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Alice Cooper has released the following statement on their nomination to the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame:

"On behalf of Dennis (Dunaway), Neal (Smith), Michael (Bruce) and the late great Glen (Buxton), we are honored to be nominated for induction in to the Hall.  Anytime you are nominated in your chosen profession, it's definitely a compliment to be recognized. 

It's hard to fathom possibly being in the same club as artists who inspired us originally, like the Beatles, the Stones, the Beach Boys, the Who, the Yardbirds, and Chuck Berry, and to be nominated the same year as legendary artists like my personal favorite songwriter of all time, Laura Nyro, as well as Donovan, who sang on our "Billion Dollar Babies" record, and our good friends in Bon Jovi, is a great feeling. 

Five guys starting a band, just hoping to meet girls and drink free beer, rehearsing and playing local bars five hours a night for the first few years -- that was us. We came up with the theatrics and made every effort not to sacrifice the music one bit; we thought it was like our job to bring theatrics to rock 'n' roll.   And then, amazingly enough, we were having a bunch of massive hit records which  was proof that theatricality and rock 'n' roll could, in fact, be joined successfully.  We've been told that we revolutionized the live concert experience and if that's truly the case and it's led to this nomination for induction into the Hall of Fame, the only thing to say is, of course, "There's no business like show business!"   - Alice Cooper

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Posted on 28 Sep 2010 by SickthingsUK

It's my duty to confirm that the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame has finally included Alice Cooper (the band) in their nominees for induction in 2011. Alice Cooper, who were first eligible for the Hall Of Fame back in 1994, have long been held as one of the most glaring omissions to the Hall which is also still missing many of the most influential artists in rock including Deep Purple, Yes and Rush to name just a few. Of course nomination doesn't mean he will be admitted, so look at the list he's up against and make up your own minds which five will get in: Bon Jovi, Tom Waits, Donovan and Neil Diamond, plus previously nominated acts LL Cool J, J. Geils Band, Beastie Boys, Donna Summer, Chic, Dr. John, Laura Nyro, Joe Tex, Darlene Love and Chuck Willis.
Last year, nominating comittee head Jan Wenner was said to be considering reducing the length of time needed to be elligible from 25 years to 20 as he believed there weren't enough worthy acts left, yet it has taken this long for them to acknowledge the legend and influence of Alice Cooper which has been obvious to everyone else for decades. Even Alice himself has frequently made jokes about the place when asked, especially on 'Nights With Alice Cooper' and has been baffled but their annual snub.
Of course Alice is too gracious not to accept should he get voted in, and it's excellent that it is the whole band being nominated, but at the end of the day it is way too late for this to have much real meaning to most when so many artists heavily influenced by Alice Cooper have already been inducted, some many years ago.

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Posted on 28 Sep 2010 by SickthingsUK

AmazonUK have finally posted links for the new 'Theatre Of Death' DVD /CD and BlueRay which will be released over here on October 25th. You can pre-order the various versions by clicking here. Be aware that anything they list as being released on September 28th will be a *US version* of the release, not the European PAL version, and as such could be a problem for a few people over here.

According to WLQV Alice Cooper will be on the 'Paul Edwards Show' today between 4pm and 6pm ET.  Be aware that this is a religious station.

The new Metal Hammer (UK) has a double page spread, featuring a photo from the freak auditions a few weeks back. This issue should be on the news stands in a few days if not already.

Alice is also featured in the new (November) issue of 'Bizarre' magazine, again in relation to the freak auditions.
(Thanks Anthony)

Wednesday night the Quebec TV program "VOIR" they had a segment about heavy metal in Quebec and it featured a bit with Alice Cooper. It can be seen on in the orange "Reportage" section (it is in french).
(Thanks Elise)

I don`t usually cover Kiss news, as so many other places cover every move Eric Singer makes, but thought you may find his brief appearance with the band in ths Swedish Lottery advert amusing.

70s Alice Cooper alumni Fred Mandel has recorded a short comedy song for a short film called "A Reuben By Any Other Name". The song is a hard rock version of 'Hava Nagila' and you can find more info here.

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Posted on 24 Sep 2010 by SickthingsUK

Alice Cooper will be featured on "Tim Rice's American Pie" tonight at 23:00 on BBC Radio Two, which is available online also.

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Posted on 23 Sep 2010 by SickthingsUK

Chuck Garric, bass player for Alice Cooper, is now offering Bass guitar lessons during the Gruesome Twosome tour featuring Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper.
Learn your favorite Alice Cooper or Rob Zombie songs, and get a chance to learn them with Alice Coopers Bass player Chuck Garric.
During your One hour lesson you'll get ONE on ONE instruction going over the basics of learning to play the Bass. Chuck will also go over learning songs, jamming with your own band and how to prepare for auditions.
The Price for the 1 hr lesson is $125 US. Your lesson also includes a Chuck Garric Pick Pack set ( 3 - 4x6 photos and 3 -Guitar Picks) And a personal photo with you and Chuck after your lesson (please bring your own Camera).
You can sign up for your lesson by checking tour dates. If Chuck is in  a town near you. Please emailChuck at and a date and time will be set up.

There seems to be some confusion about the 'Theatre Of Death' DVD preorder packages at, which is trying to correct:
- the current preorder is only available for the US and Canada 
- the European release date is still 25th October with a seperate preorder for that to be made avalable
- discs are region 0 
- site will reflect all this at some point.

Paolo “kappe” Capitani has posted some great photos from the Italy show on the 12th August which you can see here.

The Aquarian has a review from the Atlantic City show.

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Posted on 23 Sep 2010 by SickthingsUK

Ryan Roxie and Keri Kelli will be in Russia in a few days. Ryan is going to play a solo acoustic gig on 24th of September at Jimi's in Moscow, performing songs from different periods of his career, and then on the 25th of September both Ryan & Keri are going to headline the 'Moto-Invasion' bike-fest, which is located 20 km. from Moscow in Fryazino. They will be playing program of Alice Cooper classicks together with the local cover-act Moscowtown.

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Posted on 21 Sep 2010 by SickthingsUK

Alice Cooper appeared on WZLX a couple of days ago and the interview has been posted online here.

We mentioned this when the site was looking for questions a while ago but maybe didn`t mention when the interviews went up. Fret12 asked for questions for Keri Kelli and Damon Johnson and the results are online in the form of videos. Check them out here.

The US BlueRay edition of the new 'Theatre Of Death" DVD has been delayed until October 19th. So far it seems the normal DVD is still slated for September 28th. They also have MP3 samples of the songs up here. Still no solid news on the UK release but AmazonUK do have a US version available for pre-order.

It appears 'The Snoop Sisters' is finally making it's way to DVD early next year. Alice appeared in the short lived show in 1973 performing 'Sick Things'.

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Posted on 20 Sep 2010 by SickthingsUK

Alice will be playing in Grand Prairie, TX and Verizon Theatre on October 23rd. Tickets are already on sale.

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Posted on 16 Sep 2010 by SickthingsUK

Alice Cooper was amongst the performers at the John Varvatos 10th Aniversary Party on Saturday 10th September at his store in the old CBGB's in NYC. There's some video footage here which includes clips of Alice performing 'Eighteen' and 'School's Out' with the house band,and photos here, and here,

DVDTalk have a review of the new 'Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper' BlueRay release.

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Posted on 14 Sep 2010 by SickthingsUK

The BBC have a brief interview with Alice on the GQ red carpet which you can watch here. The Sun have managed to make another story out of AC quotes from the GQ awards, this time about Wayne Rooney?!?! ContactMusicalso has the story, this time concentrating on Tiger Woods (which seems more likely the Rooney!) with more pics, and Zimbio has a couple of pics of Alice leaving the awards.

Universal Studios and Live Nation have teamed up to offer a "combo ticket" for the forthcoming LA show on September 30th, which also includes admission to Universal Studios 'Halloween Horror Nights' which run during October and include "Rob Zombie's House Of 1000 Corpses: In 3D Zombievision".

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Posted on 09 Sep 2010 by SickthingsUK

Alice Cooper turned up at the 'GQ Man Of The Year 2010' awards last night (7th) in London at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden. There was coverage on "Live From Studio Five" on Channel Five last night which including a brief appearance by Alice as he arrived. The Sun also has a very brief mention and photo, with another pic here. ContactMusic have a few photos.

Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts HD in the UK will be showing three songs filmed at this years Sonisphere festival Saturday at 9pm and repeated Sunday at 12.30am, 8am and 1.30pm. The songs will apparently be 'School's Out', 'Ballad Of Dwight Fry' and 'Eighteen'.
(Thanks Pete) has some new shirts up for grabs.

Lancaster Online have a show review

Apparently news sources in Finland are reporting that Alice has signed a record deal with Universal Music and that the new dvd and next CD  ('Welcome 2 My Nightmare') will be released by Spinefarm UK, a daughter company of Finnish label Spinefarm (Nightwish, Children of Bodom etc.). More when I get it.
(Thanks Jan) 

There is a new Alice Cooper tribute album coming out on Main Man records in the U.S. around Halloween. It's called "Remember The Coop - A Tribute To Alice Cooper" and it's a 2 CD set.
The first CD features 20 versions of Cooper classics from "Don't Blow Your Mind" to "You and Me", while the second disc is a tribute to the 'Killer' album.
The pre-order price for the double CD set is only $10.00 U.S. (plus shipping), and you can pre-order here.
What is especially noteworthy about this set is that two of the original Alice Cooper members are featured on this tribute.
Michael Bruce (backed by 'Dimma') is featured on "Under My Wheels" and "My Stars", which are remastered versions from "Alive & Re-Cooperated" recorded live in Iceland in 2002. Dennis Dunaway also appears with 'Dimma' on a brand new studio recording of "Halo of Flies".
On top of that Dennis' daughters Che Monet and Renee Dunaway each do their own tribute version on the 'Killer' disc, with Che doing "Dead Babies" and Renee performing "Killer.

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Posted on 08 Sep 2010 by SickthingsUK

Alice will being performing in Lisbon, Portugal on November 29th at the Campo Pequeno. Tickets are available now at

Lancaster Online has a short interview with Alice.

Pabst Theater has an online gallery of photos from the Milwaukee show.

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Posted on 03 Sep 2010 by SickthingsUK

Alice Cooper plays the Merriweather Post Pavillion in Columbia, MD on October 17th on a bill that includes Rob Zombie, Black Label Society, Clutch, Children Of Bodom, Murderdolls and 2Cents. Tickets are on sale now.

JSOnline have a review of the Milwaukee show while Sweden Rock have a review of Sonisphere here. have a great interview with Dennis Dunaway talking about the early days of Alice Cooper. Blue Coupe have posted a new teaser video for the new video for 'You Like Vampires' which you can see here.

There's a new Cooperstown opening in West Mesa, AZ, but strangely this one doesn`t seem to have much to do with Alice! For a start it will be in a country music venue and have a sports and country music theme?!?! No wonder Alice is apparently not involved in this one, which makes it all the more odd that it's still going to be named after him, although they seem to be dropping the "Alice" part of the original name.

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Posted on 02 Sep 2010 by SickthingsUK
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