Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles.

Good Time Metal Oldies have posted a new interview with Ryan Roxie which you can check out here.

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Posted on 29 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

Firstly one I may have missed. The Scottish Sun has an interview with Alice preceeding the Glasgow show.

Phoenix New Times has some photos fro this years Pudding show.

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Posted on 22 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

According to Blabbermouth Alice Cooper has been confirmed as appearing at  next year's Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place August 5-7th, 2010 in Wacken, Germany. Wacken is possibly the biggest heavy metal festival in the world with hundreds of bands performing over the weekend.

Black Art Images have posted a report from the Xmas Pudding show on friday including photos. AZCentral also have a review.

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Posted on 20 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

Kaleva has an interview with Alice from Finland, and you can listen to the full interview here. They also have a review of the show here.
(Thanks Virpi) have a review of the Hammersmith show with some photos.

Michael Monroe has some nice things to say about Alice and his guest appearance in Finland over at Blabbermouth.

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Posted on 18 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

There's a few more Swedish articles this morning including a photo of Alice's bus stuck in the mud on the way to the last show here. Span have a review, while VLT have a report on the signing session which took place in the afternoon featuring Roxie 77, Electric Boys with Chuck and Keri representing the Cooper band.

Yet more photos have been added to the photo section. Thanks to all the Sickthings who are sedning them in!

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Posted on 16 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

Various Swedish press has appeared while we were out of town, mostly in Swedish obviously. Check out Aftonbladet,  Goteborg-Posten and  Webfinanser who have a story about Alice locking three people in a "cage" at Avenyn, in Gothenburg, all in aid of Malaria research! There's even some video about it here (which is in English). They had a big video screen up at the site and it was also transmitted on TV.
Goteborgs-Posten also has a review of last nights show, and in the print edition Alice was on the front page of their arts section today with the printed version of the review. The same page also links to more footage from the Malaria thing mentioned above.
VLT has an article and NOJE has a very short review with photo.

The ever wonderful Ryan Roxie, who's band Roxie77 is of course opening the Swedish shows (Get their early and make sure you check them out!) joined Alice and the band on 'School's Out' last night in Gothenburg. Michael Munroe of Hanoi Rocks jumped up with them in Helsinki over the weekend as well.

The Sun ran a small review of the Brighton show a couple of days ago, unfortunatly not available online.
(Thanks Matt)

Phoenix New Times has a short article about this years 'Proof is in the Pudding' local band contest and a compilation CD also featuring local Phoenix bands including Dash Cooper's Runaway Phoenix.

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Posted on 15 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

The SickthingsUK photos from the UK tour are now up in the photo gallery for your entertainment.

Chuck and Keri plus Ryan and Anton from Roxie 77 were on SBS Web Radio this morning and you can listen to it here. Select the 8AM show and go to around 24 minutes.
(Thanks Dragonlady)

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Posted on 11 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

I'l still working on getting the STUK photos from the UK tour online, but you can check out photos from the Schwerin show, courtesy of Lukas B. Killed & Helena, here and here. Zeit Online has a review (In German of course)

Alice is interviewed on "Johnnie Walker's Sounds Of The 70s",  13th December on BBC Radio Two at 15:00 (GMT).

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Posted on 11 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

Alice has now been announced as performing at the Sweden and Finland Sonisphere festivals in August 2010. These happen on the 7th and 8th of August with many of the bands playing one country the first day and the other the next. 

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Posted on 10 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

Griffin Integrated Communications have a new interview with Alice's Front Of House sound man Randy Meullier.

Hi-Def-Geek has a review of the Glasgow show with photos. Ostsee-Zeitung and "Greenpeace Magazin"  have reviews of the Schwerin show in German while Junge Welt have an interview also in German..

Collectors Choice will be reissuing "Special Forces", "Zipper Catches Skin" and Dada"on January 12th with new liner notes.

Solid Rock have posted some photos from this years Alice Cooper Golf event.

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Posted on 10 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

Alice has been announced as headlining the Saturn stage at next years Sonicsphere festival, due to take place at Knebworth on Friday July 30th 2010. You can get more info here. Also confirmed as playing various stages throughout the weekend are Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Motley Crue, Iggy and The Stooges, Slayer, Anthrax and The Cult.

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Posted on 09 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

The Kerkrade show is now available as a USB or MP3 download at Concert Online. The show has also produced quite a bit of press, mostly in Dutch obviously. Check out Limburger with pics, BN Destem, and Headmusic.

The latest 'Powerplay' in the UK has a small review of the Las Vegas 23rd September show.

Music Skins has launched a range of 'Brutaly Live' skins for various phones, laptops and other electronic gear.

As mentioned previously Dick Wagner has a new CD out and you can listen to it here. What's more there's a free song to download as well!

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Posted on 09 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

Just when you thought it was safe, here's yet more small news items that may be of interest.

Resurgence have posted a video of evangalist RC Sproul talking about his relationship, or rather lack of relationship, with Alice.

Anyone who bought a USB stick at the Hammersmith show may find they have half of the Nottingham show on there instead. Don't worry, when you download the second part of the show using you code, you will actually get the whole Hammersmith show in the download. All credit to Concert Online for getting this fixed so quickly after the problem was spotted.

Ragnarock Radio have a review of the Glasgow show.

Drowned In Sound have some photos from the Brighton show. Sickthings Lukas B. Killed has posted his photos from the Plzen show on Myspace here.

Alice is amongst the names announced as appearing in next years Bob Hope Classic Pro-Am Golf Tournament which takes place January 18th-24th at the Palmer Private Course at PGA West and other locations in La Quinta, CA.

Keri Kelli will be back in Europe early next year performing with Ex-AC/DC drummer Chris Slade in 'Chris Slade Steel Circle', an AC/DC tribute band.. The only date I have so far is February 5th at Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland but more will appear shortly.

Backstage Auctions have some more interesting Alice related items up for grabs. Rare unpublished photos from the early 70s.

Friday Music will apparently be following up their recent vinyl reissue of 'School's Out' with 'Welcome To My Nightmare' early next year. In related news there also seems to be a vinyl reissue of 'Easy Action' available from Rhino records, however their site doesn`t seem to mention it!
(Thanks Andy)

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Posted on 08 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

Roxie 77 have posted another brand new song for free entitled 'Takin' A Holiday' which you can download here.

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Posted on 08 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

The BIG news over the last two weeks was the announcement that all the UK performances would be available to buy, both at the show on Alice Cooper USB sticks, or online as 320 kbit MP3's. On top of this the London show was filmed for a forthcoming DVD release.

Just as we were leaving for the UK tour Contact Music broke the "news" that Alice Cooper got their name after a ouija board session. How this is news is beyond us but the story was picked up in many places so I thought I should mention it.

American Idol's Scott MacIntyre will join Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding at the Dodge Theater in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, December 18th. Also appearing will be Dee Snider, Warrant, Lita Ford, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Gary Mule Deer, Runaway Phoenix, River of Life Choir, ventriliquist Ronn Lucas and world champion magician Murry Sawchuk. Brad Perry will be the MC for evening and will perform with his band, Acoustic Fingerprints.

Keri Kelli wil be travelling to Russia in January to perform with Pushking. This special show will take place Thursday, January 28th at Jagger Club. Also in January Keri will be playing two shows in Tokyo, Japan with Phil Lewis from L.A. Guns They take place on January 23rd & 24th. The 23rd show will be a special intimate acoustic show at Shibuya Craw, and the 24th will be full blown electric show at Koenji High. Doors open for Both shows at 6:00PM. More info can be found here.

The Herald Scotland, The Sun Scotland3News, Miami Herald,  and OneNewsNow, all have interviews with Alice. Alice also make a comment on the ITN News about writing a song for 'Britain's Got Talent' personality Susan Boyle, which has been quoted all over the place.

There will be lots of photos from the UK dates going up in the photo section over the next week or so, but in the meantime Gigwise has pics from Manchester, Flickr has Plymouth pics with a few more here.

Show reviews, many with photos, include The Scotsman, RushOnRock, Swindon Advertiser, LAistThe Star, Shropshire Star, Birmingham Mail, Idio, Black Velvet, Plymouth Herald, Bacon Music, Express and Star, and This Is Nottingham

ThisIsWiltshire has a short article. The Plymouth Herald has an article about a fan dressing as Alice for the show with a follow up here. The Guardian has Alice listing his top UK shopping haunts. World First has a short quote.

The new (December 4) issue of Entertainment Weekly includes a brief tribute to Soupy Sales written by Alice.

Erik Scott's excellent solo album "Other Planets" is up for an award at, website for a radio show that is syndicated to around 100 stations in the USA. Erik, of course, was bassist and producer for Alice in the early eighties, and is an all round good guy. We ask all Sickthings to go here, and vote for Erik's album. It only takes a minute and the only personal info they seem to actually require is your email. You may even win a prize just by voting! You're voting for: Erik Scott - "Other Planets" in the dropdown list. Show the power of the Sick Things and support the musicians who helped create the Cooper legacy!

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Posted on 07 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK

We're finally home from the UK tour so will try and catch up on some of the news that has appeared over the last two weeks, but first I would just like to say a few words to express our gratitude to Toby, Andy and Jamie, who between them have worked tirelessly this last two weeks to help fans who had problems during the tour. I honestly don't think that any other artists backstage team could care so much about the fans welfare and enjoyment then these guys do. They have done an amazing job and are a credit to Alice. Thank you.

Secondly, we have to thank Pat, Randy, Cesare and all the crew, who night after night make sure the show runs smoothly and on time. We've said it before, but without these guys there would BE no show and they are so under appriciated. Thank you.

Of course we also have to mention the BEST band in rock 'n' roll, who tear the roof off every night and make sure the Alice Cooper show continues to be the greatest show on earth. Damon Johnson, Chuck Garric, Keri Kelli, Jimmy DeGrasso, as well as the beautiful Tiffiny, provide the perfect backdrop for Alice to work his magic, and a nicer bunch of people you couldn't wish to meet. Thanks guys!

Lastly, we have, of course, to thank the man himself, the legend who is Alice Cooper. STILL the greatest showman in rock. No competition.

It's been a rough couple of weeks out there on the road. Pouring rain, and freezing temperatures, long hours queuing and useless, incompetent venue staff (Plymouth Pavillion being the notable exception), but at the end of the day it's not just those ninety minutes on stage that make it all worthwhile, it's also all the people you meet from all over the world, and the comradery of the queue. So to all the people who came by and said "hi" over the last two weeks I apologise for never having enough time to chat as much as I would like. I hope everyone had a blast at the shows and enjoyed them as much as we did.

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Posted on 07 Dec 2009 by SickthingsUK
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