Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

According to an article at eonline it seems the 'Declare Yourself' organisation, which tries to get young Americans to register to vote when they reach 18, is planning a promotion involving various artists recording versions of "I'm Eighteen".

Mike Monroe of Hanoi Rocks joined Alice and the band for 'School's Out' at the show in Helsinki. There's some photos from the show online here.

DaveyRocks has a new interview with Keri Kelli online here.

Eric Singer can be seen in the new promo video for "Lost In Space" by Avantasia. The single is a prelude to the forthcoming album which features Eric throughout and Alice on one track.

American Way magazine have an article on Alice. Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan have an article about tonights show (in Swedish).

Finally I've added tons of photos to the photo section, mostly from the recent UK shows.

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Posted on 28 Nov 2007 by SickthingsUK

The Russian News Agency has a short piece on Alice's press conference in Moscow. have provided some photos of the event here. There's also small pieces at Russia-ic and Russia Today. ContactMusic have discovered Alice will be shopping in Russia.

This Is London have a review of the Wembley show.

Entertainment Now have an interesting article about the lighting on the current UK tour.

Ex-Alice drummer Jimmy Degrasso will be player with Ministry on their forthcoming tour.

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Posted on 22 Nov 2007 by SickthingsUK

We're finally back home from the UK tour so it's time to try and catch up on all the stuff that's come through in the last week or so. But before that I'd like to thank everyone including the band, crew,  backstage team and all the Sickthings we encountered or spent time with for making this years tour so much fun. We had a blast this last week and can't wait to do it all again next year!

Anyway... onto the important stuff.

Blabbermouth have posted a short video with highlights from the Classic Rock awards on November 5th and it includes a little of Alice's speech.

ICWales have a short article previewing the Cardiff show and a review. Newcastle Journal have show review. Manchester Evening News has an interview and a review. The Guardian have a review of Brighton while Gigwise have photos from the show. BlackVelvet have some photos from the Wembley show and a review will appear in issue 55 of the magazine. The Mirror has a small mention of that Alice was suffering from a cold on the recent dates. Blacklace has posted some photos from the Nottingham show here. Tim has posted some of his pics from the tour here, and there are many many more to come from various Sickthings to keep your eyes on the STUK photo section and Bill Crowe's

Kyler Clarke, who is Jason Hook's guitar tech on the current tour, has posted links to a couple of rare photos over on the message board. One is of Eric at the Halloween show when the band all wore Alice makeup, and the other is of Kyler himself checking out Lemmy's bass rig at a recent UK show. Check out his site for more stuff about the tour.

Moscow News has a short Alice article and have photos of Alice arriving in Moscow yesterday here, here, here and here..

GuitarJamDaily have a new interview with Keri Kelli.

150DB have a long article about Glen Buxton in French.

PsychoPat has posted his photos from the Michael Bruce show at Cooperstown here and there are more photos of the show here.

The "Movies Bloody Rock" suppliment of the December issue of Vanity Fair (USA) lists their 50 greatest sountracks ever. Number 18 is 'Dazed and Confused' of which they site the signature track as being "School's Out."

The Dennis Dunaway Project will be playing at the Knitting Factory NYC on December 21st (with the excellent 'Dimma' from Iceland flying over to support, as well as Magnesia) and New London Bank Street Cafe on December 29th.

Neal Smith has got the Ebay bug and is auctioning some stuff, including rare Alice Cooper items.

YouTube has a clip of Ryan Roxie performing '20th Century Boy' at a Gibson guitar clinic recently.

Eric Dover's Sextus album 'Stranger Than Fiction' has finally been released... on vinyl! The CD is due february but you can grab a limited edition vinyl version now, and when you do you will also get access to MP3 versions of all the songs just in case you no longer have a record player! Grab it here. You can listen to smaples from the album at their MySpace site.

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Posted on 20 Nov 2007 by SickthingsUK

According to today's Daily Star newspaper Alice is in talks with BBC TV show Doctor Who's producer Russell T Davies to appear in the top rated BBC show. Of course this IS the Daily Star so take this info with a pinch of salt, but according to their source Alice is a big fan of the show and wants to "live out a boyhood dream by staring along side the timelord". Click here to see the article in full.

Glasgow Evening Times and the Herald have reviews and/or photos of the Glasgow show.

American Idol winner Jordon Sparks has been added to the Xmas Pudding show bill, tickets for which go on sale today.

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Posted on 09 Nov 2007 by SickthingsUK

PlanetRock have an audio interview with Alice online and you can listen to the BBC's interview from 'The Steve Wright Show' Monday at their site here. It's about 90 minutes into the show.

EGigs have a review of the Sheffield show including some photos here.

In a follow up to the CFOU Glen Buxton radio show last month Patrick has posted a GB article here. It's in French but an English translation is forthcoming.

PR-Inside have a shot quote from Alice taken presumably from another interview. ContactMusic has discovered Alice plays Golf and has a short quote from the Classic Rock Awards.

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Posted on 08 Nov 2007 by SickthingsUK

On Monday night Alice appeared at the Classic Rock Awards at the Café Royale in London and collected a prize for Frank Zappa. A small interview appeared in 'The London Paper' yesterday along with a photo of Alice and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. There's also a photo at the Classic Rock website and the BBC have a report. ITN had a news report last night featuring Alice which you can see on YouTube.

I've posted some photos from the Borders Signing in the photo section courtesy of Pete Trustrum. There's also photos at FilmMagic and London Features. GettyImages and wireimage also have photos from Mondays events.
(Thanks Pete, Matt)

UK Radio station Gold are running a competition to win Alice tickets every day on the Drivetime show which is on Monday to Friday from 4-8pm. Alice will be Mike Sweeney's guest on the Gold Rock Show this Saturday between 12 and 2pm.

Newcastle Journal-Live has a interview with Alice. The Glasgow Evening Times have a photo.

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Posted on 07 Nov 2007 by SickthingsUK

This years Xmas Pudding show bill will feature California Transit Authority, Damon Johnson and Whiskey Falls, Jordin Sparks, Flo and Eddie, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Mike Black, Jack Wilson, Rock Demarco (Fast hand painter), Roger Cline and The Peacemakers, Destiny Dancers (Sheryl Cooper's dancers) and of course Alice with more acts to be added.
(Thanks PsychoPat)

A few news sites including and, of course, ContactMusic, seem to have picked up on the fact Alice will use the gallows on the forthcoming UK dates stating that it's the first time since 1988 that the stunt has been performed. Obviously they didn't bother to research and discover that he's been using it since the tour started back in June.
In fact ContactMusic have surpassed themselves in another story. Having reported a couple of days ago that Alice called Ozzy Osbourne "a joke" (he didn't say anything of the sort) they are now running a story saying he's slammed Sharon Osbourne using exactly the same quote, which doesn't even mention Sharon! 

You can check out Ju Juwsters photos from the Houston show here.

Well known rock journalist Martin Popoff has a new book out. Entitled "Ye Olde Metal 1972-1974" it features chapters on "Billion Dollar Babies" and "Welcome To My Nightmare" with quotes from Alice, Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith and Dick Wagner amongst others. It's a limited edition of 1000 and can be obtained from

To support Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Foundation, Sonja, who's pen name Cecille Ravencraft was made up by Alice on his radio show "Nights With Alice Cooper", signed a copy of her horror novel "The Center of the Spiral" to auction it on Ebay, and to make this item a little more special she signed it with her own blood!
(Thanks Steef)

Anti-music has an article about Alice here.

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Posted on 06 Nov 2007 by SickthingsUK

Alice will appear at Borders, Oxford Circus, London, W1, from 12.30 to 1.30pm on Monday 5th November signing copies of his book "Golf Monster". Also on 5th November, he will appear on BBC Radio Two on "The Steve Wright Show" (available online). On November 10th he will host "The Capital Gold Rock Show" (available online) and he will also be featured on Planet Rock Radio on Nicky Horne's Show probably next week.

MetroTimes has Alice listing his top 5 horror movies for Halloween. Wolfgangs Vault have added an classic 1970 Alice Cooper interview to their site.
(Thanks Clint)

Metal Hammer have a competition to win tickets for the upcoming tour. The Sun and have interviews with Alice as well.

Contact Music are up to their tricks again. This time they've taken a Alice quote and twisted it to claim Alice called Ozzy Osbourne "a joke". He didn't of course (read what he said), but other sources have picked up on the non-story.

PsychoPat has posted some photos of the Halloween Phoenix show at his site.

There is now an official "Guitar Hero III" Alice Cooper faceplate for you games' guitar controller.

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Posted on 02 Nov 2007 by SickthingsUK
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