Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

The Sydney Morning Herald has an interview with Alice here.

There's new photos from the Columbus show, courtesy of Remarkably Insincere, in the photo section with Detroit photos to be added shortly as well.

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Posted on 29 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

Dick Wagner has posted the following update on his website about his health and current projects:

For those of you who are logging on to hear a health report from me: It's the middle of July 2008, and I am happy to report that I am healthier than I have been in several years. I made it past July 3rd, the first anniversary of my death and resurrection and am looking forward to many years of living still to come. Today I actually read through 30 pages of messages on my guest book, all inquiries and well wishes concerning my health… and I broke into tears.  I guess I never realized how many fans from around the world actually care for my well being. I am humbled and thankful for each message and intend on personally answering each one in the next few days, but as for today…I am in the middle of writing new songs and can't break the focus right now. I hope you'll understand…it feels so good to be making music again that I am also happier than I have been in years.  I'm starting to practice my guitar again and although it's a struggle, I will be fully functional and ready to get back on the stage very soon. I'd, like also to report that my book "Not Only Women Bleed" is finished and ready for release as soon as I can settle on the proper publisher.  It's in the works and I hope you all will enjoy my memories and stories of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. I have written 28 songs in the last 3 months…I'm on a roll and I am excited.  Hang in there with me and lets share a great musical future.
Thank you for your friendship and support.
Dick Wagner

The September issue of "Rue Morgue" magazine has an Alice Cooper front cover and article.

Houston Press has an interview with Alice as does the Houston Chronicle, The North Bay Nugget,  and the Post-Crescent.

Illinois Herald and Review and Vue Weekly have short reviews of the album.

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Posted on 28 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

Jimmy Degrasso will be standing in for Eric Singer between tonight and the 12th September Hutchinson show as Eric has commitments with Kiss. Jimmy, of course,has played  with Alice in the past and appears on 'A Fistful Of Alice'. He also played with Megadeth amongst others. 

Talking of drummers, Tommy Clufetos will be playing the following Drum Clinics in Europe for Sonar drums. Catch him at:
Aug 29th - Hannover, Germany - PPC Music - Drum Night Festival
Sep 1st - Stockholm, Sweden - Slagverket/Musikborsen--Sonar Day
Sep 2nd - Karlstad, Sweden - Slagverkskompaniet

The Edmonton Sun has a short interview with Alice here. The Winnipeg Sun has a short article by the same author.

The Rebel Yell, Navada has an album review.

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Posted on 26 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

The New York Post has a short Alice interview.

The Edmunton Journal has a small album review if you scroll down here.
(Thanks Steve)

Alice has added ' Feminine Side' to the show as of last night in addition to 'Vengeance Is Mine' which was added on August 10th.

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Posted on 24 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

New interviews with Alice can be found at The St. Johns Telegraph,, Columbus Dispatch, and

The Imperial Republican has some background about the Imperial show and the weather problems faced at that show.

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Posted on 23 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

Alice will apparently be appearing on the 'Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson' again on September 10th and you can get tickets to the 3.30pm recording by signing up here.

Alice will be doing a rare in-store signing session in Vancouver, Canada on Wednesday September 17th from 5.30pm to 7.00pm at Scrape Records, (323 East Broadway). Customers who purchase 'Along Came A Spider' from the store between now and the day will get preferential treatment at the session but you do NOT need to buy the album to meet Alice.
(Thanks Tim)

99.5 The Eagle appear to have an Alice Cooper special tonight (it says 'tonight', but doesn't give a date) at 6pm which I think is 11pm UK time, before they air NWAC, but could be wrong. It will feature an interview with Neal Smith chatting about the old days. You can listen online here.

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Posted on 22 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

Congratulations to Lynda and Damon Johnson on the arrival of little Jolene yesterday. Mother and baby are well and you can read all the details, and see a pic, on Damon's MySpace page here. Best wishes from all of us here at STUK!

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Posted on 21 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

UPDATE: Just found out that at 9am today Total Rock will have an hour long show on Alice Cooper. You can listen online.

Alice has been busy doing interviews again it seems. Cleveland Scene has a short interview here, apparently (unless they've fixed it) he's a "Shock Rocer" haha. The Peoria Journal Star also has an interview as does has two Alice features, one is an older interview from 2005 and the other more recent.

Alice was apparently on the 'Mancow' syndicated radio show in the US yesterday. They do archive things so his appearance could turn up on their site here but unfortunately you have to pay to access the content.
(Thanks Lobsterrok)

The new issue of Classic Rock has a few Alice mentions including a top 10 songs thing which has a short sidebar by Alice on songwriting. 'Under My Wheels' makes the chart. They are also taking votes for their annual awards and 'Along Came A Spider' is up for best album. You can vote here. has a short mention and photo. Phoenix New Times has Alice at #2 in a list of Arizona "heavy Metal" residents. Rob Halford is #1, probably because they have an interview with him.

NY1 has an interview and video of photographer Bob Gruen, which has Alice Cooper references.

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Posted on 21 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

Keri Kelli has posted the following update to what's going on in his world:
"I'm very excited to announce custom designed Keri Kelli Guitar Hero Faceplates now available in the merchandise section (on! With the coolest video game sweeping the planet, I have enlisted Painted Axe to help create these new designs. Please check their site out at
The new Alice Cooper Video/Movie for Feminine Side/Killed By Love/Vengeance is almost complete. The ruff cut I watched was absolutely killer and the master edit should be out shortly. Much kudos to Piggy D. and Gabrielle Geiselman for their great work and vision.
August 31st, Chuck Garric and I, along with friends Jani Lane (Warrant), A. Jay Popoff (LIT) and Chad Stewart (Faster Pussycat) will be playing at the VIP after-show party located at the Meridian Theatre in Houston, TX. We'll be performing as "The Arrogant Bastards". More info on this special event can be found at"

WOWT has a short story about Alice's golf came at Council Bluffs.

A pro-shot clip of Alice performing 'School's Out' at the recent Swedish Rock Festival has shown up on YouTube.

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Posted on 19 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

According to PlanetRock Alice is featured on a new compilation album featuring a variety of musicians covering well known Christmas songs. Alice is on a version of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" along with  John 5 (Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie) on guitar, 
Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big/ Niacin/ David Lee Roth) on bass and Vinnie Appice (Heaven and Hell/ Black Sabbath) on drums. It's due out October 13th.



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Posted on 15 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

Piggy D has posted an update on myspace about the forthcoming 'Along Came A Spider' video short which he co-directed along with Gabrielle Geiselman. "Gabrielle and I saw the first cut of the new Alice Cooper video we just directed last night. I gotta say it is looking badass!!! I think my favorite moment is "Killed By Love" which was directed by Gabrielle. She is not only my favorite photographer, but absolutely schooled the video. It is completely stunning...I can't describe it any other way. For you hardcore Cooper fans, we hid some little tidbits for you to figure out. Its gonna be a blast to see this thing done and hear your feedback."

Shepherd Express has a review and a couple of pics of the Milwaukee show here.

Kyler Clarke (Guitar tech for Alice) has a cool band called 'Calahan' and they are in the running for an opening slot on the next Motley Crue tour, which is being decided by fan votes. So you know what you gotta do!! Check out their myspace page for info on how to vote. Breaks like this can be life changing for smaller bands so STUK urges everyone to take a couple of minutes to register to vote and help them out.

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Posted on 15 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

TahoeDailyTribune has an interview with Chuck Garric, during which he reveals how Alice almost killed him at a recent show when he had sword trouble!

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Posted on 14 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

UWeekly has a short interview with Alice.

SVT have some photos of Alice at the Sweden Festival here and there's more here.

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Posted on 14 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

The following has been posted to the official Alice Cooper Myspace page regarding the video footage filmed last week:
"New video coming soon! It's actually more like a mini-movie! Directed by Piggy D., it has performance and conceptual footage of Alice and the band. We'll post it here and on when it is wrapped and ready."

NotSoPerfect has posted her pics from the Riverside show here.

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Posted on 12 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

There's a good review of the Sioux City show at the Sioux City Journal with photo.

The Sun has a short album review.

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Posted on 11 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

New album reviews: Metal Rules, and Tascaloosa News.

River Front Times has a review and pics from the St Louis show.

The Mesabi Daily News has a few words with Alice. You have to sign up to read it though (it's free)

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Posted on 09 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

Several sites are now reporting that during the recent video shoot Alice broke a rib during a localised earthquake! The full press release is as follows:
"While filming a promotional film on July 29th for his new 'Along Came A Spider' (SPV) album at Linda Vista Hospital, an abandoned facility in East L.A., a 5.4 earthquake shook Los Angeles to its very core. He happened to be choking a nurse at the time. The 5.4 quake was the strongest since the devastating 1994 Northridge quake, shaking Alice, the band, and everyone on the set (including director Piggy D) into a stunned silence. The epicenter was in nearby Chino Hills.
“The floor started moving. Whoa, this is more powerful than I thought! I hope they keep it! You can’t get special effects like that,” enthused Cooper, who had just wrapped production on the film that features lengthy portions - up to two minutes each - of “Vengeance Is Mine,” (In Touch With) Your Feminine Side” and “Killed By Love,” all from the new album.
The current "Psycho-Drama" tour, approximately 100 shows from July 5 to December 4, is still as physical as ever. In Redmond, Oregon last week, fans watched fascinated as Alice took a violent fall. Few noticed just how crushing the thud was. Most figured it was part of the show. Alice, hurting, continued with the performance and with a few performances after that, negating any suggestions to get himself checked out. Finally, giving in to those whose job it is to keep him healthy, he learned he had broken a rib and suffered ligament damage. Doctors advised him it would take three weeks of inactivity and rest to fully recover.
Fat chance. Cooper continues on tour, unrestrained.
So, not an earthquake, not a cracked rib, not ligament damage, can stop Alice from entertaining his loyal fans.
The show must go on indeed."

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Posted on 08 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

Piggy D has been talking on his Myspace page about the video he just did with Alice. Check out what he says here.

The Argus Leader has a short interview with Alice today.

The August issue of the Dutch magazinr 'Revolver' is expected to have a large interview/feature with Alice.
(Thanks Kornelis)

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Posted on 07 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

According to Rolling Stone 'Along Came A Spider' has entered the US charts at #53. As with the UK postitions (and other countries it appears) this is a big improvemnet on the last couple of albums. In fact by our calculations this is Alice's highest entry since '91's 'Hey Stoopid' album, 116 places higher then 'Dirty Diamonds' and a huge 131 places ahead of 'Eyes...'!

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Posted on 06 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

'Along Came A Spider' seems to have entered the UK album chart at #31! This is a huge improvement over the last two albums. 'Dirty Diamonds' got to 89, while 'Eyes..' only reached 112.

A new review of the album has appeared at AZCentral.

411Mania has a very brief Alice article.

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Posted on 06 Aug 2008 by SickthingsUK

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