Below are the complete SickthingsUK news archives going back to 2004 when I first added news to the front page.
NOTE: The further back you go, the less likely it is that links and images will work, because the original sites no longer have the articles. has announced two more shows. The first is at Atlantic City, NJ House Of Blues on September 5th, and the second is in Marseilles, France at Le Dome on November 20th. Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at

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Posted on 29 Jun 2010 by SickthingsUK

Dick Wagner has been posting on Tweeter that he and Alice will be writing material in Detroit in August for a forthcoming movie called 'Silas Gore'. Check out the make up worn by the main character in the promo clip (Over 18s only).Whether anything will come of this time will tell.

Alice Cooper is listed as appearing in the new series of 'Celebrity Ghost Stories' which airs on the Bio Channel in the US beginning in July.
(Thanks Steven)

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Posted on 27 Jun 2010 by SickthingsUK

There's a short review of Hellfest at Rocker Paris, with some photos.

Sick Thing Lisa de Jong has posted some photos from the Bonn show at facebook. She also has pics from the Kerkrade show back in December here.

The 'Alice Does Alice' version of 'School's Out' appears in the new trailer for "Grown Ups".

The episode of 'Man vs Food' recorded at Alice Cooperstown is now scheduled to air Wednesday July 14th on the travel Channel in the USA.

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Posted on 24 Jun 2010 by SickthingsUK

Alice Cooper joined Slash at the latters show at the Bataclan in Paris last night to perform 'School's Out' (Video can be found on Youtube at the time of writing). Alice of course was in France performing at Hellfest the previous night. You can see a short review of Hellfest with photos here. According to Radio Metal while in France Alice appeared at a press conference with a CD he said featured the first three songs from  the "Welcome To My Nightmare II" project. Of the album Alice said "This album is more bloody and more accomplished than the first, It sounds like the early years"
(Thanks Francois, Hugo)

Eric Dover appeared on Maximum Threshold to talk about Alice, Slash and his new Sextus album. Listen in here.

"Suck: The Movie" featuring Alice and Calico Cooper will be one of the movies shown at this years Sonisphere festival (they ahve a movie tent). Alice, of course, plays the UK Sonisphere on July 30th.

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Posted on 21 Jun 2010 by SickthingsUK

Ever wanted to ask a question to Keri or Damon? Well now apparently you can courtesy of The idea appears to be that you submit a question via their site, and Keri or Damon will record a short video answering it and other questions people submit, which gets posted to the site. The deadline for questions appears to be July 13th so get going!
(Thanks Marijke)

Dennis Dunaway will be interviewed live on Radio station WJCU on Friday July 2nd at 6.30-7.30 EST. You can listen online at their site.

It appears the venue for the Danish show on June 23rd has apparently been changed. The show will now take place at Elro Arena, and not Justesens Plene as originally reported.

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Posted on 20 Jun 2010 by SickthingsUK

If you missed Alice on 'That Metal Show' a couple of days ago, and if you're in the USA, you can watch the show now at VH-1 Classic.

According to VooDoo Rock And Roll Alice has been talking about wanting to work with Sir Christopher Lee, since the latter released his "metal" album 'Charlemagne'.

Ryan Roxie interviews Glen Danzig for in this video on Youtube.

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Posted on 18 Jun 2010 by SickthingsUK

The other two Spanish dates have now turned out to be Valladolid, Spain on November 26th and Santiago de Compostela (Galicia), Spain at Multiusos Fontes do Sar on November 27th.
(Thanks Sergio, Petri)

Alice will be doing a signing session at Saturn Store in Downtown Hamburg, Germany on Tuesday June 22nd at 5PM. Alice of course stared in the Saturn adverts in Germany last year.

Chuck Garric appeared on AOL's "Creep Show" the other day and you can see it courtesy of 'Nights With Alice Cooper'. Chuck's new CD with his band 'The Barons' is due soon. Watch out for more details soon.

'Sea Of Tranquility' has a new interview with Dick Wagner here.

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Posted on 16 Jun 2010 by SickthingsUK

According to Alice Cooper will be perform at Alcatraz in Milan, Italy on November 18th.

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Posted on 12 Jun 2010 by SickthingsUK

Rumours are reaching us that Alice Cooper will be playing 5 shows in Spain at the end of November (22nd-27th) including Durango, Barcelona and Madrid. More info when we have it.
UPDATE: is now listing the following dates:
22nd Nov - Durango, Feria de Muestras (Landako Gunea)
23rd Nov - Barcelona  St. Jordi Club
24th Nov - Madrid  Palacio Vistalegre

5th Avenue Vampires are in the running for a support slot with Kiss at the Kiss show in Scranton but need YOUR help. You need to go to and vote for them! It only takes a couple of minutes and I'm sure Dennis and the guys would appriciate everyone helping out. Obviously playing on such a bill can help them get the exposure they deserve so please take a minute and vote for them! Click here, then scroll down and choose Scranton Metro Area. From there scroll down a little and you'll find 5th Avenue Vampres listed (currently at #20). Click "Demand It" and then fill in a couple mopre boxes and you're all done. Thanks!

I may have posted this already, but NWAC have posted an interview with Alice from 'Trip Advisor' here.

Charity Buzz are auctioning an afternoon golfing with Alice in Phoenix/Scottsdale. Proceeds from the auction will go to the True Colors Fund. They ask that only experienced golfers bid on the auction please.

Keri Kelli is currently in Russia with ex-Wasp guitarist Chris Holmes. The pair will be playing a show with 'Moscow Town' on June 11th at 'Jimi's Club' in Moscow and have special Meet and Greet packages available for fans before the show.

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Posted on 09 Jun 2010 by SickthingsUK

According to Alice Cooper will be teaming up with Buckcherry for three shows in the US.  They play the Rock Jam festival in Grand Junction, CO on August 28th followed by Modern Woodmen Park in Davenport, IA on September 2nd and Classic Park, Eastlake, OH on September 3rd.

Fangoria, the horror movie magazine, review the Gruesome Twosome show here.

Michael Schultz has blogged about meeting Alice in Kennewick, with show photos.

There's an interview with the 5th Avenue Vampires filmed at the Chiller convention up on YouTube here, and another interview with Dennis, also from Chiller, here. The Aquarian also has a new interview with band which is now posted online here.

Chuck Garric speaks about his memories of Ronnie James Dio to "Hard Rock Nights" in a special show which you can listen too courtesy of Blabbermouth.

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Posted on 06 Jun 2010 by SickthingsUK

5th Avenue Vampire's guitarist Richie Scarlet was will be interviewed on  Indi 100 radio in Canada TODAY at 2pm EST. You can listen in online at their site.
In other DD news check out his YouTube vid of Dennis Dunaway guesting with Kore to play "White Rabbit" at the Mamapalooza's Summer on the Hudson Music Festival at Riverside Park.

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Posted on 02 Jun 2010 by SickthingsUK

'Suck: The Movie' which features Alice and Calico Cooper amongst various other stars will be released on DVD on August 30th. You can pre-order now at AmazonUK.

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Posted on 01 Jun 2010 by SickthingsUK
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