstory: Profile' which features Dick's versions of  'I Might As Well Be On Mars', 'How Ya Gonna See Me Now', 'You And Me', 'I Never Cry', and 'Only Women Bleed'.

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Posted on 18 Dec 2006 by SickthingsUK

The Phoenix New Times has a new interview with Alice promoting this weekends Xmas Pudding reunion.

Listen to radio station KDKB today starting at 11am for a chance to win tickets for teh Xmas pudding show in the first 5 rows.  You'll also have a chance at the Grand Prize of two passes to the Exclusive V.I.P. Party before the show. have a short interview with Neal Smith. has a short piece on Alice with pic.
(Thanks Baz)

According to Alice and Rob Zombie won a listeners award for 'Artist Collaborations We'd Like to See' in a recent online poll. XM will air a four-hour special focusing on the awards throughout New Year's Day, highlighting this year's nominees and winners, along with the best musical moments of 2006. The special will debut at midnight on January 1 on the XM Live channel (XM 200), with encores airing throughout the day.

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Posted on 14 Dec 2006 by SickthingsUK

Ryan Roxie destroyed the Underworld in Athens, Greece on Saturday and Jaded and I were there to witness it!! You can check out our review and photos now as well as a little background about our trip in the weblog section. Suffice to say both Roxie (with cool local band Gennesis backing him) and Star Star brought the roof down with an incredible show. Ryan played Roxie 77 songs and a few classic Alice Cooper tracks to a packed house of Greek rock fans who enjoyed every second of it. Make sure you check out the bands sites at and for more info and music.

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Posted on 12 Dec 2006 by SickthingsUK

According to Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles the long-awaited mega-box set, featuring remastered and expanded versions of the Warner Bros albums (Pretties - Dada) is now due late 2007-2008 thru Rhino.

Alice was at the Pebble Tec Charity Golf Tournament Friday at north Scottsdale's Grayhawk Golf Club this weekend for a charity event and the Scottsdale Republic has a report and photo.

In this months Classic Rock Magazine has a few pics from the Classic Rock awards last month, and a small quote from Alice. Also of interest is the 'Tour Bus Survival' section which this month features Eric Singer and he mentions Alice a couple of times and includes a gem when he talks about preperations for the Brutal Planet tour.

ESDMusic has a short article on Alice.

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Posted on 11 Dec 2006 by SickthingsUK

Alice was on Good Morning Arizona (channel 3) with chef Mark Tarbell December7th showing how they make traditional Christmas pudding.
(Thanks PsychoPat)

The latest edition of 'Uncut' magazine (UK) has half page question and answer with Alice this month. He is also on the cover of North Valley Magazine in Phoenix and you can see that cover over at PsychoPat's site here.

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Posted on 08 Dec 2006 by SickthingsUK

George Orlay Reports from the DDP Don Hills show yesterday:
The Dennis Dunaway Project took the stage sometime after midnight and pulled out all the plugs for their performance last night.  Ed Burns, Dennis Dunaway, Rick Tedesco and Russ Wilson blew the place away as they played songs from their new CD 'Bones From The Yard.'  Yes folks, blistering licks, new songs in their set and special guests made this a memorable evening. 
The set list was something like this: Kandahar / Needle In The Red / Stalker / Fool For The City (Foghat classic with special guest Roger Earl on drums) / Me and My Boys / Be My Lover / The Red Room (complete with "moan track" in the background) / The Mountain / Billion Dollar Babies /  Little Kid (With A Big Big Gun) / I'm Eighteen / Is It My Body (sans Dennis with Keith Rock guesting on bass) / Big Apple Dreamin'.

Damon Johnson band The Welfare will be playing at "Off The Wagon" in Mongomery, Alabama on December 28th at 10pm. It has also been confirmed that Damon will being plaing with Alice, Neal, Dennis and Michael at the Xmas Pudding show reunion. Says Damon ""I'll be performing at the Christmas Pudding and playing Glen Buxton's parts with the original band members. A HUGE honor for me, obviously."
Journey's Jonathan Cain and F5 (featuring David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth) on bass) have also been added to the bill for the event.

The has a new interview with ex-Alice and current Rob Zombie drummer Tommy Clufetos with a couple of Alice mentions.

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Posted on 06 Dec 2006 by SickthingsUK

Michael BruceMitch Lafon completes his set of interviews with the original Alice Cooper by chatting with self-proclaimed 'bad boy of the ACG' , the one and only Michael Bruce. After being very active in the early part of the century Michael has been off the radar for the last couple of years but kept himself busy and has news of a new CD of material, reunions, puddings and also his insights into the old days back in the seventies when he co-wrote some of the best know songs in rock. Check it out here.
I'd like to thank Mitch for all the work he's been putting into these interviews for us. Greatly appriciated.

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Posted on 04 Dec 2006 by SickthingsUK

More Dennis Dunaway news.
First check out a new interview with Dennis over at the Rock and Roll Geek Show site. Then on December 7th DDP will be playing live on the air on the I-95 Fox morning show, 5:30-10am, out of Brookfield, CT. Unfortunatly there doesn't seem to be a netfeed.
And lastly, Roger Earl of Foghat will be sitting in with DDP at the Don Hill's show mentioned yesterday for a rendition of Foghat's  "Fool for the City."

Alice appeared at the final of the 'Proof Is In The Pudding' competition at Coopers'town the other night (the winner gets to play the Pudding show) and you can check out some pics here courtesy of PsychoPat.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel has a new interview with ex-keyboard player Derek Sherinian whihc a few Alice Cooper mentions.

AmazonUS are now listing the audio version of Alice's new biography 'Golf Monster: My Twelve Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict' which is due out May 15th next year. Still no news if the book is being read by Alice himself but you can pre-order it here.

According to Dick Wagner he will be at the Pudding this year as well, along new act 'Wednesday' who he is producing and playing with at the moment. More info at his site.

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Posted on 02 Dec 2006 by SickthingsUK

Some news from Dennis Dunaway: Last Friday, the X-Bros (Joe Bouchard, Jimmy Cicalla, and Andy Hilfiger) played at a black tie bash at Cipriani's in Manhattan hosted by Tommy Hilfiger. Dennis sat in for "I'm Eighteen" and Tommy joined in. Plus as previously mentioned The Dennis Dunaway Project will play at Don Hill's in New York City on December 4th. The DDP track "Subway" is getting airplay in Austrailia and on "Nights with Alice Cooper" after which Alice made some nice comments about Dennis.
In related news, Dennis' daughter Renée Dunaway has a band called 'Jetsetter' and have their debut album out soon. You can check them out at their website or on myspace where you can here some of their songs.

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Posted on 01 Dec 2006 by SickthingsUK
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