Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

Alice will be appearing on the Paul O'Grady show on Monday 5th November and are offering SickthingsUK fans the chance to be at the show in person. The show is filmed at the London Studios on the South Bank, London, and the nearest tube is Waterloo. You will have to be at the studio by 4pm to check in.
To get free tickets to this event just email and quote "SickthingsUK". Tickets I'm sure are limited so be quick.

KRock 97.3 have an audio interview with Alice from a couple of days ago. The Arizona Republic has a short interview with Alice.
Daily Desert News have a short review and pics from the Fantasy Springs show.

Fans going to the Birmingham NEC show in a couple of weeks might want to check out this article, as apparently the venue is confiscating certain more "metal" items of clothing at the door.

YouTube has a promo clip for the upcoming Avantasia album which features Alice and Eric Singer. Alice is menioned in the video and Eric appears all through as he plays on all tracks on the album. The album is due in January.
(Thanks Andrew)

Click here to check out the poster for the forthcoming BB Kings (New York) show on November 9th featuring DDP, Mountain's Corky Laing (with Richie Scarlett) and an opening band called "The Nazz"!

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Posted on 30 Oct 2007 by SickthingsUK

Check out this new MySpace page which features some very rare early Spiders pics and audio.

The current (in the UK) issue of 'Classic Rock Magazine' has Alice featured as a guest reviewer. He reviews two albums by The Yardbirds. The band are also mentioned in an article on glam rock. (Thanks Sparky)

Dick Wagner and his new project 'Wensday' have been placed on the official ballot for the 2008 Grammy Awards by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences Committee in nine categories.

It seems the case of mistaken identity story mentioned a couple of days ago is still going with another article about it!

The Press-Enterprise has a short interview with Alice as does while Desert Morning News has a slightly longer Q & A.

Click here to check out the poster for the DDP halloween extravaganza at the Fairfield Theater.

XM radio channel the Boneyard will be repeating the Alice Cooper Halloween Takeover on halloween night at midnight ET.
(Thanks teenagefrankenstein666)

The Eric Singer Project (with Chuck Garric, Bruce Kulick and John Corabi) will be playing live in Mexico City at the Vive Cuervo Salon on Friday, December 14.

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Posted on 26 Oct 2007 by SickthingsUK

The Birmingham News have a short apology over miss-identifying Jason Hook as Damon Johnson in their recent review of the show.

TV Guide has a few words from Alice about the SpikeTV awards. have a photo from the show and a few words. has a short interview with Alice as he arrived at the ceremony. For those who can't see the show on TV there is a full clip of Alice's performance up on YouTube, although the video quality is pretty poor. Ifilm have a better quality clip but it's only a couple of minutes.
For UK fans the show is scheduled to be shown on MTV One, 31st October at 9pm.

The Michael Bruce Group have a new drummer. He is Robin Horn who replaces Bob Allen. The band will be playing Cooperstown, Phoenix on November 10th.

Alice will be featured in "The Sun" UK Newspaper on 2nd November in the "Something For The Weekend" section.

Youtube has a short clip of Alice meeting fans backstage at the 'Count Jackula Ball'.

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Posted on 24 Oct 2007 by SickthingsUK

Check out this cool little video from the SpikeTV awards show. Alice appears towards the end and it includes a short clip of him onstage as well. Shocktilyoudrop have some pics fro mthe even as do Wireimage and GettyImage.
(Thanks Katrina)

Ian Hunter's 'Shrunken Heads' has been nominated for best new album at the British Music Awards. The album of course features Dennis Dunaway on "hand claps" which is obviously why its up for an award! Last night, Dennis attended a Birthday bash for Andy and Bobby Hilfiger at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. Mountain played a set and then the X-Brothers played with Dennis sitting in for a rendition of "I'm Eighteen". has two show review, the first here and the second here.

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Posted on 22 Oct 2007 by SickthingsUK

The SpikeTV Scream awards seem to have been very successful this hear with appearances by Harrison Ford, Hayden Panettiere ('Heroes'), Neil Gaiman ('Stardust', 'The Last Temptation') and of course Alice Cooper, who closed the show with all star performance of 'I Love The Dead' and 'School's Out' featuring well known Cooper fans Slash and Rob Zombie.  Recorded at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, 'Scream 2007' will premiere Tuesday, October 23 (10:00 PM - Midnight, ET/PT). CNN have a report and have pics.

The Farmington Daily Times have a new interview with Alice as does the Birmingham News.

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Posted on 20 Oct 2007 by SickthingsUK

Neal Smith is selling his historic Mirrored Premier Drum Set. This is the very first set ever of completely mirrored drums. The set includes four bass drums: The two originals from the financial-record setting 1973 'Billion Dollar Babies' tour, and the two bass drums from Alice Cooper's 1974 Brazilian tour, for which the band held the Guinness World Records for over twenty years for the indoor concert attendance record of 125,000 people. A picture of the kit from 1973 can now be found in the pictures section of Neal's Myspace.  The kit includes 19 drums total. No cymbals will be included, but all Premier stands and hardware, including extra parts, will be included. Drums are being sold "as is." Photos to clarify their condition wil be available shortly. The buyer will pay for all shipping, or can pick them up in Connecticut. Serious inquiries only can be sent to Neal via his Myspace page. Please include your email address.

A few new DDP shows in case I haven't mentioned them already. Oct 31 2007 at the Fairfield Theater, Fairfield, CT
Nov 9 2007 at BB Kings, New York
Dec 21 2007 at the Knitting Factory, New York

CNN has a story about the upcoming Scream awards on October 23rd where Alice will apparently appear receiving the second annual Spike TV Scream “Rock Immortal Award.” also has some info.

Brent Fitz will be playing drums with Alice Cooper on October 26th in Indio, California (Palm Springs) as Kiss has a private event during that time which will involve Eric Singer. You can check out Brent at his MySpace.
(Thanks Mitch)

Alice is featured in the Channel 4 list of '100 Scary Moments'. He's at number 73.
(Thanks Clint)

Alice guitarist Jason Hooks' site has been given a face lift. Check it out!

The Houston Chronicle has a short interview with Alice. The Alabama Press-Register have a preview of the Saenger show.

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Posted on 18 Oct 2007 by SickthingsUK

Nights With Alice Cooper are running a competition in the run up to Halloween where you can win all sorts of things including a signed Gibson SG guitar. have a review from the Heaven And Hell tour here.

The Independent have an off the wall Alice mention involving a proposed advert featuring Alice with British MP Anne Widdecombe.

There's three new Michael Bruce Group clips online now at the official Michael Bruce Myspace page.The songs are: 'Good Love' (w/Bob Russell on vocals), 'I Miss You' and 'I'm Eighteen'.
(Thanks Rik)

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Posted on 15 Oct 2007 by SickthingsUK

The 2007 'Proof Is In The Pudding' competition has been launched to find an unsigned band to open this years Christmas Pudding show. In related news the date had been set for next years Alice Cooper golf tournement. It will take place at Talking Stick Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ on May 3rd.
(Thanks Steef)

You can check out clips of the Dennis Dunaway Project playing live at the Rain Desert here. DDP will be opening for Corky Laing (legendary drummer with Mountain) at BB Kings in NYC on November 9th. An added bonus Mountain bassist and all round great guy Richie Scarlet will playing with Corky.

Serge Nadeau from CFOU 89.1FM ( emails to mention two radioshows that are coming up soon:
The first is on October 16th at 07:15 pm (Québec, Canada, eastern time): 'The Glen Buxton Special'. A memorial show dedicated to the "blond bomber" with special guests : Dennis Dunaway, Jeff Jatras and Mick Mashbir. Also, Serge will read a thought written by Janice Buxton as an introduction.
The second is on October 23rd at 07:30 pm (Québec, Canada, eastern time) entitled 'Keepin' the vibe alive with Mick Mashbir'. A special interview about Mick's latest (and very good) album.

The OCRegister has a good Alice show review.

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Posted on 11 Oct 2007 by SickthingsUK

Finally, after a week of hard work and lack of sleep, the SickthingsUK Forums are back online. If you are already a forum member please make sure you read the opening message which contains important info on how to sign back into your account. Click here to check it out.

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Posted on 06 Oct 2007 by SickthingsUK

A Message from Alice (via The Solid Rock Foundation)
"Hello Solid Rockers, I have some great news. On November 3, 2007 I will be participating in a 100 Hole Golf Marathon (Scramble) but I need your help. Will you solid rockers out there sponsor me in my effort to raise money for Solid Rock and The Rock teen center. Solid Rock is the 501(c)3 non profit organization that Chuck Savale and I started in 1995. Remember that your sponsorship is tax deductable. Will you please help me....For more details contact Marsha Petterson at the Solid Rock office at 602-522-9200 or 888-97-ALICE (972-5423). Thanks and we will see you out there... Alice" has a few words about the Reno show. There's also a Alice-related article over at the Riverfront Times.

PsychoPat has posted some photos of Alice and Heaven And Hell from the Tuscon show.

The Sun has an interview with Bruce Forsyth (never thought I'd be mentioning him on this page!) that mentions Alice, in reference to some nice things Ronnie Corbett told him about the advert Corbett did with Alice for Sky a few years ago.

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Posted on 06 Oct 2007 by SickthingsUK

The Greeley Tribune is saying Alice will be appearing in Greeley on October 17th at the 'Scare Fair' taking place in St. Michael's Pavilion. An all events pass is $18, while VIP Admission to meet Alice and have an item signed is $65. For more information, go to or call (970) 336-1000.

Check out this video at AZNightBuzz to see a clip of the new Michael Bruce Group and some words from Michael himself.
(Thanks Rik)

Calico Cooper stars in a new music video from Rayen Belchere called "When" which is directed by Rob Zombie bassist Piggy D. You can see the video here, and also read a little bit about the making of the video here.
(Thanks Heather)

Inside Bay Area has a short interview with Alice. The San Jose Mercury has the same article.

'Greenwich Magazine', that I mentioned a few days ago, has put it's feature article on the music of Renee and Dennis Dunaway online here.

A Glen Buxton Radio Special will be available on the net at Listen live October 16th at 07:15 pm, Quebec, Canada, eastern time. The show is hosted hosted by fan Serge Nadeau.
(Thanks Steef)

Johnson's and Whiskey Falls' will apparently be be appearing at this years Alice Coopers' Christmas Pudding show in Phoenix this December.
(Thanks NotSoPerfect)

The CNN show 'Quest for Rock And Roll' is now online to watch here.

Lastly, to update everyone on the message board situation. We're working on it, and it should be back pretty soon. All the old messages have survived but there are still a few things that have to be set up before we re-open it to the public so please be patient and it will all be back to normal as soon as possible.

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Posted on 01 Oct 2007 by SickthingsUK
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