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Desmond Child (Producer of 'Trash') posted the following message on Twitter yesterday: "Hey everybody... sorry for my absence... I'm writing with Alice Cooper and Bob Ezrin tomorrow for 'Welcome To My Nightmare 2!"

More video is available from the 'Good Morning America' appearance here. Make sure you click the other two links on the page for two more short videos.

Star 100 have a short clip of Alice arriving at the American Idol recording session.

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Posted on 29 May 2010 by SickthingsUK

As everyone probably knows by now Alice and Keri appeared on 'American Idol' last night performing 'School's Out'. I'd link to YouTube but chances are any vids are being removed as fast as they go up so just do a search and you'll find it.
There's been lots of mentions about it in the press today but most are of little interest to us. Beatweek has a quote from Orianthi, who is apparently the female guitarist who also appeared during the Alice segment. Blabbermouth have a very short video interview with Alice backstage at the show, taken from Fox News.

June 15th sees the release of an Alice Cooper "Track Pack" for Guitar Hero 5. The tracks include "I'm Eighteen", "Welcome To My Nightmare" and "School's Out".

Alice will be presenting BBC Radio 2's "The British Invasion" which airs on Monday May 31st at 10pm. Quote: "Three bands influenced rock legend Alice Cooper more than any other: The Yardbirds, The Kinks, and The Who. All of them British. In this documentary, Alice tells the story of how The Beatles' triumphant arrival in New York City on 7 February 1964, opened the doors to the British Invasion and changed American music forever."

There's a video of the pastor who won the 'Good Morning America' competition meeting Alice backstage, as well as another article at the Post-tribune,

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Posted on 27 May 2010 by SickthingsUK

Alice Cooper will be featured on 'Good Morning America' on ABC-TV in the USA on Thursday morning, May 27th. This is the feature about the Pastor who's dream of a chance to appear on stage with Alice was fulfilled last week in Charlotte, NC. 

Also check out for a new Alice Cooper EP which features new recordings of five AC classic. 'School's Out', 'No More Mr Nice Guy'. 'Eighteen', 'Elected' and 'Welcome To My Nightmare' are the songs and you can download 'Elected' for free.

Finally, everyone would be advised to check out the 'American Idol' finale that airs in the USA tomorrow night at 8PM. You may see something worthwhile....

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Posted on 25 May 2010 by SickthingsUK

One day tickets for the Sonisphere festival went on sale this morning so you can now buy a day ticket for Alice's headline appearance on July 30th for £40 plus fees.

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Posted on 25 May 2010 by SickthingsUK

Posted to Blabbermouth:
Alice Cooper has begun work on a new album, to be produced by Bob Ezrin as part of a new joint venture with Bigger Picture Group.

Ezrin has a rich history of hugely successful collaborations with Alice, including such groundbreaking albums as "Billion Dollar Babies", "Welcome To My Nightmare", "School's Out" and "Love It To Death" and has, in the past, been described by Alice as "our George Martin."

Ezrin is a partner in Bigger Picture Group, a Nashville-based company that has been instrumental in contributing to the success of numerous artists, including country music sensation ZAC BROWN BAND. He remarked, "I am delighted to be back in business with Alice Cooper and Shep Gordon's Alive Enterprises and our whole company is over the moon about this collaboration. This is not a record deal but rather a partnership that involves virtually all aspects of Alice's ever-expanding universe. And it's a reunion with the first artist I ever produced and the first great manager I ever worked with. I couldn't be happier."

Bigger Picture will contribute to strategy, staging, special products, theatrical projects as well as the production, promotion and distribution of future Alice Cooper releases. The company will utilize its distribution agreement with Warner Music Group when the new Alice Cooper album, projected for release early next year, and other recorded product launches. A tour themed to tie in with the album, the concept of which is being kept under wraps for the moment, is being planned in support of the release.

Ezrin's career has seen him work with some of the most enduring names in music including PINK FLOYD, KISS, PETER GABRIEL, JANE'S ADDICTION, LOU REED, DEFTONES and scores of others but traces its earliest successes to his association with Alice Cooper, the band and the man.

Alice Cooper remarked, "It feels great to be working with Bob again and the entire Bigger Picture team have been tremendously supportive. Lightning has struck more than once in the past with Bob's involvement so we feel great that we're onto something really electrifying now that we're together again. The album we're crafting is, in some ways, a 'shriekquel' to what's gone before and there's no better guy to oversee things than Bob."

Shep Gordon, whose Alive Enterprises has managed Alice Cooper since his professional debut called the deal with Bigger Picture "a paradigm for the modern music business." He commented, "We're working with Bob not just on a brilliant new Alice Cooper album but in building upon the great strides Alice's career has taken recently." He cited "Nights With Alice Cooper", the internationally syndicated daily radio show that Alice hosts over a network syndicated through United Stations, the "Gruesome Twosome" tour that has seen Alice Cooper and acolyte Rob Zombie share bills throughout North America as well as an upcoming Alice Cooper arena tour. He also noted that "The Coop" would be headlining a string of festival dates this summer in France, Germany, Belgium, the U.K., and Scandinavia. "Awareness and appreciation for Alice is at an all-time high these days," he remarked. "Bigger Picture is getting in not on the ground floor but as the elevator is zooming to the top and they're efforts will, doubtless make this a much faster ride."

In a recent interview with, Alice Cooper was asked if there are any plans for a new album. Alice replied, "Ten songs are written already. It's going to be called 'The Night Shift'. The concept is, it's a really dark radio show where I'm the disc jockey, and every song I play will be by a different fictitious band. At some point, you'll realize this disc jockey is a little bit more than that. And I'm sure there will be some kind of a twist ending."


Alice joined Rob Zombie at the end of Rob's set in Toronto this weekend. Rob said some nice things about Alice before encouraging the audience to call "the Coop" back for one last song. The Song? 'School's Out' of course. There's a review of the show at the Toronto Sun.

There's a review of the Lewiston Show at the Buffalo News.

The 5th Avenue Vampires will be playing at Maxwells on Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ on Fri 28th May. This is part of the album launch event for the Main Main Queen tribute album that features Dennis Dunaway and Dimma performing "We Will Rock You".

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Posted on 24 May 2010 by SickthingsUK

The Tahoe Daily Tribune has some quotes from Chuck and Alice on the passing of Ronnie James Dio.

Calgary Metro News has a short interview with Alice.

Creative Loafing has a review and photos from the Charlotte show.

Dennis Dunaway will be appearing at the "American Rock Celebration" at Bobby Q's in Westport, CT on June 25th. Also appearing are Russ Wilson (5th Avenue Vampires/DDP), Jimmy Kunes, and Ratso.

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Posted on 21 May 2010 by SickthingsUK

From Billboard:
At the show Sunday night at Lazerfest near Des Moines, Iowa, Alice Cooper and his band inserted a bit of Sabbath's "Heaven and Hell" into their final song, "Under My Wheel,"  dedicating it to Dio. Bassist Chuck Garric played with Dio prior to joining Cooper's band, and both Cooper and Garric taped a special segment for the syndicated "Nights With Alice Cooper" radio program talking about their late friend.
"We used to have a lot of fun with Dio on the road," Cooper recalled. "(Drummer) Eric Singer could not help going 'Holy Diver!' as loud as he could to the point where the manager finally says, 'Could you stop doing that?  It's starting to annoy Ronnie.'  And of course you don't say that to Eric Singer, because that just means he's going to double the efforts."
Garric added that Dio was "such a genuinely nice guy and welcomed me with open arms. From the moment I walked into the rehearsal rooms to audition, I felt at home...It was one of the greatest moments of my life, and it had changed my life. I owe him everything."

US show "Good Morning America" is currently running a 'Living The Dream' contest and one of the entrants is Pastor Mark Wilkins (age 49 of Indiana) whose dream is to be on stage with Alice Cooper! Mark has beaten out thousands of entries and will be joining Alice on stage at the Charlotte, NC show tomorrow. More info can be found here.  The Post Tribune has an interview with Pastor Mark.
(Thanks Brenda)

Show reviews can be seen at Duluth News Tribune,
DeMoines Register, Globe And Mail,  and Kearney Hub have short interviews. Lazer 1033 has an audio interview.
(Thanks Jeff)

Dennis Dunaway will be appearing at the 10th Annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash at The Filmore in New York City tomorrow night and will be playing Dee Dee Ramones. For more info go here.

Eric Dover's band Sextus have almost completed work on their new album entitled 'Devil Angel" and are looking for support to get it released on CD and Vinyl. The release date is scheduled for August but by signing up you can get the album via download a month before, with you CD shipped when it's ready. Varous packages are available. Check it out here.

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Posted on 18 May 2010 by SickthingsUK

From the 'Nights With Alice Cooper' Twitter Feed: "Alice and bassist Chuck Garric (RJ Dio alum) pay tribute to Dio with songs/rememberances in tonights show."

Here are some other Cooper related tributes to the legendary Ronnie James Dio, who sadly passed away yesterday. I'll add more as and when I see them.

Chuck Garric:
"I had the privilege to play Bass for Ronnie James Dio. He is going to be missed.. R.I.P my friend"

Damon Johnson:
"Sing me a song, you're a singer
Do me a wrong, you're a bringer of evil
The devil is never a maker
The less that you give, you're a taker
R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio"

Randy Meullier (Front Of House Sound):
"I remember in 2002 when I was mixing Ratt and we were opening for Dio and Alice Cooper in Scandinavia. sitting in Ronnie's dressing room sharing a funny story about a certain guitar player and us both laughing our asses off. He had a funnier one. me, the opening act sound guy sitting with a legend. He always remembered me by name every time we crossed paths. it was an honor to have spent some time with him."

Joe Bouchard (BDS/Blue Coupe):
"That's very sad. I've known him forever it seems. I used to follow Ronnie Dio and the Prophets back in the early 60s. The Electric Elves, precursor to Elf, were always playing my college in Ithaca NY. We actually gigged for the first time together on a double bill with my college jazz band at a saloon called the North Forty in Ithaca.
I thought it was real cool he landed his gig with Rainbow, and I was blown away when he took over for Ozzy. Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules are fantastic recordings on every level. We spent most of 1980 together on the Black and Blue Tour. We had many nice talks about the old days on that tour. Very sad indeed. RIP Ronnie."

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Posted on 17 May 2010 by SickthingsUK

The Des Moines Register has a short interview with Alice. The Kearney Hub also has a short interview, and the text suggests there's a longer version in their printed edition.

Classic Rock Revisited has a review of the Kansas show. The MTS Center in Winnipeg have posted a review and photos from the Show there. 

The latest issue of Metal Hammer in the UK has a short article by Alice in which he picks his top ten 'albums you should hear before you die'. There's a few surprising choices in there.

"That Metal Show” featuring Alice Cooper will air on Saturday June 12 on VH1 in the USA.

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Posted on 14 May 2010 by SickthingsUK

Radio Station WZLX have posted a three part video interview with Alice which you can find here.

5th Avenue Vampires will be playing at The Brighton Bar, in Long Branch, New Jersey on tonight! The band "will debut three new songs. And, for the first time ever, Doctor Dreary (Dennis Dunaway) will perform "Serenade For Termites" on the saw! Plus, 'The Dead Elvi' will debut a Dunaway original song called "The King Is Still The King Of Rock 'n' Roll. and rock masters, Frankenstein 3000 will also be shaking the rafters."
Don't forget to click the banner above and check out the new album, 'Drawing Blood', which is available now.

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Posted on 08 May 2010 by SickthingsUK

Duluth News Tribune has a short interview with Alice.

New show reviews today at RockStarWeekly, and the  Casper Star Tribune.

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Posted on 06 May 2010 by SickthingsUK

Ryan Roxie's 'Big Rock Show' looks like it's returning, and this time it will be visual as well as audio!
Roxie Speaks:
"The 'new' Big Rock Show will be filmed and broadcast in unadulterated & super revealing Hi-Def, which means you won't miss a single drop of drool that comes out of your humble hosts mouth....ewww.......that sounded bizarrely sexual, no??
Just like before, the viewer (you) will be able to experience a molotov coctkail blend of 'ol-school rock, first hand anecdotes, plus insightful and intriguing interviews with your (and my) favorite rock stars.....BUT, you will ALSO be able to 'demand' what you want to see....
At this stage of the game, INPUT and IDEAS from you guys is KEY to what is ultimately going to make up the content of what soon will become the 'new' Big Rock Show....
After all, this is a show that is made for Rock n Rollas, by Rock n Rollas who are all 'carrying the torch' guessed it.....ROCK!!!
A particular Artist you feel would be the perfect interview for the Big Rock Show? How about a 'ol school video that you'd like to see broadcast? Or maybe a brand NEW band that is carrying on in the true spirit of rock n roll? These are all things we want YOUR take you (this could go on forever you know!)....
The FIRST thing you can do as an avid Big Rock Show fan (or just a concerned citizen) is sign into the OFFICIAL BIG ROCK SHOW info site:  and start submitting your suggestions, hopes, and dreams for the BRS.Stay tuned for more details.....and if the Big Rock Show is something you are just hearing about now, check this link for a quick little history."

More show reviews today at Straight, The Province, Music Vice, and Concert Addicts.

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Posted on 03 May 2010 by SickthingsUK
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