Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

Keri Kelli Shirt has been updated with new photos from the tour (and Keri has kindly sent me some to post up which will be in the photo section shortly). He also has a cool new shirt available (pictured left) to buy via the site.
During the break before the US leg of the tour Keri will be out and about with Skid Row playing a few shows. They are:
Saturday 28th July (tonight) in West Bend, WI at Washington County Fair.
Monday 30th July in Ocean City, MD at Seacrets
Friday 3rd August in Clearfield, PA at Clearfield County Fair.

Dennis Dunaway was interviewed on WJCD last night and you can hear what he had to say here. They were also giving away tickets to the next DDP show on August 4th at the Beachland Ballroom 15711 Waterloo Road, Cleveland Ohio.

Tulsa World has a new interview with Alice online.

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Posted on 28 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

Two new shows have turned up. They are:
Devos Performance Hall in Grand Rapids on August 30th. Tickets on sale July 30th at 10am and are $39.50 and $29.50. LAV-FM are running a promotion to get tickets earlier this weekend.
Dow Event Center Theater, Saginaw, MI on September 2nd. On sale now.
(Thanks Marty, Loomis, Lobsterrok)

"Decrepit Crypt Of Nightmares" is a 50 film horror anthology DVD set just released worldwide and it includes Calico Cooper in "Scarlet Fry's Junkfood Horrorfest'. This version also includes two new trailers featuring Calico.

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Posted on 27 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

The following message has been posted on Dick Wagners official site:
"I have on occasion been able to reach the bottom of my heart for an emotion to define the character of a song. I have been able to feel deep love for certain people and to share the fruits of that love. I've led an extraordinary/ordinary life. By most standards, I've "made it" in the music business. I will always be deeply grateful for those years of music and madness.
Today I sit in intensive Care at Scottsdale Healthcare, a state of the art hospital facility where the combined skills, compassion and technologies and prayers of thousands of people from around the world were converged on me as I lay dying from a massive heart attack. My kidneys had failed, the prognosis was not good, and I was in a world of hurt. I believe that my current state of recovery can be laid at the feet of every one of you people out there, who showed the tremendous outpouring of love for me and to me in a time of deepest need. My left arm and hand are completely useless, but doctors tell me that with occupational therapy, I should be able to be back playing guitar again.
As much as you've loved me and cared for me, I love and care for you right back, from the bottom of my heart."
Dick Wagner
Summer of 2007

Damon Johnson and Whiskey Falls' video for "Last Train Running" has finally been up on rotation on GAC TV, which means fans can now vote for the video to be played on the Top 20 Countdown!
You can vote once per day by clicking here.
(Thanks Tabitha)

The date for the 2007 Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding show has been set for December 15th.

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Posted on 25 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

The Sun has a new "Classic Rock" podcast online including an interview with Alice.

According to the New York Post, the E! Entertainment Television cable channel (USA) will air a 90-minute program today (Saturday, July 21) called "Rock Star Wives: The E! True Hollywood Story", which follows the everyday lives of several rock stars and their wives and includes Sheryl Cooper.
Also tonight 'Rave HD' is showing the 'Live At Montreux' show.
Calico Cooper's appearance on 'The Dr. Keith Ablow Show' will be repeated Tuesday on the 'SYN' channel.
You can keep up to date with most AC related TV shows in the UK or USA using the TV links on the right.

HappyPil, featuring Ryan Roxie, will be playing a charity show at Kungstradgarden in Stockholm on July 22nd at 8:30pm. The show is in aid of The Children's Cancer Foundation and is free. In other Roxie news Ryan will be back on the airwaves on 'Rocket.FM' from next wednesday.

Phoenix Cooperstown will be sponsoring the #40 Chevrolet Silverado for the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series event at the Phoenix International Raceway in November. More info here.

The new issue of Classic Rock Magazine comes with a free CD which includes Tesla covering 'Is It My Body?'

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Posted on 21 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

According to Eric Singer, in a new interview over at MetalSludge (warning: adult content), both he and Alice himself will be guesting on a new project called 'Avantasia' put together by Tobias Sammet of the German metal band 'Edguy'. More info on the project can be found here.

There's some new photos from the Perth show over at PerthNow.

Alice's first appearance as the Radio One Rock Show 'Dream Doctor' can be heard online here. He appears about an hour into the show. Apparently this will be a recurring feature for a few weeks.

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Posted on 19 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

Norwegian site has an article and pics about Alice.

The has a new article on Alice as well.

Last night, Tuesday the 17th, Dennis Dunaway sat in with Steve Conte of the New York Dolls at the Hilfiger Sessions in New York City. The other musicians in the band were Charley Drayton (Kieth Richards, Iggy Pop), John Conte (David Bowie, Company of Wolves), Chris Palmaro (SNL Band, Joan Osborn) and Andy
Hilfiger (X-Bros). The X-Bros (featureing Joe Bouchard of BDS) will soon begin a tour of Ireland and also Joe will be sitting in with the Dennis Dunaway Project at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 4th.

Check out the cool new Ryan Roxie pics over at

Damon Johnson's band 'Whiskey Falls' have had video for their first single, "Last Train Running" premiere on the GAC channel. The single can be downloaded on iTunes now.

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Posted on 18 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

August 21st Milwaukee, WI Riverside Theatre
August 28th Knoxville, TN Tennessee Theatre
September 3rd Detroit, MI Michigan State Fair
September 5th Binghamton, NY Broome County Arena (with Heaven And Hell)
Also all the shows already listed are now officially confirmed.

Damon Johnson's new band 'Whiskey Falls' is up for the Country Award for 'Best New Group'. Support Damon and vote here. You can check out Whiskey Falls here.
(Thanks Hunter)

PerthNow has a show review with major spoilers if you don't want to know the details.

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Posted on 14 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

Ticketmaster is now listing:
23rd August - Davenport, IA, Adler Theater
26th August - Kansas City, MO, Uptown Theater

WolfgangsVault have posted the 1975 King Biscuit Flower Hour show online to listen to. They already have the 1978 show online.

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Posted on 12 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

According to the venue site Alice Cooper will be playing in Tulsa, OK on August 14th at the Brady Theater. Tickets go on sale Friday. (Thanks James). Also Pollstar is now listing Alice playing many of the Heaven And Hell shows mentioned last week so I've added them to the tour listing on the right.

Alice is appearing in a Canadian advert for a TV show called "Rockstar Fantasy". You can check it out on YouTube now.

Pubs and Clubs Australia has a show review online with photo.

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Posted on 11 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

Suzy Michelson, Dick Wagner's business partner, has issued the following update on Dicks condition after his heart attack last week: "I just saw Dick at the hospital and he is now entirely alert, his great mind is intact, his humor is intact. His heart and body are recovering, and he will soon be back to 100%. He is entirely off all life support systems, and his prognosis is excellent. WOW!!!!!! Dick is one of my dearest friends in the entire world, and I am so relieved to share this great news with you."
(Thanks Bravewords)

Alice appears in the new issue of Mojo magazine (UK) in an article about the recent mojo awards.

There's another Swedish show review turned up at Gefle Dagblad. have an article with a few lines about Alice and a photo while the Chicago Tribune has a golf based interview.

There's some new photos up in the photo section. Some new ones from Romania last week and some archive shots from 2005.

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Posted on 10 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

As mentioned a few days ago, Alice was interviews in BBC Radio 2's Johnny Walker Show yesterday. The interview was about 30 minutes (plus three songs) and you can still hear it on the Radio 2 website.

Sickthing Rich has posted his photos from the Sydney Australia show for everyone to check out here.
(Thanks Rich) have a short promo for the St Kilda show with a cool Coop photo.

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Posted on 09 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

From Suzy Michelson, Dick Wagners business partner:
"Dick Wagner had a very serious heart attack. He has been in ICU all week on life support, but I am very relieved to tell you he is finally coming back to us! As of today, we expect Dick to fully recover. Dick is not only a brilliant songwriter and phenomenal guitar player, but also a very special and beautiful man"
Of course all our best wishes go out to Dick for a speedy recovery and we'll try and keep you updated on condition as we hear more information.. I'm sure if you want to send Dick a message you can do it via his website or MySpace page and they will be passed on.

In other Wagner news when Dick is fit again he will be recording some new music with Steve Hunter and Fred Mandel (of the WTMN band) for the upcoming Wagner/Hunter documentary, which also features Alice. A one minute trailer is featured here

In other news the Australian leg of the tour has started, and reports indicate just one setlist change. There is some press appearing in Oz now. The Sun Herald has an interview with audio and AdalaideNow and PerthNow both have interviews.

Some "new" old photos from Germany 2005 have turned up here and here.
(Thanks Tomasz)

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Posted on 08 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

Detroit News have a new interview with Alice about "Golf Monster". have an interview with the Cooper band members (Chuck, Eric, Keri and Jason) which were conducted in Athens a couple of weeks ago.

"Only Women Bleed" is featured in the forthcoming remake of "Halloween", directed by Rob Zombie.

Further to Ryan Roxie appearing onstage in Sweden with Alice, news reaches us he also jumped onstage with U.D.O. to perform Accept classic "Balls To The Wall".
(Thanks Niklas)

Blabbermouth have an interview with Geoff Tate of Queensryche (Openers on the US leg of the tour) who has some nice things to say about Alice and his influence on his band. These are echoed in a yet unpublished interview conducted by STUK's own Mitch Lafon:
"It’s great and I can’t wait for it. Alice Cooper was the first rock concert I ever saw when I was a kid. I saw the Billion Dollar Babies tour and I guess I subconsciously was inspired by that. I thought, at the time, this is what a rock concert is. It defined my vision of what rock music is and I carried that with me. I like a theatrical production when I see a band and playing with him is going to be fantastic."

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Posted on 06 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

Alice Cooper wil be on the 'Johnny Walker Show' on BBC Radio 2 this coming Sunday, July 8th, starting at 16:30. He will also apparently be on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show on the 16th July (and for the following three weeks) and on 20th July 'The Sun' features Alice on their podcast.
(Thanks Leighton)

More photos from the Romanian show can be seen at along with a video clip.
(Thanks James)

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Posted on 04 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK is listing more dates for the Heaven and Hell tour saying these dates will also include Alice Cooper:
September 5th - Binghamton, NY, Broom County Arena
September 11th - Reading, PA,  Sovereign Center
September 19th - Darien, NY, Darien Center
September 20th - Hamilton, ON, Canada, Copps Coliseum
September 22nd - Chicago, IL,
September 23rd - St Louis, MO, Family Arena
October 4th - Tuscon, AZ, Anselmo Amphitheatre
October 6th - Irvine, CA,  Verizon Amphitheatre
There is no official announcement from the Cooper camp on these yet. has posted lots of photos from the Swedish show.
(Thanks Anders) has an audio interview with Alice we may have missed previously.

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Posted on 03 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

As was rumoured before the show, Alice and Marilyn Manson performed together, not once but twice, at the B'estival festival in Bucharest last night. First Manson joined Alice onstage for 'Eighteen', and later Alice returned the favour and joined Manson for 'Sweet Dreams'. Video of 'Sweet Dreams' is currently up on YouTube so catch it while you can. There's also a clip here. has photos of Manson doing 'Eighteen' with Alice here.
I'm told Alice's whole show was recorded by Romanian National Television (TVR).
(Thanks Tim, Horia)

Also on Youtube is a new interview with Alice from Brazillian TV. Alice's bit is in English.
(Thanks Devon, Neimar)

Another review of the Swedish show is up over at Dalarnas Tidningar and there's more photo at and Also check out this photo to see Ryan Roxie in action with Alice on Friday performing 'Elected'.

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Posted on 02 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK

Ryan Roxie made a surprise appearance onstage with Alice at Friday nights show in Sweden. He joined the band for 'Elected'. Both and have put up reviews of the show with photos. have a new interview today with Alice. have posted their review of the Athens show (in English) while also have a review (in Greek).

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Posted on 01 Jul 2007 by SickthingsUK
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